The current situation will remain relatively stable only because every Chaos God has surpassed the conventional concept of life and death, and no one can kill anyone.

If really can kill each other?
There is already one of the five Chaos Gods left.
After all, the top of the pyramid needs a person to sit.
Five sitting together?
It’s a little too much.
Chapter 45 Giant black hole
How to kill him [Chaos God]?
This is a very difficult problem.
Olga has been thinking for a long time.
Although he spent just over twenty thousand years in the physical universe when he became a god.
However, Olga has long been a "God of Chaos" and has been thinking about that problem for years.
In order to deal with him [Chaos God], he conceived several schemes and tried to find out the answer successfully by doing various experiments with himself.
But all the results are not satisfactory.
If you are in this plane, you will be able to be defeated even if you kill the most.
Not even a seal
Because that concept that pervade the whole plane in every corner are all part of each Chaos God.
Take Olga himself. If he is completely sealed, everything in this plane will come to a standstill!
Everything, including [time] and [reason], will not continue to grow, and everything will not be subjected to meaning [hardship] or [tempering]!
Everything will be completely solidified, just like eternal sculpture!
And he [Chaos God] is also involved in something similar.
Relying on the conventional way, there is no way to take chaos God.
Even if it succeeds, it will be a lose-lose type, and the whole plane will be deeply involved and hurt.
It is precisely because of this that in the face of Olga, a foreigner, he [Chaos God] knows that he and others can win together, but there is still no way.
No matter what the situation is before Olga, if he becomes a member of Chaos God, then the five of them can passively accept one glory and one loss!
And according to this truth, even the strongest Olga takes him [Chaos God] and there is no way to be disgusting to each other!
After all, it’s hard to bear to let a child get a wolf … It seems that we can compare who is hard …’
Olga raised his right hand and automatically cracked a wound in the palm of his hand. A large number of silk threads burned like flames and melted into the crimson heaven when they automatically escaped.
As they continue to blend in
Some invisible red veins [crimson heaven] center directly spread to other places in Asia.
In the face of this movement, the other four 【 Chaos Gods 】 located in the sub-Asian region immediately felt the induction.
After watching it for a while, I don’t know what Olga is doing.
In their eyes, this is just like the sub-storm caused by "color evil", which is just a small matter with no influence.
That kind of diffusion seems to be very rapid although it has crossed several light years in an instant, but there is no concept of time distance, and this kind of diffusion is really meaningless.
Even if it spreads all the time, it will be confined to a certain range of areas.
Because the sub-size is not a constant thing, it is constantly changing
Being their five common sources of strength, even Chaos God can’t change the whole Asia.
So he [Chaos God] watched for a while, and the situation confirmed that Olga’s move really didn’t affect anything substantial, and then they withdrew their eyes and left a little insignificant attention to continue watching everything.
And for him, Chaos God, the gaze that comes from Olga can also be clearly sensed.
But he doesn’t care
Although my mind has made some decisions about the post-plan, what Olga is doing now is only the most basic step, and there is no need to keep it absolutely secret.
If the other person wants to see it, just look at it as a confusing move …
Meanwhile, the physical universe
Deep in the milky way
Some star named Crodo.
The number of ants is more than that of the earth, and the mass is large enough to cover the star space battleship Group. After breaking through the gravitational bondage of its own star, it is aggressive and goes to a certain area near the star!
Accord to their observations
There is a giant black hole with a diameter of thousands of light-years that is devouring everything, and the black hole is moving slowly towards Crodo.
And this fleet will leave their homes and go out of their own stars, which is to eliminate the black hole before further expanding and moving.
Trana, the commander-in-chief of the fleet, looked at the screen and showed all the data. Although he still maintained a serious face, he still involuntarily showed a little pride.
This time, in order to cope with the super crisis of destroying homes, all the forces in the star Crodo spontaneously abandoned their past hostilities and formed such a fleet.
And the great sense of honor of being able to successfully produce this enemy fleet commander is simply the ultimate highlight moment of a generation, which makes Trana feel that he is about to fly.
But the excellent quality still makes Trana barely keep a self and not really let go of himself.
He confirmed that after the fleet crossed the gravitational belt of the star, it remained intact and was very serious and ordered to the deputy beside him.
"According to the original plan, send the seventh team, the ninth team to explore the situation and ask the various forces how this giant black hole appeared!"
As a famous interstellar natural disaster in the universe, black holes usually have various omens before they appear.
They are usually observed many years before they appear.
But this time, the goal is different. It’s a sign that suddenly appears, just like blinking!
In the most time, many scientists in Krodo even wondered if there was something wrong with their equipment and didn’t take it seriously!
After all, a thousand light-years black hole suddenly appeared in the nearby star, and it was all drunk and hallucinated.
It’s just like the 50-square-meter room next door where there is a dragon with a head length of 200 kilometers.
You know, normal black holes are only hundreds of millions of kilometers in diameter, and a light year is equal to trillions of distances.
And the sudden appearance of a giant black hole is a full thousand light-years in diameter …
After discovering this problem, several experts have come up with all kinds of data to prove that such a big black hole is really unscientific!