She also made some preparations before the meeting, such as checking the specific injuries of the wounded and taking Thea to clean the wounds.

It is much more convenient to have a water magician around to do these things.
Sometimes when I meet some wounds in the abdomen or thigh, the rebel wounded will feel a little embarrassed when I see the depressed third leg.
When the wounded were carried into the tent and the two came out, Samira raised her reddish eyes and asked Sylvia strangely, "Sylvia, are you really a Janna sea family?"
"Huh?" Thea looked up at Sammi LS Mira inexplicably, with a face of evil interest and a hoarse voice in her ear. "Since you are Janna, why do you blush when you see the human body?"
Thea immediately hung her face so red that she wanted to drop blood.
But then she also asked Samira a little, "Aren’t you embarrassed?"
"What’s so embarrassing? Half the blood in my body belongs to elves …"
Samira twisted her head and raised it. Some proudly said to Thea.
Then he walked to the end of the wounded line …
Thea secretly rubbed her red cheeks and took a deep breath, constantly suggesting to herself,’ Thea, you are Janna and you are Janna … What’s so shy about this? Don’t be shy …’
"Thea, hurry up and give him a hydrotherapy. This guy’s wound was bandaged without cleaning … do you want your leg?"
Samira’s hoarse voice shouted at the rebel soldier, who didn’t dare to answer.
At the time of the Independent Cavalry Camp, Sami held hands with nearly 1,000 archers.
Most of these archers are young people from indigenous tribes who have no rules. At ordinary times, Samira has to let them know the rules in the military camp.
Edgar Hu finally admitted that the magician Ived invited him to live in a wooden house in the camp.
Seeing that Samira and Thea were both acting as Surdak’s assistants, they arranged for a young woman to take care of Avid.
At night, another group of more than 300 rebel troops arrived here and filled the camp.
In the tent, Surdak wrapped two sliced linen bandages tightly around the rebels’ thighs to firmly fix his fracture.
Seeing the rapid healing of the thigh skin by holy light, the rebel soldiers have completely believed that they can get better soon if they break this leg.
Surdak told the wounded rebel soldiers, "Pay attention to the leg injury and try not to exercise during this period. Once the seam is slightly misaligned, the leg will grow crooked, sometimes it will be a bowlegged leg. Sometimes it is a duck leg, and the dislocation of the bone stubble will make the bone spur affect your walking. You may have to break it before you can reconnect it …"
Rebel fighters were scared to death by Surdak’s words. They lay on the bed and dared not move.
Surdak finally wiped his handkerchief with blood and said to the rebel fighters
"Well, let’s do this for the time being!"
Then he went out of the tent and greeted his companions outside to carry the rebel soldiers out.
"Thank you, my Lord knight!"
Before leaving, the former rebel fighters thanked Surdak
"Raise your hand!"
Surdak was tired and pinched the corner of his eye and shouted "A …"
Until the moment in front of Lebanon, all the wounded who need emergency treatment will be processed by the Ministry.
When Surdak walked out of the tent door and stretched his sour and stiff arms, he found that the tent door was filled with all kinds of things, not only Shan Ye fruits, flowers, birds’ eggs, but also some gold and silver ornaments, etc …
Samira saw Surdak jump off a big bark tree after he was busy and never looked back. He lay in a hammock without taking off his armor.
Thea dragged her tired body and rearranged a Suldak tent.
There is a big pot of water outside the bonfire.
Janna takes a bath twice every morning and evening to keep their skin from cracking.
When she came out of the tent, Surdak said to her outside
"Do you want to rush one?"
West jas sur tak side charm blue eyes blinked and pointed to the woodland on the other side of sur tak said
"I saw a mountain stream over there. Can I take a dip in the stream over there?" Thea asked
"but! But pay attention to Ann … "
Surdak promised to come without thinking.
Thea asked more carefully.
"Can you guard over there?"
"Well, all right."
In view of the fact that the little girl has been busy with her tent all night, Surdak can bite the bullet and promise to come, although she really wants to sleep.
Sure enough, there was a stream not far through the Woods, and Thea took Surdak for a while and found a low waterfall, where the water was deep enough and very clear, and Thea couldn’t wait to slide into the pool.
Surdak found a rock by the pool, sat on it and looked around …
Xiya turned into a mermaid.
The huge colorful fishtail fluttering in the small pool with a body of more than three meters is very beautiful. She keeps the mermaid-like shape, with light blue scales on both sides of her arms and ribs, just like wearing a delicate tight coat. Her neck, chest and abdomen are white as jade, and her skin is delicate. The mermaid shape is full of pure flavor.
This small pool is not too big. It’s a little churning inside.
So she soaked her sexy fishtail in water, half-length above the water, and put her arms on Surdak to rest the rock.