But military orders can be followed like mountains.

Happy Valley Lily Sect
Hairpin Phoenix was impatient and sent to Beijing to have a plum cut. It has not returned for several days.
Arguably, it shouldn’t be. Although the capital is not close, it shouldn’t be a problem for her to go back and forth for a day as a practitioner.
Even if it’s a little cumbersome, you have to contact the palace Chu, but it should be completed in two or three days.
Don’t be what happened.
Although she and Yi Jianmei didn’t know each other for a long time, this frustrated woman has a good talent for cultivation. In less than 50 years, she has already refined her spirit and can become the fourth female student of Lily Sect.
Besides, I’m afraid she will be shorter than the three of them when she reaches the foundation, and it’s not hopeless that resources can keep up with the future then.
The Lily Sect is now undergoing a transformation to earn Lingshi and Dan medicine by selling news, a large part of which is to help a prune attack the elixir in the future.
She doesn’t have much hope with Nian Nujiao and recent flowers, especially since she is over 200 years old, and I don’t know how many years she will live. She needs to create Lily Sect by herself and plan her future early.
"Patriarch!" Niannujiao ran in with enchanting steps. "Someone broke into the valley!"
"What person?"
"A man, a man!" I was very excited when I shouted behind the recent flowers.
Nian Nujiao gave her a contemptuous look and said to Chai Toufeng, "An old man just looks at her like she has never seen a man before!"
"An old man came to Happy Valley?" The hairpin phoenix wonders, "Come in by mistake and send it away."
Recent shook his head and said, "No, no,no. He said he was coming to see the patriarch."
"He said he was looking for me?"
"No, he said to see Mrs. Jinfeng," Nian Nujiao said cautiously. "Jinfeng should be the suzerain’s name, right?"
Hearing this name, Chaitoufeng’s look changed slightly. "Invite people in."
Xiao Yang lived for more than 60 years, and it was the first time to see this kind of battle. All eyes were on women, and they were all dressed in cool, young, beautiful and coquettish women!
He is a religious gentleman who talks about see no evil and see no evil, but when he meets a soft place and smells a fragrant wind, he can’t help but look up.
Nian Nujiao said, "Come on, our patriarch."
Xiao Yang slouched headlong into it, and then he met Mrs. Jinfeng.
"I am Jinfeng. Who are you?"
"One is Han Zhang Xiao Yang" Xiao Yang salutes respectfully. He knows that this beautiful young woman is much older than herself.
"Are you a descendant of Xiao skyshatter?"
"Exactly." Xiao Yang took out a piece of paper. "Great-grandfather Xiao Zhenfeng once dropped a bronze corpse, but he didn’t know it but didn’t destroy it. He told me that if the zombie broke out of the coffin in the future, if people could drop, I could use this operator to find a lady named Jinfeng in a place called Happy Valley and say that you would help me eradicate the monster."
I didn’t expect Xiao Zhenfeng’s ofuda skills to be stronger than his grandfather Xiao Skybreaking.
Chaitoufeng asked, "How did that zombie get out? Your great-grandfather should have controlled him."
Xiao Yang was ashamed. He truthfully said that he was threatened by the Lins’ descendants and was willing to gamble.
"Now I made a big mistake and regretted asking my wife for a helping hand."
Chaitoufeng smiled. "The four brothers were so happy at first. Master said to kill them, but now their descendants are killing each other. It’s a treasure map."
Xiao Yang nodded "exactly"
Chai Toufeng’s eyes narrowed. "Where’s your share of Xiao’s family?"
Xiao Yang said, "The little old man doesn’t know that my great-grandfather told me about zombies."
Chaitoufeng stared at his eyes and did some ecstasy magic. Seeing him doesn’t look like lying. "You should be very tired after a long journey, Gillian. I’ll think about it when you take this kid to bathe and change clothes."
"No need, no need!" Xiao Yang tightened her clothes nervously for fear of losing her virginity. "Madam, I think my great-grandfather must have believed in you since he asked me to find you."
Xiao Yanggang went out and came in again. "The patriarch cut the plum and came back."
Chaitoufeng was overjoyed. "Let her roll in and see me!"
A moment later, a plum cut came in, and she was in a good state of mind, but the hairpin saw at a glance that she had been injured.
"Why did you miss?"
A cut plum knelt down and truthfully told the story that she was hit by a shell and then captured and tortured.