"On the way back, I’ll tell you about the plane …"

Hang up. Wei Lun was shocked.
Jiang Lun took a deep breath and remembered that the former housekeeper had made an appointment with another female doctor bea to examine ega. The doctor’s number seemed to have been posted in the group at that time, saying that she was hiring a doctor temporarily.
I found it. I found it. Dial the other party’s second and get through.
I quickly told people about the delay, so please hurry up and Jiang Lun happened to run to the second floor of Building C.
Squat down and catch my breath only to find that the other party is still locking the door.
In a hurry, I was rude and kicked the door open with a foot of pheromone ability blessing.
Master bedroom on the third floor of Yanfu main building
I woke up once because I just felt that ega didn’t sleep well. Yan Shuhan hasn’t entered deep sleep again. Because of the top alpha innate perception and excellent senses, Yan Shuhan heard the sound of a door being kicked in the backyard.
And learned that alpha in the house released offensive pheromones.
Who entered the susceptible period?
Yan Shuhan frowned and saw that Su Mo was sleeping soundly. He carefully reached for the bedside table and made a group call with his mobile phone, so that the people on duty on each floor of the alpha Household Servant Dormitory Building could check whether the people on their floors were "normal".
There soon reported in turn that the top three said it was normal, and the fourth one said with a little horror that Jiang Lun had disappeared.
Yan Shuhan faintly repeated the other party’s words "gone?"
"Yes, there is no one in the young master’s room, and there is no toilet." alpha’s servant sounded anxious over there.
"Didn’t you see him go out?" Yan Shu cold tone is still light.
"This I …" There voice hesitated.
"Come on" It’s hard to be confused on a cold day. Yan Shuhan knows that the other party is mostly dozing off and doesn’t want to pursue any responsibility. "I know."
If you hang up, you can’t help but pick and choose. I think of letting the other party stay with Chili at night.
Didn’t Jiang Lun send ChiLi back to school and never come back after it was too late?
But according to Jiang Lun’s nature, it is probably impossible.
Think impassability or dial the words in the past
Then I heard the surprised voice "Young Master?"
"Well," fearing to wake ega, Yan Shuhan asked someone, "Where are you doing?"
Jiang Lun gulped water before seeing his eyes, and ChiLi "… I’m feeding ChiYoung Master in Building 3 of Houzhai C"
"… water?"
At present, people can’t reach the water and drink it. Jiang Lun raises the cup a little and crustily skin of head to talk back to Yan Shuhan.
"It’s Master Chi. He’s allergic to crabs and his body is dehydrated."
It is obvious that the other party has uncovered a topic in the past. Yan Shuhan quit the call interface and clicked on WeChat to see a very long review sent by former Jiang Lun.
Take a quick look at it, and then think it’s not enough to have a meal in his house and live there?
And Chilichi’s family, the only child in charge, is an upright young master.
How did you get yourself into this?
If it weren’t for knowing each other’s identity, I met several times when I went back to Yan City. I heard from my mother’s family that this person was admitted to a university in Jiang City.
Otherwise, we’ll delay it now …
Yan Shuhan thought for a while, but he couldn’t think of any words that could properly shape each other.
Let Jiang Lun take good care of each other. Yan Shuhan hung up and hugged his lover again.
I thought nothing else, but if the other party dares to play ega and disturb his wife’s later school life, whether he is Chi Li or his father Chi Yan, he will have to clean it up himself.
At the other end, Chili sneezed quite hard.
Scared people immediately turned pale and pulled Jiang Lun’s clothes.
"Eldest brother … blare, am I really dying? This is to …" The rhythm of belching.
"Keep your strength and talk less"
Jiang Lun feels that his wallet may be three-fifths flat this month, and his heart is broken.
Put the cup up and get it to Chili’s mouth. Considering that the other person’s body is really uncomfortable, the sound is as gentle as possible-
"Drink water and be patient. The doctor will be here soon."
The door panel is knocked evenly, and the young alpha sounds good.
I came to wake him up.