Little Peter was about to go to the stream with his friends. When he looked up and saw Surdak coming, he asked in a tender voice

"Dad doesn’t want to dig mud and dirty his clothes. Rita will lose her temper. I have something more interesting here …" Then Surdak picked up a dead branch and drew a very simple plane grid.
"When I get angry with Rita, I will spank me." Little Peter seemed to think of Rita’s anger and chimed in.
Then little Peter saw Suldak’s square and immediately asked curiously, "Dad, what is this?"
Surdak touched little Peter’s soft hair and said to him with a smile, "This is called jumping. You should jump like this when you watch me do a demonstration …"
Little Peter stared at Surdak’s plane, jumped a few times quickly, and then jumped back flexibly. Suddenly, he felt that the game seemed very interesting and immediately clamored, "Dad, let me do it, let me do it …"
When Surdak saw the success, he diverted the attention of the children and immediately kept order and gave orders to the children. "Don’t worry, everyone line up and everyone has a chance to take turns."
So the merchants in the village caravan set up stalls.
In front of them, a group of children lined up in a very orderly way and jumped up.
If we make the rules of skipping, we don’t need Surdak to watch all the time
He went back to the dead tree and polished the Roman sword in his hand with a whetstone.
Suddenly he found a little girl crouching in the shadow of a dead face.
Before that, he had never noticed that the little girl in rags seemed to be as skinny as four or five years old. She squatted in the tree with her legs in her hands and put her knees motionless, looking like a quail with a tight neck in the cold wind.
Her eyes were also attracted by the checkers, but it seemed that she was a little timid and unwilling to take the initiative, and the children didn’t mean to invite her to play games.
"Why don’t you jump?" Surdak leaned in and asked the little girl gently
The little girl was startled. She didn’t expect someone to talk to her. She blinked with a hint of bright green eyes and buried her little face in her legs. She replied in a very low voice, "Mom won’t let me run around …"
Surdak asked curiously, "What’s your name?"
"Signa" little girl answered briefly.
Surdak also wants to talk more with this little girl who seems to have a strong personality, but by this time, women from the village have come to the village entrance, and women have gathered the children from the village entrance to greet everyone for dinner.
Signa saw a woman with simple clothes and beautiful appearance coming out of a group of women. Her eyes immediately brightened and she ran cheerfully. As soon as she got into the woman’s skirt, she occasionally lifted her long skirt and looked out curiously.
Surdak recognized the beautiful woman in front of him as Selena, and he was deeply impressed by the most beautiful widow in this village.
Charlie once introduced him to this woman, who was called ominous by the village, as if she had some kind of curse, and everyone would not deal with her.
The woman glanced at Surdak lightly with a linen dress in one hand and turned back to the village without speaking.
Chapter 252 Sulfur Mine
The central square of Woer village is a threshing floor, and the ears of wheat harvested in autumn are piled to the threshing floor to dry, and now it is the best place for villagers to have dinner.
In the fragrant mutton soup, there will also be a boiled white radish with mutton sheep bones. The main labor can be added in the pot at will according to their own appetite. Each man will be given two biscuits with meat, and in addition, there will be a piece of wheat bread. These bread sticks are private to Surdak knights.
The children in the village will also get an extra bowl of milk, which is also a bowl of milk for the Surdak knight. Yingyin village has a cow at home.
The caravan was also invited by the village head to attend this dinner, but this group of businessmen didn’t have hands. They brought more than half barrels of ale, and then the old village head sat around and ate a big plate of mutton with meat crackers. If you think mutton is greasy, you can also eat two pieces of boiled white radish. Surdak was also invited to this square table. Now he is the most important person in the village.
When the old village chief introduced Surdak, the caravan leader quickly got up and put his right hand on his chest to pay tribute to Surdak.
We chatted at the dinner table about hunting limestone iguanas.
Speaking of this matter, it is natural to talk about the encounter with salamanders on Pustus Mountain. Of course, the old village chief will not say the specific location, but that he met in the depths of Pagros Mountain, and then he will tell his experience and hearing in series to the caravan and the villagers.
Although it is not the first time for many villagers to hear this story, many people will still marvel at the wonderful places.
Then the old village chief called in the injured Val, who added that the experience became more vivid.
No one in Woer Village will take out barley to make wine, so malt liquor is very rare here. Many villagers have heard of it in this generation, but they have never tasted it. This time, the caravan leader brought half a barrel of malt liquor, which is a taste of malt liquor for the villagers. The old village head turned red after drinking a bowl of malt liquor, and his tongue was a little crooked when he spoke.
Selena sliced the sheep’s head and brought it to the table. She wore a thick gray linen skirt and didn’t speak, but she had a very unique charm. Her face was slightly poor, which was a sign of malnutrition. Most villagers in Woer Village looked like this. She leaned behind Surdak and set a plate of mutton on the table.
Surdak felt very soft, pressed his shoulders, and the warm breath passed through the linen skirt. He immediately noticed and then tried to hide his shoulders sideways. The softness gently rubbed Selena’s face and immediately seemed to be coated with rouge. She was a little unstable but did not move.
When two businessmen in the caravan saw Dana, they were attracted by her appearance. The caravan leader kicked the two businessmen at the bottom of the table to wake them up from their gaffes.
Surdak can also hide his embarrassment at the moment by raising a glass. He has to admit that his heart almost melted away by that softness at that moment.
Selena turned and left, and the little girl in her skirt curiously lifted her skirt and stole a look at Surdak.
Except for the caravan leader, few people paid careful attention to the dining table scene, but that doesn’t mean that Rita just saw Selena bending over at that moment. Rita was very dissatisfied with this detail and told Natasha that she should be an honorary wife to warn Surdak not to get mixed up with this disaster-ridden widow.
Natasha opened her mouth with a meatloaf in one hand, but she didn’t know what to say. She could stand up to Rita and show that she was Surdak’s nominal wife …
When Selena passed Rita, Rita stared at Selena with an angry face and made no secret of her dissatisfaction with her eyes. Selena lowered her head and refused to make eye contact with Rita. She sat back at the soup pot and sat there silently.