White-haired old man tears his face.

People have joy in their lives, but more will be suffering.
There is a simple Shan Xiaoqiong who can still find happiness even in this extremely difficult situation. If she can take care of Zhong Xiaohao, she can get Zhong Xiaohao three meals a day and occasionally help Zhong Xiaohao to walk around, and her heart will have joy and joy.
In the past two or three years, Sang County has quickly gained a new focus.
Zhong Xiaohao, these elderly people who are dying are people who occasionally think of companionship after a meal.
One night, Xiao Hao and his two wives were humble. There was a faint light of tung oil lamp in the room, and they couldn’t sleep at night. They looked forward to staying for a week and suddenly coming back.
But the son didn’t come back, but he waited for a young monk with an imperial sword.
The friar floated out of the hospital, looked at it with his hands on his back and asked, "Are you Zhong Xiaohao?"
Zhong Xiaohao felt a little bit of hope in his heart. He said only to Nuo Nuo, "I don’t know who you are, old man?"
The friar laughed. "Wu Huangyu used to be Zhong Gang’s younger brother."
Shan’s wrinkled face suddenly floated with a big smile. "Please don’t know that my family is not bad now in Wu Xian’s quick room."
Wu Huangyu shook his head and laughed. "You don’t have to sit down. This time I came here to meet Zhong Gang and let you know how Zhong Gang is doing. Hahaha …"
Zhong Xiaohao bowed and said, "Thank you, thank you."
Wu Huangyu burst out laughing, and a tall white jade appeared in his hand. It didn’t take long for Zhong Xiaohao and others to vaguely outline a picture of the moonlight white jade ripples.
Seeing the scenery in the picture, Zhong Xiaohao trembled involuntarily.
Shan Guan Guan exclaimed, "Son …"
Shan Xiaoqiong held her in one hand and didn’t let her fall directly to the ground.
In the picture, Zhong Gang’s shoulders are hung through the iron wall by chains in the long hair soaking pool, and his hands and feet are entangled by chains layer by layer. It seems that there are still some bugs crawling towards him in the dark pool …
Wu Huangyu’s spell should have alarmed Zhong Gang, who raised his head with great difficulty.
At this time, Zhong Gang’s handsome face was marked with two huge scars, and his forehead was branded with a big prison word.
Looking up, I saw the elderly parents Zhong Gang’s body shaking slightly, and the chains attached to his arms shook gently and made a creaking sound. It was very difficult for him to spit out the word "parents …"
Eyes instantly saw Wu Huangyu eyes slightly shrink the chain violent vibration mouth pitch a lot of "yu teacher younger brother you …"
Wu Huangyu’s face sank and his mouth said coldly, "Now you have become a true gentleman. You should address yourself as Huang Yu, a true gentleman. Hum, it turns out that Shan Ye knows that Wang has been put into the fairy prison and still doesn’t know how to be polite."
A slight shock shook Xiao Qiong’s body, and her presbyopia was stupefied at the white jade picture.
Zhong Xiaohao’s body is also a shock, but he instantly knows that this true gentleman is not friendly. I don’t know if Zhong Xiaohao will feel at ease after seeing his son.
Took a deep breath, and Zhong Xiaohao trembled and said, "Please forgive me if the fairy dog has offended me. Shan Ye people really don’t have much to teach him to make the fairy laugh …"
Wu Huangyu laughed proudly and said, "How did Zhong Gang hear that? Your dad says it’s his fault that you didn’t teach you well. Hahahaha, I wonder how you didn’t even look at my Wu family when you were a real person. The fairy prison tastes good, doesn’t it? Is the bone-eating corpse particularly delicious? "
Zhong Gang’s face was expressionless, his eyes were still a little bit bare, and he whispered, "Brother Zhenjun, what do you want today?"
Wu Huangyu shook his head and said lightly, "I am so kind today that your father can meet me and be a good person." Don’t you really know how to learn about kindness? "
Before Zhong Gang could speak, Zhong Xiaohao bowed and said, "Thank you for your mercy."
Wu Huangyu’s face showed a bit of pity, and he said, "Ah, it’s really heartbreaking to see a real person’s elderly parents actually living in the middle of this drafty brick house. Poor white hair and three meals a day. Poor."
Zhong Gang’s eyes flashed a trace of sadness and his mouth gently said, "My parents are unfilial."
Wu Huangyu laughed. "The real person wants you to apologize to me and kowtow to me. Maybe I can make their lives better. By the way, so do the three old people. I want you to kowtow to me and pay my respects. I can make the real person’s body a little higher and make his bone suffering a little easier."
Zhong Gang said in a low voice, "Parents and children are not filial and don’t want to prostrate themselves."
With that, the chain shook, and a pair of bones and dense legs floated up from the dungeon. Zhong Gang’s mouth said simply, "Your parents and children have left bones in their legs, and you are also Dont Ask For Help."
See son left bones legs Zhong Xiaohao heart like a knife cut tears almost poured out.
ChanShi Guan Guan completely softened Xiaoqiong’s body and mouth murmured, "Little Gang, little Gang …"
Wu Huangyu clapped his hands with a smile. "Zhong Gang’s bones are smelly and hard, so it’s really fun. I’m afraid you’ve turned into a soft egg without any fun. Good, good …"
Say a few good Wu Huangyu’s face in a row is sinking, almost word for word, gnashing his teeth. "But since you want to play, you can play until you are cool. Shu Changning Immortal can suppress you for hundreds of years and let you turn into a pile of bones. I won’t be difficult for them because of their living environment. Ha, ha, ha, but it makes me feel distressed when I see it. But don’t you have a sister who is scattered from now on? I’ll let people arrange for her offspring to become immortal slaves forever. Hahaha … "
Laughing, Wu Huangyu’s big hand picked up the jade and flew away with a sword.
Less than half a year later, the daughter-in-law’s family was reborn, and Zhong Gang seized the opponent’s resurgence. The powerful force helped the eldest daughter-in-law to get back into the trap again, and all their children and blood relatives were sent to a distant place.
Zhong Rui, an old daughter, couldn’t stand the blow and died.
Shan Hao lost his only spiritual sustenance and completely collapsed. In less than three years, he was bedridden with illness. When he left, his hands were as haggard as bark. He held Zhong Xiaohao tightly in his mouth and remembered that it was still "Little Gang …"
Seeing off Shan Hao and Zhong Xiaohao became completely humble and sighed. Most of the time, they were silently stunned.
Fortunately, Xiao Qiong, a hardworking Shan family, planted some vegetables, fruits and grains and barely maintained two lives.
Most of the time, Zhong Xiaohao falls asleep with a gentle and old song by Shan Xiaoqiong.
And every time I entered my dream, Zhong Xiaohao dreamed many stories and saw the strange world of Xianxia.
I also continued to dream that the old woman in red, the big belly, the big buck teeth and the teacher dreamed that they also suffered all kinds of ups and downs.
After three or four years of hardship and hardship, Xiao Qiong, a single family, became ill from overwork. At this time, Zhong Xiaohao suddenly found that she had really come to the end of the road after Xiao Qiong fell ill.
I don’t have the money to treat Xiaoqiong. I don’t have the strength to work. It’s plain to the extreme, and I can hardly see the oil star.
On this day, I struggled to feed Xiaoqiong some gruel and held Xiaoqiong’s hand tightly. Zhong Xiaohao’s face shed two lines of clear tears and silently lay down beside Xiaoqiong’s bed.
Unconsciously fell asleep and dreamed that Sun Hao came to Sang County and heard the baby crying.
Chapter DiErYiJiu I am your father
I dreamed of Sun Hao again.
Dreamed that Sun Hao turned into me.
And I was surrounded by Sun Hao Niang and Sun Hao’s sister.
So did Sun Hao become me or did I dream of Sun Hao?
Zhong Xiaohao was completely confused in his sleep.
Xiao Hao Meng Sun Hao Sun Hao Hua Xiao Hao himself is Xiao Hao or Sun Hao? Does Sun Hao become a small Hao or a small Hao dream Sun Hao?
Zhong Xiaohao lay down at the bedside of Shan Xiaoqiong, knowing everything, and his head became a mess. He didn’t know who he was or what he felt was right.
I can’t think for a long time
Zhong Xiaohao thought that no matter how beautiful the dream is, the reality will be the reality after all. He could not have led Xiaoqiong away as Sun Hao did. He could not dream too long …
I haven’t finished thinking about it yet
Deep in the bottom of my heart, there suddenly sounded the sound of "banana, you Bala Zhong Xiaohao. Oh, no, Sun Hao, I have to endure it. If you don’t wake up today, I will kill myself and save Xiao Gang …"
Zhong Xiaohao stayed for a while and said to himself, "It’s a dream. The dead can even talk about themselves. This is an illusion that I miss Shan Hao too much. It must be an illusion …"