I still have to pay the blacksmith to transform the Roman sword. There are more than a dozen silver coins, and there will be more than a dozen less.

Bo Qiang picked out four gold coins from the pile of money, which was distributed to Bo Qiang after the second team sold the war profits.
According to the Red Sox, the money can cover his salary for half a year. Because gold coins have large denominations, silver coins and copper coins are the main currencies in circulation.
Boqiang suddenly wanted to go to the market again when he thought that he was about to leave the forest farm camp.
He will put these coins into the money bag again in different categories, and when he shakes them in his hand, he will make a series of crunches, and his heart will feel much more practical.
Out of the tent again, ulysses, the big guy, has woken up and sat on the wooden frame outside the tent with an iron bar in his hand. He mainly keeps vigil at night every day to prevent vagrants and thieves from stealing Lajin goods here.
Bo Qiang and ulysses waved.
Ulysses said to Boqiang in a simple and honest voice, "Little Duck, where are you going so late?"
Bo Qiang pointed to the street outside and went straight out.
It’s getting dark, and the stars appear in the night.
The soldiers in the barracks returned to the camp one after another, which made the market quiet.
Some turpentine torches were lit in the market, and some stalls were supported with colorful magic street lamps. Bo Qiang walked along the market stalls one by one and stopped to browse when he saw some magic cores in the stalls.
The stall owners talked to him, only to find that the young man who gambled on the magic nucleus didn’t say a word. He would buy the magic nucleus if the price was not too expensive.
However, the stall owners didn’t see him figure out which magic core was usually put into the purse and then left silently.
After the market turned a big circle, Bo Qiang didn’t think that he had bought a first-class demon nuclear of Warcraft unconsciously.
Not only did I cut out ten silver coins in my purse, but I also spent all four gold coins in my purse.
When I saw a small file sold at the street stall, I also bought one with five silver coins. When I came back to the tent, I found that there were more than a dozen coins, coins and silver coins left in my purse, all of which turned into a small magic core.
Boqiang sat in a tent and took a small file in his hand through a faint street lamp outside to file the hard skin of the magic nucleus. The skin of the magic nucleus is very hard, and it will be peeled off layer by layer with sufficient strength.
File with dozens of impressively see the magic nucleus appeared like a broken diamond spar.
As the magic nucleus is beaten, those fine spar as small as rice grains are scattered in Boqiang’s hands …
Bo Qiang was dumbfounded to look at the finely divided magic spar in his hand. I didn’t expect the first one to come out of a pile of not too valuable magic spar fragments.
These pieces of magic spar are too broken, and the roots can’t be sold at any price, so they can be ground into magic ink ingredients.
Then five first-class magic nuclei in a row are only out of the magic spar fragments, four of which are finely divided like gravel, and two of them are distributed in sheets, and the value of this magic crystal fragment will be slightly higher.
A magic spar, each one can feel the faint magic.
After grinding, Boqiang found that not all the magic nuclei that emit magic are covered with magic spar, but more magic nuclei are covered with some finely divided magic spar fragments.
Bo Qiang has some words to file the last two slightly larger magic nuclei with hard skin. Looking at it like longan grapes, Bo Qiang is a sigh of relief.
The first six bets on the magic spar can be said to be without loss, and the last two only make a small profit …
Chapter 73 Heading for Moyunling
In the early morning, the sun shone through the tent curtain and pulled up a long and narrow white line, just like a sharp sword pointing at Boqiang’s face, making him cover his head with a blanket at random, then wake up in a sweat and sweltering heat, lift the blanket and lie in bed panting.
When Boqiang got up from bed, he thought that he had to go to the blacksmith’s shop early to get the Roman sword back.
Three thousand heavily armored infantry went to Moyunling at the same time, which was a battle plan jointly implemented by 57 heavily armored infantry regiments and 50 brothers regiments.
It’s a heavily armored infantry regiment, but the work belongs to the logistics militia regiment to do the dirty work.
When the two infantry regiments received it, it was necessary for Moyunling, a forest farm camp, to carve out a forest passage with a total of 16 horses.
On whether to go out to train the heavy cavalry regiment every day in the forest farm camp or to rush to the forest farm camp to construct the knights, the cavalry need a clear road so as to give full play to their greatest advantages.
Because Duke Newman’s logistics militia has been slow to get to the forest farm camp
The commander of Moyunling Campaign, Marquis Grover Newman, ordered the 57th Heavily Armored Infantry Regiment of Count Mondego and the 50th Heavily Armored Infantry Regiment of Count constable of eustace to jointly undertake the Piling Road.
So the two earl adults led their 1,500 heavily armored infantry to Moyunling first, and they could finish the forest road within the time limit. It is impossible for the two infantry regiments to advance from the forest farm to Moyunling step by step, so as to give full play to the advantage of 3,000 heavily armored infantry.
Marquis Grover recognized this forest road. Ten brigades of two heavily armored infantry regiments were divided into ten construction units, and the forest farm camp was dispersed. It was the most effective plan to open this forest road at the same time.
Although this radical plan allowed Count Mondego to return to his camp, jumping around and swearing at all the relatives of Grover, including his father, Duke Newman, this time, Count Mondego was able to get away with it by force of law.
Count Mondego, after all, has been stationed in the forest farm camp for nearly half a year and knows more about the terrain in this area.
So when sharing the forest road, the Earl of constable, eustace, was assigned to the forest road in the first half of An ‘an, while Mondego was assigned to the forest road in the second half near Moyun Mountain.
Bo Qiang yawned and got out of the tent. The grass outside the tent was doing chest-expanding exercises while watching the barracks at the foot of the forest farm.
By this time, a large military camp had been put down, and the tents had been folded up to carry the soldiers. There was a big film field in the legion, which looked like a mess. There were all kinds of pits dug up everywhere, and some white cloth tied to the wooden frame swayed in the wind, just like prostitutes waving their white arms to attract the cavalry watching around.
Surdak and the second team were sandwiched between 57 heavy armor infantry regiments at this time. Their team was very well prepared. When they got up early in the morning, they dismantled the tent, and the Red Sox and Dahu carried their backs, while the Red Sox and Dahu supplied each soldier equally.
The front team has entered the forest farm at the foot of the mountain two kilometers away. At this time, it was the turn of the second team of Surdak to enter the queue. When the team passed the temporary market slope, the slope was already crowded with a large number of onlookers.
The grain merchant’s logistics supply team will set off from here and enter the mountains behind the heavy armored infantry regiment.
No one took such an ordinary trip and cheered. On the contrary, people on the hillside were very excited. To a large extent, it was because of the exhibition war that these caravans could have business to do and overcome the defeat. Eventually, some people would make a profit, most afraid that they would not fight a battle for a year or two without saying a word, which would make the caravans go bankrupt.
Surdak waved to Boqiang, who was particularly eye-catching in the crowd.
Boqiang’s backpack is covered by a thick dwarf chain shield, and a heavy Roman sword is hung around his waist. The thick blade makes the tip of this sword look not so sharp, showing a perfect arc. The copper blade has white reflective blades on both sides. The blacksmith is very skilled, not only lengthening the blade, but also distributing the weight of the blade in a perfect proportion. The curvature of the blade is also very supple, which makes people feel comfortable.
Of course, the transformation of this Roman sword was also very beautiful, and the most embarrassing thing at that time was that Boqiang had no money. He spent all his money last night, except for five pieces of magic spar, which was a small bag of magic spar fragments.