"What did Lord Lin find?"

Windson return don’t pavilion Fang Xiaoru door that waiting to see windson come back hurriedly asked.
"It’s the guard in the city."
"latent ninja?"
Windson shook his head "not if I guess this person is sent by Li Chenggui"
"King of Korea, why did he do this?" Fang Xiaoru’s look changed slightly after listening. If he is a ninja, he can explain why he was sent by Li Chenggui. It should not be to protect two people. There is no need to sneak behind him.
Windson eyebrows a wrinkly "certainly don’t want us to know something we shouldn’t know"
"Shouldn’t know things?" Fang Xiaoru sounds a little confused. Zheng Daoshi is over. He and Lin Feng are the marriage messengers. There is no need to guard against himself. These talents are right about "Is it a ceremony with heaven?"
Near Zhu Zhechi, near Mohist Black, along the way, Fang Xiaoru seems to be affected. Reasoning about some things happened, Lin Feng nodded, "It is very likely to report the loss and visit Yongan Junfu tonight."
Yong’ anjun, that is, Li Fangguo, didn’t get much better in bed at this time. He tried several times to get out of bed and finally failed. There was a man in front of Li Fangguo, who was sent by Li Chenggui.
Is it the worst plan for Li Fangyuan to complete the celestial ceremony instead of his brother? Is it possible or hope that it can be carried out by Li Fangguo? The man has seen devoting himself to the ceremony, "It’s good for the public to rest and leave in advance."
Li Fangguo replied with strength that when the man was about to walk out of the mansion, a man came up behind him and quickly followed "wait"
The man turned to salute. "Did the king ask you to visit the public?"
The man hesitated and didn’t say anything. It was Li Fangguo’s close confidant from behind, that is, as mentioned above, Li Fangguo had been able to ascend the throne and someone came to visit him and immediately guessed that there must be something strange inside.
"You should know what to say when you go back with this." Say that finish and put the money in the man’s arms directly.
"I can’t, I can’t, I really can’t. Even if I go back and lie, I will still be suspicious if I don’t see the public. It’s not that I think it’s hard for the public to do it." The man took out his wallet from his pocket and looked at it. It’s a pity that something was wrong with this money, and his head was gone.
The man pushed forward and then turned around and left. The man’s face became more and more ugly in front of the residence. There is nothing wrong with his worry. After the chaos, Wang should decide the candidate for succession. Unfortunately, Gong Fangguo was ill at this time, and he didn’t make a splash with big princess’s marriage office at this time. Compared with Li Fangyuan, what should he do after falling into the wind to save this defeat
Lin Feng and Fang Xiaoru met Princess Yan and told her what happened today. The princess Yan’s face and expression experienced this incident. The princess who likes to commit mischief gradually became sensible.
"Everything is done according to the wishes of Fang and Lin."
At that moment, the princess Yan Yan was white and bloodless, and the ceremony was very unexpected. A man with almost no mask dared not think about it, so he finished his wedding, and then he was abruptly undressed in front of a strange man.
Walking out of Fang Xiaoru from the inside, I couldn’t help sighing that "the most difficult thing for men and women in the world is that a princess with a love word is also a poor person."
"It’s not what you and I can do." Windson didn’t say anything. I once saw Princess Yan crying and making trouble. At that moment, I felt that she was fooling around, but at this time, indifference was really distressing, so it became a political game sacrifice.
"Lord Lin"
With Fang Xiaoru around, Liu Ernian can call Lord Lin instead of Brother Lin. "Let’s take a trip to Yongan Junfu tonight, and we must see Li Fangguo. This is the last thing we can do for the princess."
"Don’t worry, my Lord, it’s your second wife."
It’s getting dark. Liu Ernian packed up neatly in a tights. Liu Ernian conveniently hid hidden weapons’s waist in Yongan Junfu. It’s so easy for Liu Ernian to be a master of flying skills. Instead of carrying a sword with him, he chose to bring a few hidden weapons for self-defense
"ErNian be careful"
Liu Ernian nodded. Someone opened the door and went out to have a look around. Liu Ernian flickered out and disappeared.
Chapter six hundred Learn the truth
Li Fangyuan woman.she sat there. At this time, Li Fangyuan House was particularly lively. Li Fangshuo completely withdrew from the stage of competing for the throne because of the collapse of Zheng Dao. At this time, Li Fangyuan had no opponent.
"Congratulations on your respect."
Li Fangyuan took the glass and those people sitting on the surface raised their glasses in succession. "It’s nothing. Everything is North Korea. That’s all. You are all ministers of the arm. Fang Yuan will never forget it." Li Fangyuan gulped it down and everyone followed suit. At this time, liquor and modern beer are similar in degree. You can often see many people in the wine shop drinking a bowl. Don’t be afraid. It’s not that the ancients have an amazing amount of alcohol, but that the drinking degree is low.
"I still have things to leave you."
Li Fangyuan didn’t dare to drink too much at the thought of marriage, and he had to get up early to prepare. Moreover, this time, he didn’t dare to have the slightest carelessness. He suddenly had an inexplicable expectation at the thought of that big princess.
It’s getting darker and darker in Li Fang’s residence. Li Fangguo is walking back and forth in a hurry. She has taken the medicine and has gone to bed. This is the last hope. It’s the day of engagement. Everything will be fine. Li Chenggui sent Wang Ming Li Fangyuan to replace Li Fangguo. Although it is a way, of course, this will be even worse for Li Fangguo.
"Are you awake?"
"already awake"
The man took a few quick steps and came near. Someone knocked on the door and walked in directly. At this time, the root didn’t notice that a black shadow appeared and disappeared at that moment. It was the night agent Li Fangguo’s flying Yanliu Ernian.
Liu Ernian’s figure appeared and glanced at the door. There was a man standing on tiptoe, leaping with his hands on the eaves and exerting his strength at the waist. With the strength of his legs, he jumped on the roof and put his feet lightly on it. A few flicker came to the center of the roof and bent over to uncover the tiles. Just in time, he saw Li Fangguo lying in bed pale.
Liu Ernian frowned. Brother Lin was worried that it was unreasonable. Li Fangguo never appeared. It was really a problem. Liu Ernian looked at the man at the door just now and walked near. "How do you feel?"
"I still feel weak when I am much better."
"Public opinion is better as the sky, and this matter is related to the public future."
"Uncle, I know that the day is the engagement day. Fangguo will definitely go." Li Fangguo said and gave a severe cough. Liu Ernian’s face can see clearly. At this time, Li Fangguo is not only weak, but also a lot of aging. After all, it is already forty outsiders who have been in poor health. People look older.
Liu Ernian’s face is not worth thinking about at this moment. It’s a pity to marry such a man when Princess Yan is in the bud. It’s like an autumn frost. Those flowers that have not yet bloomed wither instantly.
"The king’s life is coming."