At this moment, Guo Xiaoke suddenly looked back and shouted, "Little thief, look at the arrow!"

A bowstring collapse McCullough when pike forward a cover but see fine arrows.
"Is that all a good thief can do?"
Guo Xiaoke laughed. "You don’t know what the big ye means, do you?"
Then Guo Xiaoke even drank several times, but he heard the bowstring collapse but didn’t see the arrow shoot.
"That’s all a thief can do."
As McCullough said so.
"Look at the arrow!" Guo Xiaoke turned around with a high drink and another arrow.
This time, the string is a sinister and sharp arrow shot. When McCullough came straight to the other side, McCullough hid in a stirrup and turned his head to avoid it.
See each other so mean McCullough dark anger when urging the horse to chase more urgent.
Before you know it, McCullough chased him out for miles, riding beside him was exhausted and lost in succession.
The two of them came to a reed bush, which was very low and muddy. McCullough was afraid of getting stuck in the horseshoe and didn’t dare to go deep, so the reed was stationed in the horse
"Ha ha Luo Cheng, do you dare to chase me?" Guo Xiaoke is rushing straight into the horse.
Although McCullough wanted to kill Guo Xiaoke, he was not reckless enough to give up when he saw this.
But at this time, I listened to the reeds shouting "bad" from each other.
McCullough looked but saw each other accidentally horseshoe into the mud, and the whole person also couldn’t afford to struggle from horseback.
Luo’s prejudice made him abandon his horse with a pike and go straight into the reeds.
Seeing that there are still dozens of steps away from Guo Xiaoke, the soles of your feet suddenly fell into a huge pit.
McCullough secretly lose one side to Guo Xiaoke lang laughter.
Aside McCullough QinBing saw immediately dial the horse to save.
And suddenly dozens of crossbowmen in the reeds got up together, and they held light crossbows and arrows to rescue McCullough. Five or six cavalry were caught off guard and shot.
After these people, they raised their hands before aiming at the light crossbow in the bundle of mud, McCullough said nothing and then pulled the hanging knife again.
Ten thousand arrows are fired at once!
McCullough immediately shot into a hornet’s nest in the mud of the whole person.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-two Breaking machine
McCullough was Guo Xiaoke beg for death news from the front to the deep and remote state secretariat of the house before Li Chongjiu.
Li Chongjiu couldn’t help but be taken aback. It’s not the fact that McCullough died. It’s a great risk to hate light soldiers for rushing forward. So it’s no surprise that Li Chongjiu didn’t expect McCullough to be trapped in mud in the romance. Su Dingfang sent people to shoot him with arrows, but here McCullough died in almost the same scene.
Of course, according to the process, from the perspective of the people, Guo Xiaoke killed Luo Chengshi as a traitor because he couldn’t win head-on.
If Guo Xiaoke is the winner according to the result, it is also reasonable that McCullough is young and self-sustaining and brave, and Guo Xiaoke will not put his eyes on Youzhou and set a trick to kill McCullough without fighting.
However, Guo Xiaoke returned to the secretariat with McCullough’s body and questioned his people, but he didn’t have a good face. Although McCullough was an enemy, he fought openly against Zhuojun County, even though his opponent was brave and respectful.
And Guo Xiaoke, who is obviously a common person, Luo Cheng is more arrogant and conceited than people. In addition to Xu Shiji, outsiders in the Youzhou army can let him see his eyes, but it happened that such people killed Luo Cheng.
Guo Xiaoke walked all the way into the house and they didn’t say hello to him.
Li Chongjiu saw Guo Xiaoke and was really very happy to reward Guo Xiaoke with a bright armor, a good horse, 12 pieces of gold, 50 pieces of cloth and 50 pieces of money, and Guo Xiaoke Yi’s guards, Ying Yanglang, will kill the enemy before the Three Armies War. It is not enough to inspire the soldiers.
Kuang Luocheng is not only a famous soldier in Dou Jiande’s army, Dou Jiande, but also a slogan that Luo’s father recaptured the hometown of Youzhou and came to Luo Chengyi’s death. Where is there any evidence to rely on, so it can be seen that Guo Xiaoke has made great achievements.
Li Chongjiu gave Guo Xiaoke a thick gift, but he was not surprised by the honor or disgrace. Instead, he asked Li Chongjiu for another 50 altars of Huai Huang wine, and Li Chongjiu did not hesitate to reward Huai Huang wine together.
Guo Xiaoke, however, gave all the rewards of Li Chongjiu, the wine, to the soldiers who went to war with the army. He didn’t take a cent. Li Chongjiu couldn’t help but see that it was really Ruying Duoqi, and you Zhou people also got to know this Wagang warrior again.
The news that Luo Yi died was also heard by Dou Jiande.
Before Zhang Xuansu, he said, "Master, this is General Gao Shixing’s impeachment of General Luo. He said that he did not listen to military orders and violated his will. He did not station in Jixian County, but lightly rushed into Zhuojun County and lost our army’s momentum in defeat."
Dou Jiande took Gao Shixing’s memorial and sighed and said, "What are you doing when people are dead? McCullough is very brave and broke the deep and remote state. It is really heartbreaking for me."
"It’s true that McCullough is to blame for his death, but Gao Shixing knows that McCullough is in-depth but doesn’t send a single soldier to shirk responsibility afterwards."
Zhang Xuansu declaimed and made a comeback, saying, "I know that I miss the old love between the East China Sea and the East China Sea, but Gao Shixing, if he can be compared with his brothers, will be mediocre, while Liu Heita’s elegant and virtuous king Fubao and other generals will also plead for a change."
Zhang Xuansu looked at Dou Jiande’s face and saw that the other party was silent for a while. "If there was no Donghai Gong in those days, where would there be a high-ranking military officer in Dou Jiande today? After I knew it, it would be bad for the morale to dispose of it."
Zhang Xuansu couldn’t help sighing that the master was a lean man in all aspects, but Dou Jiande also had shortcomings, that is, he was too affectionate, especially too generous and longitudinal to his fellow countrymen’s staff, so he felt a little motherly.
Zhang Xuansu knew that Dou Jiande would not adopt his advice that "I made a slip of the tongue"
Dou Jiande saw that Zhang Xuansu no longer insisted on ha ha a smile and said, "Zhang Aiqing sincerely remonstrated with me. If I don’t know that there are only two people here, you know me and you don’t say anything to a third person."
Zhang Xuansu couldn’t help but be moved. Dou Jiande was obviously afraid that he would offend each other by going to Gao Shixing’s ear.
Dou Jiande said here that "the war lasted for more than ten days, although McCullough didn’t, but our overall situation is still slightly dominant. I can see that the battles sent by the deep and remote state army are all second-line township soldiers, and their elite government army grassland has not been dispatched yet. I think if I am afraid that the enemy cavalry will harass our army’s grain route and dare not go deep, I am afraid that someone will say that I am afraid of Li Chongjiu."
Zhang Xuansu one leng knew that Dou Jiande was beginning to have dissatisfaction with his slow and steady strategy.
"Did you listen to what others said?" Zhang Xuansu asked
Dou Jiande nodded and said, "Yes, someone advised me that 200,000 troops attacked Youzhou in the summer, but in the past ten days, it was thunder and rain, but it captured several small counties and a heavy city. Now everyone is looking at me. If the decisive battle in Xia Jun Youzhou goes badly, even some people will doubt my strength in Xia Jun."