His vocabulary is exaggerated.

To be a [Great Olympian], although he is well-informed, he has seen a lot of outrageous things.
But [calcas] recently issued that spell.
After all, the other party’s statement seems a bit exaggerated.
Just like an ant moving a mountain.
He thinks that kind of idea is not a bit whimsical, but it is a bit too overreaching and will be crushed to death …
Two-sided mass
The difference is really too big …
It’s not advisable for mortals to attempt to steal the truth from God …
Is in the face of him to dissuade has long been blinded by the honor of success [calcas] how can you listen?
After refusing the other party’s proposal without hesitation.
Rumby is expecting.
[calcas] continues to bury his head in preparation for exhausting all his wisdom to create a spell [calcas incarnation]
A unique [Twelve Ring Spells]!
The effect forcibly deprives a [god] power to cover himself!
That is to say, let [the caster] take the place of a [god]!
It can be said that it is far beyond the initial expectation of [calcas]
At first, he just wanted to steal a part of each other’s [divine power] …
However, in the follow-up study
But he peeped into the higher secret according to some special law.
Thus, the basic idea of taking the spell "calcas Avatar" to a higher level was put forward and successfully realized.
It is precisely because of this.
It is even more impossible for him to miss the opportunity to display calcas’s incarnation …
Because it means that once the spell is successfully cast, he will not only become a hero to save the kingdom of Nesriel, but also become a proud idol of everyone.
It will successfully reach the top of the mountain and become a [powerful power]!
There is no doubt that such temptation is a legal resistance for a [caster] but for normal people!
Even if it is likely to be shattered.
He also wants to take a chance! !
And seeing that he is so determined, he can’t persuade himself.
The name 【 Great Olympics Artist 】 sighed slightly and didn’t say anything more.
Without knowing it, I left the Magic Tower and retreated to the distance …
Do [Twelve Ring Spells]
If [calcas] is released successfully, it’s easy to say.
If the release fails, just accumulating huge mana will instantly blow up everything in Fiona Fang for dozens of miles
Even if it’s just onlookers, he has to back off …
in this regard
[calcas] Nature is also well aware.
I dispersed the residents in this [floating city] before.
And after his friend has retired from the distance, he has completely completed all the preparations. He has a large number of magical runes engraved on it. After taking a deep breath, the center of the venue slowly mobilized his mana to activate, which belongs to the [calcas incarnation] operation …
at this moment
His soul is like some kind of high-speed broadcast message
In an instant, it climbed to a special height, melted into the depth of time and went to a net that was invisible to the naked eye and spread all over the world like gas.
The slightest obstacle is integrated into the middle!
And that’s the magic net.
A great creation create by that goddess of magic.
It is also because of it.
[caster] [caster] The process can be simplified as much as possible.
So that they can prepare the [spells] they need by using the special mechanism of [spell position]
Instead of reciting a spell for dozens of minutes every time a spell is released.
The concept and embodiment of "magic" is also the status of "magic net" and "magic goddess" that can be extremely strong.
Therefore, both of them are inseparable structures.
Just like a complete life …