Ding Chuang was heartbroken and pointed to Tianyang and shouted, "You little king egg, I want you to fill Ziyan’s life. I want all of you to die a natural death!"

Xu Lai was shocked at this and shouted, "Mr. Ding is careful!"
At the end of the speech, I saw that Ding Chuang had a gray blue on his chest and gradually dyed it. The clothes where the gray blue infected faded, and the color became a little transparent and then turned into gray floc.
Ding Chuang zheng as eyes surges fear woke up.
Knowing that he was sad and lost his mind, he said something about digging his own grave.
He seems to panic Xu Lai light shout "Lao Xu save me …"
His eyes were dim and he staggered forward two steps and plopped down.
Xu Lai hurriedly caught him only to find that Ding Chuang had stopped breathing.
His chest skin is a dead gray, which has been invaded by the force of the’ full moon’ sword and moon, making the body organs fail instantly and taking Ding Chuang’s life.
This scene is sunny in the eye.
Naturally know Ding Chuang death is.
In the moonlight secret skill’ month’, it was so fast that it was difficult to detect the light of the sword that Liu Yingxu took Ding Chuang’s life under the noses of such masters.
Tianyang knew that Moonlight had done this because he had killed Ding Ziyan and reconciled with Ding Gufa. He simply killed Ding Gu’s helmsman as a lamb, which would inevitably lead to chaos in Ding Shi.
Otherwise, they can pat their asses away from the deep-sea castle, but the sea monsters and others who live in the deep-sea castle will be implicated by them
However, the moonlight is not done thoroughly enough. When Ding Gu’s shuffling power is controlled by someone again, it will surely get even with the sea monster hotel.
Thought of here, Tianyang looked at the school and Liu Ying had a plan.
Lu ying’s mind is blank.
These things happened one after another so fast that he didn’t even intervene
First the fat accident and then Ding Ziyan Ding Chuang died suddenly, and the whole process took a few seconds.
Lu ying rubbed her temples with a headache. Although Ding Gu did not do it beautifully, it was true that Tianyang and Yang killed each other in public, and it was Ding Chuang’s father and daughter.
If Lu Ying knows that he represents the deep-sea fortress, he must set an example.
"Catch them up!" Lu Ying shouted at Tianyang with the huge sword. "You have violated the law of our deep-sea fortress by killing people in public. If you don’t give in easily, you will be our enemy!"
Tianyang returned to the door and listened to the moonlight gently calling out, "Fat and angry."
He looked back and saw that the fat chest was undulating and the moonlight had torn himself a sleeve and wrapped his fat neck. He stopped bleeding by squeezing muscles.
Rank 4 fortress is far stronger than ordinary people, and the amount of explosives in that collar is limited and fat, which saves life, but it needs to be sent to hospital for emergency treatment.
Tianyang put away his ice knife and said to Liu Yingdao, "Sir, I will go back with you, but my friend needs first aid. Could you please let my friend take him to the hospital for treatment?"
Lu ying was slightly relieved to hear Tianyang say this. If Tianyang was willing to go back with him, he would be able to explain to the face. At this time, there are no steps to force Tianyang to face each other.
Judging from the performance of two people just now, Lu Ying naturally knows that both of them are masters. If they are determined to leave, even if he and Xu Lai join forces, they may not be able to keep them.
And when the time comes, he will bring this team and be afraid of heavy casualties.
Now Tianyang is willing to go with him. Everyone has steps. Liu Ying doesn’t want to work for Ding Gu, so she gave him a favor. "It seems that you are still cooperating."
"Thank you, sir"
Tianyang turned to the moonlight and said, "Hurry to send fat to treat. Leave me alone. I will be fine."
Moonlight knows that he is measured and has seen his "crack door". He knows that Tianyang will go even if his rank is higher than his.
So I nodded, "I’ll wait for you to come back."
Then show the star aggregates put fat up Liu Ying waved and a military vehicle stopped in front of them.
"Take the car. They’ll take you to the hospital."
Moonlight word with fat got into the military vehicle and the car immediately turned around and left the Ding Shi building.
Tianyang turned around and looked at Xu Lai and said, "The old man left Ding Gu. What Ding Shi’s father and daughter are not worth defending."
Then he smiled at Liu Ying. "Sir, we can go."
Lu ying saw his one eye and nodded. At this moment, a sea scale guard took a star-bound restraint.
Stopped by Lu Ying’s eyes, the soldier retreated again.
"Come with me" Liu Ying handed the epee to two soldiers and headed for a military vehicle to drill in.
The sea scale guard motorcade left the building one after another, and people in the building dared to come out and look at the bodies of Ding Chuang’s father and daughter with a sigh.
Xu Lai stupefied at Ding Chuang’s body and finally turned into a sigh and said, "Inform the gentleman."
military vehicle
Tianyang glanced out of the window and said indifferently, "Sir, I don’t know if you plan to handle this matter?"
Lu ying rubbed his temples "such as processing? In addition to low-key processing, what else can I do? "