After listening to the words of Qing Muyang and Liu Xiaoqi, Lin Ying controls the goshawk and harrier’s head and turns around and finds that there are indeed many zombies near the parking lot. No matter where you go out, you will encounter a lot of zombies.

Lin Ying frowned and thought about what to do next.
Others are eagerly looking at Lin Ying waiting for his decision.
A moment later, Lin Ying said to Shi Junjie, "Go outside and watch to see if the zombie really went to find help."
Lin Ying said to Wang Zhenkun again, "Tell everyone to pack their things and be ready to go. By the way, call Zhang Zhiqiang."
Shi Junjie heard Lin Ying’s arrangement and immediately disappeared into the darkness, while Wang Zhenkun trotted to inform people.
When the lucky ones heard of the danger, they packed up their luggage as quickly as possible and even put away their tents.
Zhang Zhiqiang also came to Lin Ying side nervous way "eldest brother you want to see me!"
Looking at Zhang Zhiqiang’s Lin Yingkou, he said, "The situation in Zhang Zhiqiang is like this. A lot of zombies have found us, but now he has gone to find help. We are already very upset. I want to take everyone out of here, but there are too many zombies outside the parking lot. What do you think?"
Hear Lin Ying Zhang Zhiqiang face fat can’t help but tremble a little excited way "boss here I am very familiar with the pipe network, don’t worry, I’ll leave it to you."
Lin Ying took out a piece of paper and a pen and handed it to Zhang Zhiqiang. "Come and draw a picture of the pipes on this side and then plan a route."
At this moment, Wang Zhenkun looked a little ugly and said, "Boss, it’s too dangerous in this pipeline. I think we’d better not walk."
Zhang Zhiqiang hear Wang Zhenkun cocked his head and looked at him with poor eyes.
Lin Ying heard Wang Zhenkun’s words and sighed, "I also know that when the mountain was in danger, we also discussed the danger, but now the situation is not for us to think."
That zombie is likely to come back at any time.
When he comes back, it may bring a lot of mutant zombies. If we fight them, we will definitely make a loud noise. If there is sound, it will attract a lot of zombies outside the parking lot.
If the situation is worse, maybe the whole G city zombies will be attracted. "
Wang Zhenkun’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot when he heard Lin Ying.
Lin Ying said that her voice was not loud, but she fell into the ears of the lucky people around her.
All the lucky ones are pale and frightened.
If the situation is really as Lin Ying said, few people can live.
Unless everyone can support it until the fog comes, there will be a chance to break through.
But it’s still a few hours before we get to the dense fog.
It’s a dream to keep a lucky zombie siege alive for several hours.
Listen to Lin Ying, Wang Zhenkun said with a wry smile, "In that case, I’d rather walk."
Lin Ying nodded. "Well, my idea is that we should get rid of the zombie tracking from the underground pipeline and then drill out from somewhere to clean up a piece of land and stay until dark."
Zhang Zhiqiang smell speech shook his fat body some excitement, "boss, I promise to finish this."
Chapter nine hundred and twenty Earthworms
Soon Zhang Zhiqiang drew a graffiti-like picture, then pointed to several crooked lines and said to Lin Ying, "Boss, this is a waterway, this is a cable well and this is a natural gas pipeline."
Zhang Zhiqiang paused for a moment and then looked around. Some people said proudly, "I suggest that it is convenient to take a big action from the waterway."
The people around you are not white. The situation in the waterway here is silent and what to say.
Lin Ying frowned. "All right, let’s go from the waterway and find an entrance quickly. Let’s go."
Zhang Zhiqiang smell speech immediately waved his fat hand and said, "Well, let me see this. I’ll find out the entrance to the waterway."
With that, Zhang Zhiqiang started swinging in the parking lot.
Three minutes have passed.
Five minutes have passed.
Ten minutes passed.
But Zhang Zhiqiang still hasn’t found the entrance to the waterway.
Zhang Zhiqiang forehead faint outward braved the sweat some anxiously to himself, "where is this waterway entrance? What didn’t see the manhole cover? Come out, come out. "
Lin Ying looked at Zhang Zhiqiang and said something.
Didn’t you say you are very familiar with the pipe network here? How to find an entrance is so troublesome?
His lucky ones saw that Zhang Zhiqiang was in a hurry, and no one helped him before, but held his arms and watched the play and teased him from time to time
"Zhang Zhiqiang found the entrance? Didn’t you say you were familiar with this place? Isn’t it a matter of minutes to fix such a small matter? Why haven’t you found it after ten minutes? "
"The zombie in Zhang Zhiqiang may come back soon. You haven’t found the entrance yet. You can’t afford to retreat. If something happens, you are a sinner."
A group of people next to say somewhat ironic let Zhang Zhiqiang more anxious body emitted a lot of sweat actually directly wet clothes.
Lin Ying also heard these words and shook her head naively.
Man is a very strange kind. Animals always like to fight and trample on each other.
Even if it is the last time, they will not wave opportunities if they can suppress and bully others.
Seeing that Zhang Zhiqiang didn’t find the entrance to the waterway, Lin Ying said, "Zhang Zhiqiang is a parking lot. There may be no entrance to the waterway, but there may be a drain. You find the drain and then you may enter the waterway."
Zhang Zhiqiang suddenly woke up from a rude awakening when he heard Lin Ying’s words. "Oh, you see, I’m so nervous that I forgot all about this."
Wake up, Zhang Zhiqiang immediately looked around and found several drains with a size of ten centimeters
The drain is too small for the legal person to pass through.
Several awakens who have awakened their soil ability quickly widened their mouths under the guidance of former Zhang Zhiqiang.
A few minutes later, the drain crossing was widened ten times, and everyone followed the outlet into the waterway.
In this process, Lin Ying brought Shi Junjie back and asked him to retreat with himself.
Shi Junjie wants to monitor the zombie, but he can’t be left alone.
It’s a few months after the end of the world, and there is no running water in the waterway, which has dried up. Mud and garbage piled up at the feet give off a very unpleasant smell that makes people want to vomit.
Lin Ying looked around to confirm the direction, and then said to the lucky ones, "Seal up this entrance, don’t let the zombies behind go crazy, and don’t forget to spray some repellent and blocking agent."
"Good!" They all answered and acted immediately.
Those awakened by the earth ability once again incarnate the coolie’s ability to launch and seal the entrance.
After a while, everyone took care of everything and walked along the waterway.
Lin Ying stepped on the mud and garbage surface and felt a little strange. He launched the night vision ability and looked at his feet but found no living things.