Listening to Zhi Li’s words, Lena couldn’t help but put her hand in his hand. Her face was full of happiness and glory. It’s a pity that Lasvia was born in a noble family and her marriage could not be independent. What’s worse, she was born in the royal family or has the blood of ghosts and gods. She sighed slightly in her heart and her eyes rested on Li Zhizhong, revealing the brilliance of her skin, perfect blood, Horatim and common interests. Perhaps it is really possible.

The newlyweds greeted each other with a "I do" and then bowed down to each other, but instead of worshipping heaven and earth, they knocked on their foreheads. "Okay, I declare that I will witness nature in heaven and earth and witness you husband and wife in the territory. From today on, you should always remember today and remember today’s words."
The ceremony was followed by a marriage license, and there was no Zhi Li affair here. "Winster, will you give me such a wedding?" Lina’s novel says that looking at these new couples today, her heart is full of envy and she is looking forward to the future wedding more and more.
"Your wedding will be more grand than this wedding, but you can say it when the secret is coming now." Zhi Li also replied with a bite of her ear, but she was also able to hear it. I don’t know if she looked at Lina with envy in her heart
Chapter 50 Marriage Ceremony
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter 51 On fishing in the river
Chapter 51 On fishing in the river
The rain stopped for three days in a row, but the rain didn’t stop. Water conservancy facilities were carried out together with land reclamation. As soon as the rain stopped, the roads were not dry, and the territory began to become active one after another. A new round of construction began. In the morning, Zhi Li withdrew from the torrent of heaven and earth and felt his will. His face smiled with satisfaction. "Elder stevo from Winster sent a message."
Lina came up with her message box, and there was a note inside, "The core body of evil has reached the point of getting angry and retreating, and evil is about to launch an attack on getting angry in the near future." The first act of Diablo has already begun, but Bishop must keep all the teams in the city village at the junction of Leikeduo wasteland in Candelas Plain, otherwise the hunting of fallen demons can already begin.
When there is no extremely powerful force, personal force is smaller than that in front of the Hellfire Corps. At this time, Zhi Li can also find those teams with the number not exceeding 200 to 300. Unfortunately, the Sun has been flying in the sky for a long time, but it is impossible to find such a team. Bishop seems to know that all the forces in human power have shrunk. It seems that everything can’t be mixed until Bishop is killed and the Fallen Devil Corps is scattered.
"The dock boat was built in the past two days. Today, the road is not dry and it is not easy to travel, so let’s go and see our new boat." The dock boat is not a simple wooden boat, but a wooden main body mixed with "special cement" to carry out the connection construction test. "Great, I have long wanted to visit the river."
"Help" knock at the door. At this time, there are several maids who can knock at the door. "Come in, the door is not open." It’s Belle who comes in the door. She walks up to Zhi Li and Lina in a small step. "My Lord and Mrs. Lavinia’s maid, Lauder, came to ask where we are going today."
"Reply to them, we are going to the dock, just as the weather has just improved, the road is still muddy and it is not suitable for traveling outside. Belle, you will prepare breakfast and take us to the boat to eat. In addition, when you bring my fishing rod back, you will take them to the market to have a look." Zhi Li told Belle about today’s itinerary and told her to tell Lasvia.
With the improvement of the weather, the temperature has started to rise. Winter has passed and spring has really arrived. It is located in the south, unlike the north, which is always covered with snow and ice. Especially in the north, there is a big forest body in El Furniss, which can adjust the climate, not to mention a living forest. The climate next to this black forest is excellent and extremely conducive to plant growth, and there will be no too bad weather.
"This is the dock." Zhi Li managed the dock in the craftsmen’s guild, and the craftsmen led him to visit this gradually forming dock. He toured some places in the river, where there was a small dock and large and small boats were produced. Now many boats have been fished in the river, but the number of fish in this river has never been salvaged, but it is amazing. It also makes the civilians in the town eat much better and cook sweet potatoes with fish soup recently.
There is a huge ship docked at the dock. Of course, this is huge for local people. It is not huge for Lasvia, who has been to King’s Port and seen the ocean-going ship, but it is not small. Seeing this ship, Lasvia has already gained confidence in the future river shipping. Once this ship is used for shipping, it does not know how much more convenient it is than land.
Not surprised by the size of the ship, what surprised her was that the structure of the ship was that the whole ship was connected with wood backbone resin and solidified into an extremely tough whole. "Mr. Winster, do you have a lot of anti-witchcraft resin here? Can you come to build a ship? " Anti-witchcraft tree fat is a special product in the forest, and there are not many such trees in the former Salva Black Forest area of Westminster Kingdom.
There is a huge amount of this kind of resin. Fortress walls all over the country need the nobles of the kingdom, all kinds of buildings, soldiers’ armor and the output of the kingdom to cope with the whole kingdom. It is really a drop in the bucket, and this kind of trees can’t survive without knowing how to migrate, so it is also possible to expand the forest.
"There are many such trees in the black forest of Salva, but now I am only enough for the future development of the city, and this kind of resin may not be enough." Zhi Li once saw that Rogge used this resin in large quantities when he built the castle. It is a very common thing, and now it seems to be a rare thing to listen to Lasvia.
It’s a pity that the forest king is easy for the druids to deal with, but it’s hard to say if others go there. In the forest, Wang Li’s quantity is comparable to that of the forest, and there are also several powerful mutations in the forest. It is said that even heaven was beaten before those forest kings many years ago.
The resin used to be permeable, but it stopped being permeable after being watered and solidified, but it became a faint light. The ship in white material now seems to be a white ship. The ship shape Zhi Li was selected from the ancient river shipping cargo ships for the simple reason that modern ship power is different from that of ancient ships. At this time, where did Winster get diesel power, not to mention fuel power or steam power?
The choice of ancient ships is just right for this world. There are three kinds of power in this era: one is sail, the other is paddle. If the current speed of sailing against the current is too high, it may be necessary for the tracker Hradim to record that the main part of the whole river is gentle.
Ai Furniss also learned from the communication that the altitude here is not high. The message to him is that there is a gap of about 30 meters and 30 meters, which spans thousands of miles from east to west. If you want to be big, the flow rate will not be big. If you go further to the Candelas Plain, the terrain of the whole continent will rise from there, and the flow rate will be faster. However, the flow rate in Zhi Li is relatively flat, which is enough.
When Zhi Li came over, the ship still had sailors learning the sail control technology. Now the canvas of the cloth ship is not produced, and it was also purchased from Zhi Li’s independent world. Although river shipping is good, it will not work if there are not enough sailors. When the ship is under construction, this problem was immediately brought out by the craftsmen’s guild. Fortunately, several of the iron wolves have had experience in sailing at sea, and one of them once took on the pleasure of captain Zhi Li.
This iron wolf was directly transferred from the guards to the craftsmen’s guild to participate in the ship construction and teach navigation knowledge at the same time. Because of the navigation technology and understanding of the ship, it is really hard to hold an important position in the newly established shipping administration department in charge of shipping. This is the first iron wolf to go out from the iron wolf and enter the political system.
Zhi Li was also interested in this matter. The iron wolf came to France to take responsibility, but he broke the rules. This made many iron wolf wizards see hope for Zhi Li. Zhi Li is an attitude in this table. They are guards, but they will not always be guards.
Although these iron wolf wizards are not wizards, in many places wizards are not as powerful as a powerful force. Not only must they be strong, but they must also be weak.
Iron wolves are the major wizard families in the East China. Their cultivation and reception are similar to knight power, but they are stricter and more powerful than knights. Their perennial masters have experience in dealing with secret power, and they can fully prove their ability to escort Lina from the East China to the West China in the Supreme Council.
Zhi Li is going to form a dark force in their core. Now, in addition to guarding the Knights, there is also a foreign Knights of the Dark Sword in the territory. This group will be spread all over Candelas with commercial transportation, and most of the ordinary people will be the beast, soul and warrior.
As soon as a ship arrived in Zhi Li, the captain of the ship reported on the ship’s test and the crew’s study and training. It turned out to be ideal, and the hull was a classic shape that could stand the test. "Drive the ship to the middle of the river, and Aris will move the table and chairs. We will go to the ship for breakfast today."
In a word, Zhi Li was busy. In a word, Aris took the iron wolf on the pedal and went to the boat. The sailors also put away the anchor tied to the shore. At this time, they didn’t need to sail and paddle directly, that is, the boat came and the boat was quickly rowed into the river
"Belle brought my fishing rod" Zhi Li fishing rod is of course not a famous fishing rod, but the world material, thread and hook are all bought by the main world and then made by itself. There are also earthworms in this world who have tried earthworm in Zhi Li, and the fish in this world also like to eat this fish, so they can catch it.
Fishing is Li Zhiji’s favorite sport. Did he feel restless at the beginning of his practice many years ago or did he borrow this fishing to help temper his mind? "Winster, what is this?" Lina asked curiously, he knew that Zhi Li named this fishing rod, but he didn’t know what to do, and Las Vegas was also very curious.
Zhi Li put the earthworm on the hook and put the fishing line. He put the rod away and ignored it. He put an idea on the rod as soon as there is movement, so it is good to close the line. "You will know when you are there." After that, Zhi Li said to Lasvia in the bow, "It is a pleasure to enjoy the scenery of the mountains and rivers in boating. Come to the princess for dinner."
Las Vegas gave Zhi Li a bright smile and then took a natural and graceful seat. "Sir, maybe I know the pole skill just now." Lina also suddenly realized at this time. "Winster, are you here to catch fish with this pole? Put the fish on the hook to eat food. When the fish eats it, it will be hooked on your pole and pull the fish out of the water, right? "
"I think so," said Sylvia with a smile. "Sir, if you want to eat fish, you can catch it directly from the river by witchcraft. Why bother? It’s not too much trouble to catch one fish at a time without witchcraft. " Zhi Li smiled faintly. "Let’s have breakfast first."
The same is true of the question from Las Vegas and Lena. Seeing that Zhi Li doesn’t answer their curiosity, it’s heavier. After breakfast, there is no hook. Here is the fish in the river. It’s not as easy to catch as the pond. "You haven’t caught a fish for so long, Winster. This method is too inefficient." After breakfast, the fish hasn’t come yet. Lena is more and more dissatisfied with this method.
Before Lina’s words stopped, Zhi Li saw the float move "coming". He made a gesture of not talking and stopped their doubts. He gently picked up the fishing rod. Lasvia and Lina looked at him curiously and stopped talking. Although they didn’t know what they were not allowed to talk, they still did it.
Holding a fishing rod, Zhi Li didn’t move his own strength to perceive the fish, but judged by himself that the float moved and then slammed a small sink. Zhi Li did not move. Sure enough, the float came again and then slammed it. Zhi Li pulled the fishing rod with great load, and the bait was already in the fishing belly hook, and then the fish was hooked.
However, if you hook it, you can’t pull it in one breath. Li Zhi will know that this fish is not small when he touches the pole, but the fish has great strength in the water. If you pull it back, it will break the fishing line. Zhi Li doesn’t pull it back effectively. He pulls it gently and carefully to try not to let the fish escape. Slowly toss this fish until it is exhausted.
After such repeated tossing for a period of time, Zhi Li gradually felt weak, and began to slowly close the line and pull the fish to the boat. However, at this time, we must be careful that when it is to be taken out of the water, it will inevitably struggle violently, and it will easily break the line. "Belle brought me the net bag." Belle submitted Zhi Li’s long pole net bag together.
Zhi Li, with a fishing rod in one hand and a net bag in the other hand, began to prepare to collect fish. When the fish approached to be pulled out of the water, the net bag caught it. That’s how it was. When a big fish was pulled, it caught it. The fish left the water, struggled wildly and bounced repeatedly. This was a desperate struggle. The fishing line in Zhi Li was limited in strength. If it was caught directly without a net bag, the line would definitely be broken.
"Well, we’ll eat this fish at noon today." Zhi Li freed the fish from the hook and put it in the basin. "Lina, would you like to try it?" Zhi Li asked Lina, "I still don’t want to try the Princess Palace in Las Vegas, but I really want to try it." Lina refused. In fact, she also wants to try it. However, there is a chance that Las Vegas is a guest and is ready to reach an agreement at this time, so she gave the opportunity to her.
"Princess please" Zhi Li handed the fishing rod to Lasvia, and at the same time began to look at the ship carefully. The resin weight is much lower than that of cement, which also makes the ship not too heavy. The draught is similar to that of ordinary wooden boats. This resin has another advantage, that is, it is extremely tough. If it is formed at one time, there is no gap. It is both firm and tough, and its actual strength is higher than that of cement.
After receiving the fishing rod, Lasvia learned how to put the fishing rod into the water and began to wait. However, it is rare for fish to bite the hook in the river, but she didn’t come to Zhi Li for a while. She said that she would inspect the whole ship. This ship is purely a freight owner, so the cargo cabin accounts for a large part, and the rest is the crew cabin. Zhi Li roughly looked at some questions from the craftsman and then turned around.
"Mr. Winster, are there any earthworms?" Evidently, Las Vegas didn’t catch the fish, but the fish ate the earthworm. Zhi Li is much fuller now than before. At this time, he transplanted many trees, some small animals and river fish, and even got a group of chickens from the main world to raise them. A small ecological environment has gradually taken shape, and there are earthworms in him.
"I’ll do it. Why didn’t the earthworm get caught by the fish?" Zhi Li took the hook from Lavinia’s hand, took out half an earthworm and put it on the hook. "Yes, I just waited for one time and then a fish came. I pulled the rope and I didn’t catch the hook. The second time, I wanted to learn from Mr. Wang and let it bite before pulling it. If it ate the earthworm, it was really disgusting." Lavinia was quite embarrassed to eat the earthworm by the fish.
"Now I finally know why Mr. Wang likes fishing so much. Mr. Wang is not fishing, but enjoying the process." Lasvia continued, "Living high in the river overlooking the fish, a hope bait will attract several fish to fight to the death and establish a tepid method, which will not let the fish eat the earthworm and let the fish continue to create value. Mr. Wang is really amazing." At this time, Lasvia looked at Li Zhi and understood Zhi Li’s hope bait. Her eyes were full of admiration.
"Mr. Wang’s vision is not even a prophet. I never imagined that these civilians would have such great power. Now I can imagine how great changes will take place in this land of hope in the future. It is really an honor for Lasvia to have the honor to listen to Mr. Wang’s teachings today. I will go back after seeing Mr. Wang’s market this afternoon, hoping to reach an agreement as soon as possible."
Las Vegas has consciously understood everything. At this moment, she is full of confidence. If the land ruled by the royal family can be like this, what great power will erupt? There are more than five million civilians in Westma rule the kingdom, and five million people can build a town in a month. Other nobles, regardless of the royal rule, have two million people, and it is earth-shattering that these two million people can benefit hundreds of thousands.
"When you leave at noon and don’t stay here for a while?" Zhi Li asked Lavinia if she wanted bait. I hope you can’t play bait here. In fact, how about playing it? I hope that the power will eventually be remitted to him. For example, Li Zhi is sitting in a win-win situation. Zhi Li seems that it is good for Westminster to achieve a small amount of results
Chapter 51 On fishing in the river
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter 52 Fat self-confidence