"So it’s really you, the king of the abyss, the exiled apostle, the fallen star crown, the first great poor source advocate."

Lin whispered in my heart
"Those are things of the past, needless to say-you go and help the heirs of death to awaken the kingdom. Now we need more strength to resist the crisis." The eldest voice rang out from her heart again
After a long pause, he continued, "Maybe if you do well, the abyss will shelter you again, so it is possible for you to go further."
"Yes," Lin replied.
The raven took the dark statue and flew into the room. One by one, he grabbed Anna and Lynn and rushed out of the window.
Far away, Anna sounded "Wait-"
The sound gradually faded away and could no longer be heard.
The boss was about to continue to command what magic dragon suddenly said after finishing this.
"Master, my strength has fallen asleep as much as I can."
Boss Zheng slightly regretted, "Oh, no, I’ve just lost my remaining strength, and now it’s troublesome for you to take it again."
Magic dragon did not respond.
It slowly closed its eyes.
It’s dead.
It may take a long time for an abyss monster to wake up again.
The boss sighed and moved his hand from the black faucet.
"In this way, the coin matter will be settled, and the believers of death will also get a way to enter the kingdom of God. It is time for us to find ways to keep the final order so that it will not be wiped out by the chaotic messenger."
He said to himself
The whole room was quiet.
Too much happened just now, and it contained too much information, and people didn’t react yet.
Until now.
All eyes are on the boss.
Lola turned her eyes and read aloud, "Don’t say that I finally understand what this guy will do to help each other."
"Yes, he really saved Gu Qingshan from the most dangerous situation." Ilya felt the same way.
The more important question is-
Even if the boss is magic dragon Power, he knows too many things.
Gu Qingshan asked, "Boss, who the hell are you?"
"Ah, well, I was fighting the soul scream when you saved me." The boss raised his hand.
Erect semi-automatic page turning
Gu Qingshan and others saw the battle scene between the soul squealer and the boss.
The boss continued, "I have been preventing the spread of chaos, and I was defeated by it because I was too injured to play my strength. That’s when you saved me."
Gu Qingshan asked, "So you were the one who arranged measures to deal with the scream of the soul just now?"
"Correct. I don’t think you can worry about this matter. It is better for me to do what should be done first."
Eldest brother doubt looked at all calm way "what’s the matter? Is there anything wrong with me fighting against time to prepare? "
They froze and shook their heads together.
For the boss, he is really arranging against the soul scream.
But he did another thing at the same time.
Gu Qingshan patted him on the shoulder and praised, "You did the right thing."
Lola also said "You have saved someone".
The boss stretched himself and yawned. "Well, that’s good. There’s so much I can do."
His body crooked eyes have been closed still talking.
"It’s up to you to pick it up."
"Don’t I wake up …"
"Found …"
"Everything is finished."
He fell down.