Surdak decided to draw a pie for the craftsman first, so he said to him, "Besides the Temple of the Goddess, I’m going to transform this aboriginal slum …"

"This slum?" The craftsman looked back at a dilapidated slum dozens of meters away and thought of Surdak’s forced relocation of cooked leather workshop, so he asked with some concern, "Are you going to let these aborigines move away?"
Surdak slightly one leng asks.
"Why do you want to move out? They will continue to live here. Yes, I will build new townhouses for them so that the layout is more reasonable. In the future, more townhouses can be built in these provinces and regions …"
Baron martino and Lady luna stood side by side behind Surdak, listening that he was determined to change the face of Duodan Town after the planning of Duodan Town.
At that time, there were some expectations for the future of the town …
Nika didn’t go to the barracks to change the dressing for the wounded soldier. She hid in the corner of the attic room.
The panic in her heart made her chest fluctuate and even her breathing became strong.
She wants a drink of cold water to calm her hot heart, but it’s nothing
Surdak and Selena were not at home, and Signa followed Selena to the barracks, and she didn’t know who to consult about it.
Then she looked down at her abdomen and emitted a faint light so that she could hold a backrest cushion to block the dim light.
This is somewhat different from Surdak’s description of the holy light …
Surdak told Nika that the holy light he felt was hidden in several nodes of the body. If he needed the holy light, he would control it out of the body with his mind.
She doesn’t know how this change happened, and she can’t feel the nodes in her body, and the holy light condensed from her meditation can slowly converge on her lower abdomen
This holy light is very penetrating. If you wear a thin dress, you can clearly see this pale golden holy light.
It seems impossible for her to wear a thick dress to hide the light.
Nika dare not hide in the attic at home and try to cover up this light.
As her faith turned, this holy light appeared in her hand. She sat in the corner of the room, put her knees in her hands and stared at her hands. The holy light in her heart didn’t know what to do for a while.
She had long felt that the light had not condensed into the lower abdomen.
She really feels that she is like a firefly that keeps shining at night. If the light in her body is always on like this, Nika thinks that it is a luxury to want to go shopping after she feels that she wants to go shopping.
She kept saying Surdak’s name in her heart, hoping that he would come back soon.
The holy light in the hand is not like a burning flame, but more like a scattered light.
Nika sighed slightly. She knew that she was different from others, but she never thought that these would bring troubles to her life.
Just then there came a familiar horseshoe outside the courtyard.
Nika’s eyes lit up at once, but she suddenly got up and forgot that this was the attic, and her head hit the sloping roof, which made her dizzy and almost fell to the floor.
Venus is in front of me.
Surdak was familiar with his footsteps. He came into the courtyard from the building and knocked on the door …
Nika finally breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly ran upstairs to find Surdak holding the cushion for leaning on and enduring a strong sense of dizziness.
As soon as Surdak entered the building, he saw Nika rushing from the building in her nightgown.
Also, she was ill.
I just wanted to ask nica what’s going on …
I saw her throw the cushion on the floor, and her abdomen actually gave a light golden light. Nika also looked eagerly at Surdak.
At this time, Surdak was speechless with some consternation, pointing to Nika’s shimmering abdomen and pausing for a while before saying in amazement, "Nika, you shouldn’t be awakened by the magic pool, should you?"
Chapter 5 Fairness
Lainica was still a little flustered, but she calmed down when she saw Surdak.
Surdak was chatting with Lance before, and he said that he was too magical. When he was not a magician and a knight after all, he didn’t know what to do when those means were over for Nika.
Maybe Aphrodite knew that she was a learned succubus … Surdak thought so.
So he hurriedly put Nikara into the living room, let her sit on the sofa and wait for a while, walked into the bedroom alone, and lay the pustule mountain beside the lava pool, sleepy. Aphrodite shouted.
Aphrodite went into the bedroom through the virtual door and asked Surdak what had happened.