Lu gradually said "I don’t know"

Li Zhichang leisurely said, "The manifest pulse has the hidden pulse which accumulates the true qi, and of course there is also the hidden pulse which accumulates the robbery force. Because your hidden pulse is held by both hands, your robbery force will gather there. This is not the main manifestation pulse. The hidden pulse is the key to people, but the hidden pulse is the place where the robbery force gives birth to magical powers. There are two kinds of robbery techniques, one is that the body is poor once it is achieved, and the other is that once it is achieved, it can give birth to many wonders. I won’t explain it to you in detail."
Lu gradually couldn’t help but ask, "Is my robbery physical?"
I’d rather not know Li Zhichang’s two kinds of four-body communication and five magical powers, which are called four-body communication in their Ministry. Although they have made great efforts to change certain martial arts in universities, they are not magical after all.
However, Lu’s avatar is not a four-body communication and five-avatar, but a very powerful special robbery.
Li Zhichang said, "Yes or no, I started to heal the fish monk that day, and the speed was so fast. How can you see the flesh-and-blood tires? But you know that I started to rely on them, which is the paranormal hands?"
Lu gradually nodded and said, "I don’t know if I can feel others’ movements and stillness with my hands more clearly than my eyes."
Li Zhichang said, "This is part of your ability to rob, just like bats can hear people’s inaudible sounds to determine their position. Of course, you are not much better than bats. Besides, you can not only detect the movement of everything with one hand, but also your hands are very flexible and Aauto Quicker’s strength is great. I’ll let you take a better look at Imagawa Yoshimoto’s hand. This situation takes into account the characteristics of the two robbery techniques I just said. It is not difficult to compete with the world’s masters if you can be lucky."
Lu gradually understood that he was very good at robbery. No wonder every time he asked if Ning was wrong, he prevaricated.
Li Zhichang continued, "The robbery is born in the hidden pulse. If it is not collected, it will be scattered in the hidden pulse and transformed into the true qi of the revealed pulse. This does not mean that the robbery of the hidden pulse will be repaid when it is moved. It is called borrowing and returning, and it will naturally lead to a dark robbery. Your heart will collect the robbery into the hidden pulse. Don’t scatter it on weekdays, even remember this when you fight."
Lu gradually tried to collect the robbery in a hazy way, and sure enough, he found that some robbery was scattered in the veins. Although there were not many, there was robbery all the time, so many a mickle makes a mickle. Even though Li Zhichang banned it, he could not help eating it day and night.
As soon as his thoughts dispersed, the robbery dispersed to the pulse
Lu gradually said, "Do I have to stop robbing all the time?"
Li Zhichang sink a way: "Of course, there is no easy thing in this world. Even if the emperor’s nobles have different plans, they can slaughter pigs and dogs at any time. Otherwise, there will not be so many aristocratic families disappearing through the ages."
Lu gradually added, "So this dark robbery will be solved forever?"
Li Zhichang smiled faintly. "There are at least two ways to solve the dark robbery."
Lu gradually said, "What can I do?"
Li Zhichang said, "The first way is to communicate with each other through the two veins of manifestation and concealment, and the robbery force and qi are transformed into each other, just like the Yin and Yang Tai Chi is endless. When the time comes, the robbery force is naturally inexhaustible, and there is no danger of robbery in the dark. The second way is to refine the spirit and make it virtual. Finally, it is close to the road, and the natural robbery in the dark will be solved."
I’d rather not snigger. "People who practice martial arts in this world may be able to practice virtual martial arts for a hundred years before one or two of them come out. This Taoist gentleman is not fooling again. It’s less than showing and hiding. It’s even more ridiculous to talk about it. In 200 years, I’ve never heard of anyone who has succeeded than practicing virtual martial arts."
Lu gradually asked, "I don’t know the first one. What does the second one mean?"
Li Zhichang said with a leisurely smile, "If you practice the dark, you will be considered to have reached this road of refining the gods. It is to realize that the process of refining the gods is empty. The real thing is to join the Tao. That is to say, there is a void in the middle, and it is also a variety of things that have long been seen in Huineng Buddha, the sixth ancestor of Zhuang Zhou Nanhuajing, the Buddhist monk’s true scriptures."
Lu gradually said with some distress, "Do you want to read more?"
Li Zhichang haha laughed. "It’s better to believe it than to have it."
With a wave of his big sleeve, the leaves of pueraria lobata came one after another and turned into thousands of blades, which gradually hurt him.
He couldn’t help but pick it up with his hands and think of Li Zhichang’s words. The robbery can’t fall into the pulse.
He is in a hurry to stop this flying knife and put up with the pain at the same time.
Chapter 29 Dragon Dun
Later, the perception became more and more sensitive, and then I felt that each flying leaf trajectory hit the body a lot less.
In the end, although the number of leaves flies, every leaf can be clearly seen when it flies from the tree, and it is more visible in the heart than in the heart.
As if time had stopped in an instant, the leaves would fly all over the sky and wait for him to pinch them one by one.
The mind moves with the body and hands, and it changes involuntarily. When you wave your hands, you quickly pick up most of them.
But at this time, he found that not only he could move Li Zhichang, but also he could move a pat on his shoulder, and the feeling disappeared.
Li Zhichang smiled slightly. "Remember this feeling is that you can’t live or die. Don’t let this feeling dominate you."
It turns out that Li Zhichang just now lured the deepest avatar of Lu’s robbery with this method. This robbery was indeed earth-shattering and Li Zhichang could not help but admire it.
If you practice the nine swords of dugu in this robbery, you can save 30 years of success in an instant.
Li Zhichang strolled out of this tree of pueraria lobata. He is disgusted with this tree anyway, but he is not willing to cut down all the trees in the sky. It’s nothing, but he doesn’t bother to make this tree bare.
I’d rather not say, "Dao Jun asked me to prepare the boat. I’m ready."
Li Zhichang said, "Then we’ll leave tomorrow. Mr. Ning won’t be reluctant to knit the family situation."
I would rather not sprinkle it with a smile. "Even if Nobunobu unifies the day, it is worse than a big province. Nobunobu’s temperament is fond of making risks, and Sun Bofu is his lesson."
Li Zhichang said, "Well, you said that the leader of the Ministry called it’ Tiansuan’ in the southeast that day, but it was the most difficult person in the Ministry. Then we’ll go to the southeast first and get the portrait of the founder."
It is true that Li Zhichang has his reasons to take the difficult first.
Since that day is difficult to deal with, I’m afraid that the person who took away the portrait would rather not take it, because it will be even more difficult to take it if the portrait of the founder of that day is not taken for the first time, and it is very likely that the person would rather die than tile.
However, the most certain whereabouts in the southeast that day saved Li Zhichang some trouble to find a portrait of the deputy ancestor, and he was not afraid that the person would not hook up.
No matter how bad it is, it will not be good for Li Zhichang to let that man discover the secret of this portrait first.
It’s just a sail to prepare the ship. It’s just enough for a few people to prepare food. It took a little effort to prepare fresh water. The avatar of Li Zhichang is naturally easy to obtain
Not to mention Li Zhichang set sail for the southeast the next day.
At this time, the girl didn’t know how far the boat had gone.
Their boat is big and ornate.
At the moment, a figure was lying on a driftwood surface at the end of the blue sea-sky junction.
When a sailor saw the figure, he asked, "Is the chief manager going to save it or not?"
The main manager is naturally PeiYu. He observes it carefully for a moment and says, "Save it first."