Before Li Qin could speak, Wang Wen said first, "I didn’t tell your sister this time. I made a mistake and I apologize to you, Xiao Chu."

Ding Qiunan was curious to look at her brother-in-law and her husband. She didn’t know what happened and how she apologized, but instead of asking anything, she took Jia Yuan’s hand and went to the swing to play.
Li Qin also sat down on a stone bench and smiled and explained to his brother, "It’s not that we want to tell you this, but that your brother-in-law and I don’t know what to say."
"Sister, you and your brother-in-law are my business. It’s hard to say what to go. What to say is not finished. Why are you all leaders? When you are used to talking to your own family, let people guess for themselves?"
Said the pendulum motioning with his hand "line this thing even in the past, I can’t brother-in-law, I don’t understand you from politics this to city bureau level up? What you don’t want to go? "
Li Qin took over and said, "If your brother-in-law goes to the city bureau, it is true that his level has risen, but do you know how many deputy directors there are in the city bureau?"
Before Li Chu answered, she went on to say, "Seven of your brother-in-law just passed and definitely ranked last, which is equivalent to nothing."
After listening to my sister’s words, Li Chu pondered it for a while before suddenly realizing that this is just like having a vice president in charge of the trade union in their hospital. People’s trade unions have owners and often go around him to report directly to the dean. This vice president has been doing everything day by day, and all day is a cup of tea and a newspaper.
The vice president is old, but his brother-in-law is only in his early forties. If he muddles along like this, it will be the end of his life, and he will certainly not be reconciled.
"All right, I’ll tell Wang Shu later that this matter has not been decided yet, brother-in-law?"
"Nothing is true now, but if I don’t do anything, it will definitely come true."
"If you don’t decide, I’ll look at the sky. If sometimes I talk to Uncle Wang about my brother-in-law, do you want to move or have other ideas?"
Li Chu is going to ask all the questions clearly. Since Wang Shu is going to tell Wang Shu, let’s make it clear once and for all. Don’t look for it again today.
Wang Wen smiled shyly. "Level can be the best, of course, but if it’s because of level, go to which unit to be a 567 player, then forget it."
Listen to the brother-in-law Li Chu is white nodded "ok, I know the brother-in-law".
Li Qin and Wang Wensuo didn’t tell Wang Shu themselves that it was because Aunt Wang Shuhe really hurt Li Chu and treated him like her own.
If Wang Wen told Wang Shu himself, the effect would definitely not be as good as that of Li Chu.
Take Wang Jun’s husband’s family as an example. If Wang Wen says that he will pay for the food, do you think Wang Shu can agree?
Wang Jun himself can’t agree.
But here in Li Chu, whether it’s Wang Jun, Uncle Wang or Aunt Wang, it feels normal, and even being polite won’t be polite to him.
Off their sister Li Chu sat on the sofa wondering how to talk to Wang Shu.
Ding Qiunan didn’t bother to make the milk powder for the two children when he saw that he was thinking. During the day, there were more than two children in the family, and they were tired of playing crazy. They didn’t drink milk before going to bed just now.
Li Chu sat there thinking for a while and suddenly felt something was wrong. What was there to think about?
Just tell Wang Shu yourself. What’s the difference between thinking about it and hiding it from your brother-in-law just now?
This figured it out suddenly, just after Ding Qiunan fed the child, he came out to wash the bottle. Li Chu got up and took the bottle.
Ding Qiunan hugged her husband from behind. "Have you figured it out?"
"I figured it out" and told my daughter-in-law what happened just now while washing the bottle.
Chapter one hundred and sixteen In-laws
After washing the bottle, Li Chu sat down on the sofa with his daughter-in-law. "Alas, my brother-in-law sometimes just wants to talk to me too much."
"What should I do? Brother-in-law can’t just say it as soon as he comes. He can be tactful and say that he is a family and you are his little brother."
"I treat him like a brother." After that, Li Chu buried his head in his daughter-in-law’s chest, took a deep breath and looked up and asked, "Daughter-in-law, do you still smell like milk? Don’t you have any milk?"
Ding Qiunan gave him a dirty look. "I smell and I can’t smell myself. Ask me where I know."
"Hey, hey" Li Chu didn’t struggle with this taste problem and hugged his daughter-in-law. "I haven’t bathed together for several days. Let’s go, daughter-in-law."
Ding Qiunan put his hand around his neck and slapped him on the chest with the other hand. "Don’t monkey around when it’s early."
"Don’t worry, I can get up." Then I took her into the bath.
Li Chu is still very sure that he can wake up early.
I got up after five o’clock the next morning.
I did a five-bird show in the courtyard first, then I washed up and went out to buy breakfast.
What makes you think he hasn’t gone out yet? Aunt Wang came and knocked at the door.
Holding a lunch box from the kitchen, also called Xiaobai and Xiaohua, go out early now, and Xiaoheiji won’t follow. He is busy to see two young masters.
I knocked at the door before I got to the door.
"Is Xiao Chu up yet?" Aunt Wang called while knocking at the door outside.
"Aunt" Li Chu heard Aunt Wang’s voice and hurried over to hit the door.
"Great aunt, why do you come so early? Where is my uncle? "
Aunt Wang also carried a pot in her hand, and Li Chu quickly picked it up. "Aunt, what are you carrying?"
"I’ll buy you and Qiu Nan tofu brain and a bag. I’ll come here first if I can’t stay at home."
Go to the living room together and Aunt Wang asks, "Qiu Nan and the children haven’t got up yet?"
Li Chu just remembered his daughter-in-law’s sleeping habits and state, and put the pot on the table. "Haven’t you got up yet? Sit down first and I’ll call Qiu Nan."
Fortunately, Aunt Wang didn’t go straight into the bedroom.
Walking into the bedroom and shoving the door, I woke Ding Qiunan up.
Ding Qiunan said bleakly, "Li Chu, why did you call me so early?"
"Daughter-in-law Aunt Wang has come to sit in the living room and bought us all breakfast. Get up."
Her husband’s words made her sleepy and frantically look for clothes.
Li Chu smiled and handed her the clothes she had just packed. "Don’t worry, wear them slowly. I’ll go out first."
Coming out of the bedroom, Li Chuxian went to the kitchen and got three bowls and spoons.
I scooped a bowl for Aunt Wang and myself. I’m sure Aunt Wang didn’t eat it so early.