"This ….. cough! Let’s get together and part. "Fang Siyi, who has been suppressed for a long time, can say this sentence awkwardly.

Although there are some dissatisfaction, I also know that Fang Siyi’s status now really doesn’t need to worry about a stranger who has been in contact with several times before but is not very familiar with him.
I was a little lost in my heart, but Yuner said seriously, "ppa, will you come?"
"This ….." Fang Siyi hesitated. "I can’t go to South Korea for a few months …"
"Oppa, I am angry!" Allow son angrily said, "don’t ppa know our girlhood has officially entered China? I have already appeared in a TV play with Lin! "
"Er-well, I’ll be there when the time comes." Speaking of this Fang Siyi, it is naturally impossible to refuse.
Chapter 2 The Story on the Other Side (4)
Fang Siyi hung up at the appointed time and place.
Looking out the window, Fang Siyi fell into a whirlpool of memories.
Speaking of the fate with Yuner, I have to start from the time I left Korea.
When he woke up from his dream, he went to Korea himself out of a special feeling.
I want to get a close look at those female love beans who occupy 10% in their dreams.
I don’t know, there is a special feeling like pilgrimage, but it is finally replaced by a calm.
See the real person …
That’s all.
But somehow the knot was untied, and Fang Siyi naturally became friends with several female love beans who were still trainees at that time.
The people who have the deepest contact are members of girlhood 2.
Yuner, Xu Xianxika
Sika is incidental because Yuner and Xu Xian were small playmates of similar age at that time, and Sika followed her just out of love for her little sister.
I met Fang Siyi several times because of my personality, but I didn’t talk much.
Can be regarded as familiar with strangers
But Fang Siyi knows that Yuner and Sika are far closer than outsiders think.
Yu Xuxian …
It was a little girl in my memory who was as dull as a gourd.
Of course, she won’t be curious before.
Otherwise, it will definitely incarnate a hundred thousand what?
Yu Yuner is the best.
Yuner is really good.
Yan value, personality and temper are very lovable.
If the only drawback may be that it is like a bamboo pole.
Seems to be thought of some unknown memories Fang Siyi left the pie mouth, there would be no need to go to the mobile phone to book a memo and just throw it aside.
Noemie, just born, is a very magical baby.
Except for the first cry, the little guy never cried again.
When I’m hungry, I know I’ll take the initiative to hold the fox by the collar.
I don’t care if my saliva wets my mother’s clothes.
When you want to go to the toilet, just twist your mouth back and forth and say, "Ah!" Shout
Even Yueyue praised Noemie as the best baby-sitter she had ever seen.
Although the fox has a pair of natural money, this "food" is a little scarce.
At most, it’s enough for the little guy to share the sample.
Forced by Naifang Siyi, I can also hire a new moon.
It’s not that you can’t milk powder, but the little fox doesn’t want to die!
She said that her daughter can’t lose to others at the starting line!
Well, I don’t know what’s wrong with drinking milk powder
At the same time, the little fox still gains weight.
Once the weight increased to a deformed figure!
This year, Fox was almost isolated from the media, and he didn’t appear in front of the camera, so he kept a low profile.
However, as the months passed, Fox began to lose weight daily.
Of course, Fang Siyi took it with him most of the time.
After all, Fox is lazy and expecting her to persist is purely a joke.
Fox doesn’t like sports. It’s already a feature that fans talk about black powder.
The SIZE of the body is not small, but the CUP has increased by three yards because of pregnancy!
At present, the degree of disharmony has been completed
But this kind of thing can’t make it shrink back
At ordinary times, Fang Siyi takes care of Noemie, and at the same time, most of the time, she pulls the fox to exercise.
Before pregnancy, foxes always exercise by dieting and other non-fitness methods.
Plus, she often plays and shoots busy, which is naturally lighter.
But since pregnancy, the whole person has gained a full circle, and the fox is completely scared by himself.
Fang Siyi accompanied hurriedly began to exercise.
Speaking of which, because there are artists at home, this fitness room is often used by everyone.
Even Fang Siyi, who has no interest in exercise, will run for two hours every day.
No, don’t. You can’t be a pot-bellied man, can you?
Ya Ya has been busy recently, although she is a little excited about Fang Siyi’s rare stay for such a long time, but she has as many trips and is still busy filming, and she can leave with regret.
Of course, the daily show of love is still unavoidable.
Because just after the month and Noemie Fang Siyi, you can naturally find Ya Ya on weekdays.
But now that Ya Ya left, she became a loner again.
Fox pushed him out of the door with a bad smile.
"Go to Yuanyuan’s sister, and you can leave them alone!" Fox joked with a smile
"Okay, okay, I can take Noemie myself, and glutinous rice is good. Go ahead. Remember to buy breakfast early." Fox Fang Siyi arranged a collar like a wife waiting for her husband to come home.
Let Fang Siyi take a deep look at the little fox, then nodded and said softly, "Well, I’m leaving."
"Well," the little fox smiled.
See Fang Siyi leave fox sighed.
To tell the truth, the more contact with Fang Siyi, the more terrible the fox feels.