"As soon as the United States recruits 13 battalions"

Li Min smiled and said meaningfully, "This is the basis of its army budget this year. The special forces can appropriately add a part. If there are qualified soldiers, they can form another brigade."
Wait for this sentence. Li Yongliang laughed excitedly. "Yes!"
"The fourth army is the foundation of the security department of the industrial investment company, and no political and war department has been set up. With the expansion of the army scale, the political and war work schedule has been set up."
* * The ideological confusion department is full of contradictions and mountains.
The officers and men don’t know who they should be loyal to and what they don’t know, but they can launch a coup when several officers get together and complain a few words.
Drawing lessons from the past, Chen Shiguo didn’t want to "invest in the armed forces". These same questions profoundly said that "what the chairman said is extremely good for Huang Yishan, deputy director of the company’s planning department, to be the leader of the political and war department."
It is really troublesome to master the thinking of officers and men and organize cultural and recreational activities.
These workers have always been in the charge of the planning department of the industrial investment company, either sending a projection team to the basic company to show pictures, or inviting Saigon movie stars and singers to join the army, or organizing students to engage in social activities in the army. Now it is officially determined that Ruan Zhiren and Chen Runwei will be responsible for it.
They don’t have a problem with Li Min, and they don’t have a problem with putting a cup on it. "Finally, Luo is in charge of reserve construction. Your security department can’t relax because of the fourth army. Once * * can’t hold on, we will face hundreds of thousands of North Vietnamese troops. In other words, the real main force is not the fourth army but your security department."
Luo Xiaozhang is preparing to get up and Li Min motioned for him not to continue. "All you want is for the industrial village management committees in the fourth tactical area to closely accept, resettle and make the retired officers and men tactical area staff cooperate to form more reserve divisions as soon as possible."
It is necessary for all enterprises in the management committees of industrial villages to coordinate the timing errors, ensure that reservists participate in one-day military training every week and two-day off-the-job training once a year, and give full play to the enthusiasm of female compatriots to include female compatriots aged 135 in the reserve plan. "
The "Gongtou" reserve construction plan draws lessons from Israel to a great extent.
The industrial villages have always implemented closed management, and the public security in industrial villages has always been good. Social stability, education, medical care and other facilities are all available. All kinds of businesses live a richer life and their living standards are much higher than those of ordinary citizens’ companies in Saigon and other cities. The planning department has announced for several years that even ordinary workers have a strong sense of superiority and pride and a certain sense of belonging to industrial investment companies.
There was an explosion here today and there was an assassination in Saigon and a coup there, which made them have a better life and a strong sense of crisis. They were very supportive of the reserve plan and believed that "national defense is born."
The workers’ thoughts are "progressive" and the enterprises are very cooperative.
Compared with other projects, it is much better to do this job. Luo Xiaozhang is full of confidence. "The chairman can rest assured that the security department will never delay. If we receive a mobilization order, we can complete the reorganization of the troops in 12 hours and complete the preparations in 24 hours."
Ruan Zhiren, commander of the Fourth Tactical Area and commander of the Fourth Army, was more aware of the importance of reserve service than anyone else. "Mr. Chairman Guo, Chairman Qin Dongdong, the Reserve Officer Training Team of the University of Technology, we are not only going to cancel but also to expand the training scale to set up an advanced training class for senior officers, two special training classes for intermediate officers and a special training group for officers and noncommissioned officers.
The 25th Division, 26th Division and 27th Division’s Lien Chan unit are equipped with one positive officer and three deputy officers, and one positive officer and two deputy officers. In case of a major war, we can quickly expand nine infantry divisions by deploying officers at all levels and grassroots backbones from the active forces like Russia. "
The tactical area draws officers and the backbone of the fighting industrial village, so that it can have 12 divisions in the shortest time.
Li Min nodded and said with a dignified face, "You twelve divisions have hundreds of troops, which sounds like a lot, but it is far from enough to resist the invasion of North Vietnam. We should make the worst plan, formulate a feasible mobilization plan and rationally allocate the troops."
In this respect, we should learn from the Japanese army. For example, the backbone of the security team of nine reserve infantry divisions’ regular divisions’ in the’ main divisions’ plan of the 25th, 26th and 27th divisions can be formed into its reserve forces and the militia self-defense forces can be temporarily reorganized to maintain the security of the defense areas.
In addition, fighting is to fight logistics and finally set up a special team to include transportation and warehousing companies such as Greater China Shipping, Toudun Ocean Shipping, Air China, Daxing Automobile Transportation, Boliao Logistics and Saigon Yunda, and to take into account several major medical groups such as Yi’ an, Ford and Guangfu.
Investigate, study, organize drills, prepare several sets of logistics plans for a rainy day, and try every means to help all forces to ensure the supply of logistics materials and the rescue and transshipment of the wounded. "
Chapter two hundred and fifteen "we"
The annual meeting of the industrial investment company finally came to an end. Like the invited guests in previous years, the delegates returned home with the organizers carefully prepared to commemorate it.
Attending the annual meeting are not only the top management of the industrial investment company, the former minister of economy, the senior officers of the fourth tactical area, the commander of the fifth infantry division, the deputy mayor of the martial arts city of Saigon, but also prominent figures in the business, education, legal and cultural circles all over the society. It would be a ghost to say that this annual meeting is not tricky.
At this sensitive moment, they ran to the grave, and Wu Tingyan could not ignore it.
However, the annual meeting was held in the heavily guarded industrial village, and the security measures were watertight. The secret organization of the People’s Labor Party Industrial Village was banned long ago, which made him know what was going on inside.
When Dinh Nhu Ngo, his younger brother, wanted Chen Jinxuan to send someone to "invite" several delegates to the annual meeting to come back and talk, Chen Shiguo, vice chairman of the industrial investment company, handed in a document signed by more than 200 people through the deputy manager of Pingdong Industrial Village, which was both like a meeting minutes and a "million words".
Objectively and fairly analyze the situation and earnestly urge the government to release political prisoners and take a lenient attitude towards people outside the "South Solution"; Rectify bureaucracy and punish bureaucrats; Cancel the news censorship to realize freedom of speech; Face up to the legal forms of religious contradictions and confirm the legal religious status of Buddhism, Gaotai and Haojiao …
To sum up, the whole strategy of "national construction" is to suggest that the government carry out political and economic reforms as soon as possible.
During the eventful autumn, Wu Tingyan, a former friend and supporter, drifted away, and was extremely disappointed with Li Min.
Dinh Nhu Ngo seems to think that this suspicion is an ultimatum from the "industrial vote" urging their brothers. madame ngo dinh is even more angry and clamoring to go to Qin and ask Li Min face to face.
It’s enough trouble. We can’t intensify the conflict.
Chen Jinxuan, the head of the secret police, the No.3 in Saigon, and the director of the news and culture investigation, woke up cautiously. "Mr. President, anyway, Mr. Min’s attitude is still moderate. He hopes that the government can carry out reforms, and he has not really opposed it, and he has not threatened the government budget like the United States is always cutting aid."
With the rapid development of various industrial villages, the industrial investment company has paid a lot of taxes to the Ministry of Finance, and it has changed from the former delivery of materials to the present 5% of materials and 5% of cash payment. Even the Bank of East Asia can still get a lot of returns for hosting the party property of the People’s Labor Party, greatly alleviating the financial pressure of the government’s secret police system.
It’s naive. Doesn’t he know that the so-called reform will die?
Wu Tingyan believes that Li Min has been poisoned by Americans, influenced by the United States too much and suffered from a serious "democratic infantile disease".
Chen Jinxuan didn’t know what he was thinking, and then said, "Mr. Min didn’t be aggressive and left little room for the government, unlike Pan Kechou, Pan Guangdan and Chen Yuzhu, who made it known that they had to come forward to respond regardless of whether their opinions were correct or not."
On the influence and appeal, "work investment" is much stronger than those of the opposition.
If this "ten thousand words" is made public, the government will be in a very passive position, and if it is supported by the United States, it will inevitably trigger a series of chain reactions, which will become the last straw to crush the government
From this point of view, Li Min still left a few minutes.
Wu Tingyan took off his glasses with a long sigh. "He is wrong. He is convinced that the set of problems that can’t be solved will make the country more chaotic, and he will regret it one day."
Others can’t see the Chinese behind the "work investment" when they see it.
Dinh Nhu Ngo regrets that at that time, it was different from drinking poison to quench one’s thirst to engage in industrial village planning. Now, Chinese people have benefited from a series of government policies and developed into a political, economic and military force that can control the situation with the help of the big tree of industrial investment company.
Thinking of these, Dinh Nhu Ngo coldly popped up a sentence, "Maybe they just hope that the country is in chaos and they can fish in troubled waters because of political turmoil."
In recent years, the number of Chinese has increased dramatically. More than twenty Chinese organizations, such as Xidi Chinese Charity Foundation, Nong Nationality Development Foundation, Southeast Asia Hipster Association, Guangfu Chen Clan Association, and Vietnam Chinese Mutual Aid Association, have adopted various ways to encourage their small Chinese families to have more children.
They engage in those subsidies that are astounding, such as mobilizing pregnant women to go to the hospital for regular checkups, giving birth to the first child in the hospital, taking half of the medical care and the other half being borne by the corresponding foundation to ensure the mother’s safety; The second child has to bear one-third of the third child, and 52 piasters are not equal to cash subsidies.
Education is more exaggerated than medical treatment.
Up to now, there are more than 7 Chinese schools in Zhidan, Hoi An, industrial villages, Fuguo Island Special Zone, Parrot Corner area and Zhensha area. Not only primary schools and secondary schools, but also kindergartens or preschool schools, children have to pay for the difficulties of entering the school.
The campus environment is good, the teaching quality is high, the learning is low, and the trilingual education in Vietnam, China, Britain or Vietnam, China and France will be more promising when children grow up. Many Vietnamese in industrial villages try their best to send their children to Chinese schools and can speak standard Chinese.
Now Chinese and Cantonese have become unofficial official languages in industrial villages, and those Chinese-funded factory workers and Vietnamese will be assimilated by them sooner or later.
The thought of "Oriental Hollywood" releasing Chinese films and Chinese TV dramas one after another and pop songs popular in Southeast Asia one after another has had a great impact on Vietnamese unified culture.
Wu Tingyan suddenly realized that the proportion of Chinese people is rising, and people who go to other countries will become a veritable "Little China" sooner or later if they spare no effort to assimilate.
The key ethnic issue is a double-edged sword. Chinese people have become a climate, and Chinese people have become naturalized. It is also his strong demand that during this sensitive period of external worries and ups and downs, they should not throw stones at their own feet and completely push Li Minshou’s Chinese interest group to the opposite side of the government.
He was silent for a long time, put on his glasses again, picked up a pen and paper and said, "Stop talking. I’ll write a letter to Min and ask him to come. I want to talk to him."
Just finished writing, I looked up and knocked on the door and came in. "Mr. President, the American Embassy informed us that Lansdale University will come to Saigon as a special adviser to the White House."
The old friend is back, which is definitely good news.
Wu Tingyan asked unemotionally, "Did the school leave? Did the embassy say when he would arrive?"
"The main plane will arrive at Johor Bahru Airport around 4 pm."
"Great, Ting Yun, you can pick it up at the airport yourself."
Lansdale is not only a good friend of his brother, but also a good friend of Li Min, and this trip to Saigon will definitely play an active role on behalf of the White House.
Dinh Nhu Ngo was equally excited and quickly got up and said, "Okay, I’ll go myself."
The waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before. Because President Kennedy is keen on enlightening young people, Lansdale, an old-timer of the CIA, was pushed to the beach by a group of young people from Ivy League schools.
Vietnamese President Wu Tingyan, who is familiar with Southeast Asia and has rich experience, has a close personal relationship with Philippine President Magsaysay and is expected to be an ambassador to Vietnam.
However, the ambassador needs a certain political background to join the CIA’s predecessor, office of strategic services. Before that, he was the head of an advertising company, a former congressman and even a presidential candidate. Once in Washington, he became a marginal person and was assigned to the Pentagon to work as an intelligence evaluator.