Reached out and squeezed his arm a few times.

Hao ren’s teeth are painful and his mouth is cracked.
"What are you thinking? I’m here to wait for you. Why not do that with you?" Zhang Ting didn’t good the spirit stare at him.
Hao Ren Zheng rubbed his arm that she had just pinched. "What’s that for?"
Zhang Tingqi really wants to pinch his arm a few more times.
Did this man’s eyes grow somewhere else or behind his head?
She just shook her neck several times. This man has never seen her neck. There is one more thing tonight.
"Look at my neck!" Zhang Ting bite a tooth shouted to him.
After she woke up, Hao Ren slowly moved her eyes to her neck.
Instantly Hao Ren looked at Zhang Ting with a bright eye and a handsome face and asked, "Xiaoting, where did you look at this neck necklace?"
Zhang Ting’s face just smiled a little, reached out and touched it and asked, "Is it nice?"
Hao Renli nodded and replied with a smile, "It looks good."
Zhang Ting corners of the mouth smile more curved.
Touch it and say, "My mother gave it to me. She asked me to take it to the first party in winter the day after tomorrow."
Hao Ren stared at Zhang Ting with this necklace on his neck with a silly smile.
"Since this is your mother’s gift, you can wear it, but you should wear one more when you wear jewelry in Xiaoting." Hao Ren’s obsessed eyes were fixed on Zhang Ting’s face.
At ordinary times, his wife doesn’t like wearing jewelry, and she is used to looking plain and clean. Now she sees something different. She Hao Ren finds that she loves her. These two changes, especially this one wearing jewelry, have added a different flavor to her.
Zhang Ting touched his neck and wore a necklace. The corner of his mouth bent and looked at him and asked, "Is it really nice to wear jewelry?"
Hao Ren nodded, grabbed her and shook her hand. Deep eyes stared at the necklace of Zhang Ting neck and flashed eyes.
Many strangers have come in the capital these two days.
There are still many strange clothes.
These people are envoys from all over the world who attended the first winter gathering of Tian Dayong Kingdom.
The public security in Beijing has been much stricter these days.
Every once in a while, a group of guards patrol the street.
Today, Wang Fu Hong’s side is busy early in the morning.
Early in the morning, Zhang Ting asked Princess Hong to send someone over to get up and sit with her eyes narrowed. The people behind her were fiddling with her hair.
At this time, several handmaids are pulling her to sit on the dresser and dress up.
After taking care of it for half an hour, Zhang Ting finally walked out of the room differently.
Hao Ren, who stayed outside, saw a very different wife today at first sight.
Immediately put his eyes almost look straight.
Princess Hong was satisfied and stared at her daughter-in-law’s dress more and more satisfied.
At the same time, I feel that this daughter-in-law is really good.
Later, she still felt that she was inferior to her son, but now she finds that this daughter-in-law and her son are made in heaven.
"It’s nice, Xiaoting. It’s so beautiful in this dress."
After praising Princess Hong, she looked at Hao Ren. "Xiaoren, is your daughter-in-law dressed well?"
Staring at Zhang Ting, Hao Ren’s mind was focused on Zhang Tingshen at this time, and he didn’t notice the sly light in his mother’s eyes.
Hao Renma replied, "It’s so beautiful."
Hao Rengang answered a laugh that didn’t stop ringing around him.
Princess Hong quickly stopped smiling when her son looked over.
I looked at the couple with a smile and said, "I’ll leave it to you and the couple. I’ll go and see the three children."
Lost this sentence, Princess Hong turned away.
Left this place to the couple in front of them.
As soon as Zhang Ting and Princess Hong left, they immediately threw a Jiaochen look at Hao Ren’s side, "You idiot."
Hao Ren touched his nose and cast a glance. He just scolded his wife and didn’t think about what she wanted to scold him.
Seeing a picture of him that I don’t know yet, Zhang Ting said to him, "Even if I look good again, you should restrain yourself. Don’t be so shameless and keep praising me for looking good."
Hao Ren looked at Zhang Ting blankly and asked, "What, my wife Hao Ren is good-looking? Can’t I even say this fact?"
Speaking of which, Hao Ren’s mouth became warped and walked to Zhang Ting’s side and took her into his arms.