A mouse’s tail is still hanging outside.

"What happened?" Xu Chaowei rubbed his eyes and yawned greatly and came to Zhou Yan.
Seeing Wei Ya’s nose in a mess, the blood made a "yo"
"Who beat you like this?" Xu Chaowei know past ask a way
Wei Ya, a burly figure, covers her nose and doesn’t speak badly. Her eyes are scanning Zhou Yan’s eyes. This little look at Plane has never expected such great strength.
"Wei Ya, what is this?" Zhang Xuxu came not far away.
"Master," Wei Yafang said, clutching his nose and hand, with a transient expression of respect and humility. "I heard some movement in the river during the vigil, and he was lying on the shore. When I checked with him, I found a body in the river."
Everyone looked at each other and remembered the inexplicable blood before. "Lying in the trough is disgusting!" Shi Xianglin couldn’t help bending down to start retching when he saw the bodies floating in the river and remembered drinking those fish soup before.
"I didn’t wake up until I heard some noise in the river," Zhou Yan explained. By the way, Fang Zhen motioned to put Vivian’s tail back in her pocket.
Xu Chaowei also saw the bodies in the river, and his smirked expression became a little serious. He took out two hooks and threw them into the river on the rope and said to Shi Xianglin, "Xiaoshilai gives me a hand."
Shi Xianglin, who was shouted, reluctantly followed Xu Chaowei’s instructions, and the two men joined forces to hook up the body in the river.
The two of them have been doing excellent arm strength training for crystal diggers all the year round, but the floating corpse in the river has absorbed enough water and the entangled aquatic plants are so heavy that both of them have to pull it a little hard
The body was finally dragged ashore.
The whole body is soaked in water and covered with dark blue water plants, and bulging white meat can be seen.
After the body was dragged ashore, it still oozed blood.
Zhou Yan noticed that there were irregular dentate bite marks on the roots of those aquatic plants. It should be that the roots of the aquatic plants wrapped around the body were eaten by the silver blind fish before the body floated to the surface.
"Who is this?" A crystal digger asked questions.
"I don’t know who it is when my face is shaved like this."
Xu Chaowei took out a sharp dagger and cut off the aquatic plants wrapped around the corpse, which made everyone think that the corpse was actually naked. There was a huge wound in his abdomen, and the scar was irregular, like being torn open by a beast’s claws. His dirty body had long been eaten by those silver blind fish, leaving some residual blood clots in the abdominal cavity.
"It’s disgusting to lie in the trough." Someone thought of a churning in the stomach before eating silver blind fish soup.
Xu Chaowei’s face became more and more gloomy. He led the crystal digging team for many years and he had seen such a wound once.
"It was killed by a wild animal," Xu Chaowei said slowly.
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Hana abyss 6
No.13 base
Xu Chaowei rubbed his hands. Although he crossed the underground river several times, he still needs to be fully prepared to enter this icy river.
He painfully put some rare spar into the lamp and waved the lamp tube. The top transparent spar flashed a few times and gradually gave off enough light to illuminate two or three meters ahead.
After fixing the flashlight on the top of his head with a rope, he went back to check the state of the crystal diggers, then grinned and said, "Well, the boys’ crystal digging trip has begun!"
Say that finish, he took a deep breath, jump into the river bite a tooth without a sound, and in the unknown direction, made a gesture of worship.
The others jumped into the river as Xu Chaowei did, and everyone gasped.
It’s too cold.
The dark river is not deep, but Zhou Yan feels that these rivers are as cold as ice. The original gentle water seems to have a little spike, which pricks his skin and penetrates his bone marrow, and his body temperature is swept away.
At this time, the silver blind fish has disappeared, and Xu Chaowei has reflected some blue light with his head in the huge cave.
"Let’s move, it won’t be cold when we move!" Xu Chaowei shouted with strength.
Say that finish, Zhou Yan felt his waist wrapped around the lock and pulled a team forward to start moving.
The clothes are full of water, and every step feels that the legs are like lead, which consumes a lot of physical strength.
The bottom of the underground river is covered with a layer of gray silt, which requires extreme care to keep it stable.
However, there are many sharp stones hidden in the seemingly gentle mud, which is very easy for people to fall unsteadily into the cold river.
The water is getting deeper and deeper, and the pressure from the waist gradually fails to reach the chest, which makes Zhou Yan breathless. The cold penetrates into his lungs, and even his breathing feels cold and weak.
He couldn’t help but start panting and bare ankles. From time to time, he felt that unknown creatures crossed their bodies and barbed them, which brought some slight itching and pain to his skin.