Since the virtual force can be transformed into a magical power.

Does that mean that you can change into formal energy if you master it away from virtual force?
If that’s the case, then Lu Yuan’s kaleidoscope, sharingan’s pupil technique and blur technique may not act as a multi-power fusion technique
But can do something similar to’ copy energy’ terror.
For example … Liu Yuan can transform his virtual power into magical power.
This is to display the ability to be assisted, or perhaps the ability to be assisted by the fairy.
The more I think about Liu Yuan, the more excited I am.
But now these are still Lu Yuan’s guesses, and the specific things will be studied slowly after waiting.
The most important thing for the eye is to test the reality of a small white cat.
Lu Yuan is very curious about what kind of field the little white cat has awakened when it rose to the gold level.
"Xiao Bai, you can display your skills in the field now."
Small white nodded, then walked directly to the ground.
Tam several at this time are also curious to look at the small white is very curious about what its field is.
Xiaobai turned to look at Tam and finally put his eyes on the little naked man.
This purpose is also very obvious, that is, let Xiaoguang act as his opponent for the time being.
This little light immediately revealed the expression of Nai.
What, you all want to take me as your opponent?
Can’t you let me fish well next to you?
However, although Xiaoguang spoke in his heart, he still took the initiative to go to the venue to prepare for Xiaobai as a new opponent to test his reality.
In this process, Lu Yuan also began to speculate on what the small white field is.
Tam is the field of fairy arts based on the construction of fairy arts.
Small light is the foundation of light elements, and the field of light elements is constructed.
Small sword is fencing, small gold is body art.
And the white power quality is sharingan.
Sharingan’s strength is manifested in spirit.
Therefore, it is the spirit that Xiaobai is not surprised in the field.
Considering the particularity of sharingan, Lu Yuan thinks that the field of small white cats is definitely not that simple.
Liu Yuan thinks that Xiaobai’s present field will definitely not be a simple spiritual field.
As the little light entered the venue, the smell of the little white body began to change.
Field expansion … Rotating hell!
With the appearance of a strange red moon, an unreal field appeared behind Xiaobai, and a small light appeared around his body.
Xiaoguang immediately posed for the battle.
But soon it showed a puzzled expression.
Because it found that the field where Xiaobai was displayed did not seem to have an impact on it, even illusion did not appear.
This makes Xiaoguang a little confused about what the field of Xiaobaixian is.
But one second, including Xiaoguang, everyone froze.
See small white body began to appear around a few illusory figure.
These virtual white figures look like’ jellyfish’ through their bodies.
If that’s the case, it won’t surprise Xiaoguang.
What really surprises everyone is the appearance of these virtual white creatures.
These virtual white creatures look exactly like Xiaoguang.
Liu Yuan couldn’t help thinking about it when he saw it.
These virtual white creatures summoned by Xiao Bai don’t seem as simple as Chang and Xiao Guang …
Chapter 51 Alliance’s youngest domain master
[Special Endurance Developed from the Foundation of sharingan in the Field of Rotating Hell]
[Effect 1: Rotary Shadow can create a special creature in Rotary Hell.’ Rotary Shadow’ has all the characteristics of the copied creature. The strength of the rotary shadow and the familiarity of the messenger with the copied person are]
[Effect 2: Illusion Interference] Enemies in the rotating hell will be infected to varying degrees, and their sense of direction will be deviated.
When Xiaobai spoke out the particularity of his own field, Tam and others couldn’t hold back completely.
Copy the other person’s shadow. Is this a spiritual means?
Thanks to the domineering perception of knowledge and color, Tammy can clearly perceive the strength of these four rotary shadows.
Judging from the energy level, the strength of these four rotary shadows also has the degree of golden star.
After all, Xiaobai himself is now a gold star.
It can be copied, and naturally there is no way to exceed its current level limit.
Moreover, the four golden stars are rotating, which is the limit that Xiaobai can show now.
But even so, these four rotating shadows are not so easy to solve.
Because they copy objects with a small light with the speed of light.
After seeing four rotating shadows appear, they all looked at Xiaoguang.
Looking at these four guys who look exactly like themselves in front of him, Xiaoguang’s mood is very complicated.
How do you feel about fighting with these four guys?
Four rotary shadow in situ pause for a moment and then immediately rushed toward the little light.
That speed is already the fastest speed that can be displayed in the small light golden week stage.
Although this speed is still a lot slower for Xiaoguang now.
But others can never keep up with this speed.
Soon a golden flash was interlaced with four white flashes.
The whole field suddenly fought fiercely in generate.
In the battle, Xiaoguang soon discovered the difficulties of these rotary shadows.
Generally, two members are their own templates, thus differentiating into special units.
But Xiao Bai’s rotating shadow is copied from the enemy template.
Even if others can copy the enemy, they can only be superficial, and it is difficult to copy some magical powers and abilities.
But these are not a problem for sharingan Xiaobai.
You know, sharingan’s characteristic is reproduction except illusion.