Suoya said bitterly, "The elder’s words hit the nail on the head, but the younger generation is unstable, and their perseverance is not enough. Instead, they always rely on foreign objects, such as then and Yuan Shen, for refining. I don’t know that the more refining, the more serious the consequences will be. At first, they were proud of entering the country, and now they have been stagnant for three years. Recently, they have a faint feeling of retrogression."

Yi pointed to him and said, "This requires you to sit tight. Otherwise, you need great perseverance to refine the miscellaneous gas, or you can’t say for sure if you are good now."
He added, "There is also the secret method to refine the body and refine the body of Yuan Shen, but the process is not as good as death, but the effect is first-class and good."
The fourth volume GanKun copulation Chapter two hundred and fifty-six ShiJi encouraged.
It’s easy to say, but it’s all true. There are a lot of things in this book.
SuoYa eyes a bright hurriedly asked "predecessors to survive? Will it break through the bottleneck? "
"Instead, it will retreat, but you should pay attention to this bottleneck in the later practice. To put it bluntly, there is a worm in a fruit that will leave a bug eye, but if the fruit tree does not die, the bug eye will grow better slowly."
This metaphor makes Suoya’s eyes suddenly bright and straightforward, which is not the case! If you don’t save yourself now, it will be tantamount to abolishing the master’s indifference to yourself in recent years, but the other party said that he was talking about his own reasons. Why should he tell himself?
But still have to test a period towards a way "that ….. the elder younger generation had the audacity to ask whether this secret method elder has mastered it? Still heard from the road? "
Easy old sound some proudly "since said if not, wouldn’t it be ridiculous! I know what’s wrong with you, but you can’t do it in this state. You can’t even persist in meditation and practice. Can you still endure that kind of pain? I’ve tasted that in the past, and cramps and bones are worse than that! "
"Cramps and bones?" Suoya wiped her head with cold sweat, bit her teeth and stood up respectfully. "I don’t know what training the younger generation needs to hold on to the hermetic skills mentioned by the older generation?"
Easy to cast a long line to catch a big fish and read a short achievement method and then said to him, "This achievement method must be the first appearance of the Lunar New Year when it is run for three days, otherwise the victim will remember to remember! When you can look as usual and practice the skills handed in by the old lady, you can try the Secret Art of Burning Baby and Exercising Body! "
Suoya’s face was so resolute that he bowed and said, "Thank you, Mr. Fine. Then please ask the elder and the younger generation to cast spells."
"It’s a piece of cake to be polite." Easy to wave and wave, wrapped around the green gas, right hand primly said, "Old man, let me ask you who won the Five Shades, but do you have enemies? He is a person? "
Suoya took a sharp turn in his heart and answered, "Is that because the fourth senior brother Chang Guang of the younger generation kept it from the elder that we had some contradictions and didn’t know what the elder asked?"
Yi said faintly, "I came here because of the ghost of Wuyin. Do you know if he refined the ghost of Wuyin?"
Suoya looked at Yi with a little hesitation. After all, the other party’s eyes are clear enough. Such a thing is too taboo.
However, Chang Guangping was cruel and greedy every day, and it was also high enough to take away the master’s confession twice and again, which made him suffer.
"This green elder this good to call his idea just impeded … undetected! They are all dead … "
Suoya was afraid that he thought it would take too long to provoke the other party to be impatient and hurried, "He was badly injured when he returned to the school. It is impossible to refine the ghost of Wuyin and it will not sacrifice it to the younger generation. When he came, he also took one look at it. Now the injury is seven layers better."
Easy to see his one eye, "Chang Guangxiu such as? What is the specific realm? "
Suoya was depressed and said, "There are still several powerful magic weapons that are stronger than the younger generation in five levels of skill, and it is still empty to refine the gods."
Easy heart way "tough! I have sent a whole realm, but the people in the magic way generally have a messy breath of Yuan God and are not pure. Compared with the path of the realm, biting is enough to fix it, but it is half lower, and at most it is Yuan God Dacheng."
Yi wanted to think, "I want the ghost of Wuyin to ask you to join hands with me to make him a magic weapon, and the materials department belongs to you." This is also to prevent Suoya from getting involved in one thousand, so that he can be accused of killing each other. In the future, he will have a change, and they are also the same grasshopper.
Suoya enchanted, but this accusation made the pie know that it was absolutely impossible for him to win. But when the green elder repaired the advanced island, it was obvious that he usually stepped in to deal with the Chang Guang. It was assured that if he missed that bag of natural materials and treasures, he would be lost. With Chang Guang’s greed, it must be indispensable …
It’s easy to see that his face is uncertain, rain or shine, and he gushes and encourages, "On this day, the sects are all the same, not to mention the light magic road, which is also happening all the time. If you don’t kill others, maybe others will kill you."
"To do.
You’re afraid of being discovered without knowing it? Since you are sent from Mangshan and sent to fix the true world, I don’t know how many people are thinking about it! "
"With this good influence background, if you don’t take this opportunity to jump on the chopping board, you will be indecisive and have scruples everywhere. If you are old, you will have been killed! You’re not pure in your mind. If you don’t poison it, you’ll succeed if you don’t be cruel! Finally, be the gray robber! "
Suoya was said to be a little angry from embarrassment, and his face was burning. He just wanted to talk back, but he didn’t give him a chance.
"I don’t know how many younger brothers are public in North Mountain! But my brother didn’t compete for favor and take credit for doing things, so he looked at you in his eyes and secretly compared with Beimanggong in his heart. Has he lived for many years? Xiutong Xuan is extremely powerful! In the future, he will definitely be elected by one of you. Even if he doesn’t, he will find a younger brother to take care of the pie. Think about it. He should be treated like you when he is a brother! At that time, it was not always necessary to look at the face! "
"Are other disciples … this identity difference is so big that the old man still can’t believe you can stand it! What if a Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade ambition secretly persecutes you? "
"At present, we should plan to eradicate the disease one by one and get ready for another day! There’s one to be him! Don’t worry about it if you want to go unnoticed!
Suoya’s hands trembled and cold sweat dripped behind him, and then he went on to listen to him.
"Old Master, you are destined to intervene several times in the future. If you are wrong, you can live and die. There are more than a dozen brothers, all of whom have a helper, and even the elders of the right path can kill you!"
SuoYa heart way "the devil had a background is enough to let a person suffer there are more than a dozen people! Let people not live! "
"Mangshan is a magical school, and it is necessary to carefully plan to eradicate the disease one by one. In the future, you will be admired by ten thousand people and climb to the top! Those who are blocked by the blade are invincible! It’s a deal, life and death, ten million heads fall! Wait for the prestige! Wait for domineering! Equal forces! Who dares to act without looking at your face!
Yi’s remarks are both encouragement and persuasion, and the emotional opportunity is gradually increasing. In addition, the sound is mixed with the recent practice of swinging the soul magic sound, which provokes him to drink it word by word in the end.
Suoya’s eyes grew hotter as he listened, his face flushed and his face was ferocious, panting, and his lips turned completely black. He was clutching his fist and his body was covered with black gas, completely revealing his phase, and he didn’t know it when he was on the road.
Yi added, "This is Chang Guang’s first goal, and the old man himself wants you to lure him out. This person will die!"
Suoya hides his heart, desires and ambitions, and he is out of control. He gasped, "Get rid of the clouds and see the sky! In the future, we need more help from our predecessors. If we achieve something, we must not forget the great kindness of our predecessors. "
"It’s too early to say that the first thing is to get rid of Chang Guang, and then you should practice the skill" The Secret Technique of Burning Baby and Burning Body "and get ready until these obstacles are completed, or everything will be over!"
Suoya certainly knows that repairing is everything, and he swore a poison oath in his heart, "If you don’t succeed, you will die. There is no senior secret method. The younger generation looks forward to repairing this body, and please ask the elder to show a specific plan."
Yi Dao "this matter has the old two of you then no matter what you do! If you want to lure Chang Guang out and follow one side, then find a reason. The old man and you will fight together and kill him at one stroke while he is unprepared. Otherwise, it’s as simple as waiting outside Mangshan Mountain for him to follow the assassination, but it’s too much trouble. For example, you should make a good plan when you are young and let the old man see what you have done. Don’t help a worthless straw bag in the future! "