In soliloquy

Naiqian’s flat brain saw a word to describe his mood and talk about comfort.
"I’m lucky to lose my life."
Say it.
Reluctantly accepted the reality that her male nervous eyes casually returned the tablet to the other party.
Even if the mentality is a little unbalanced.
But something that was inexplicably missed also caught her attention.
For example, the so-called "Hongjun" and "Luo Wei" that are specific to individuals …
For example, the so-called "Goddess Robbery" and "Quantity Robbery" are specific to the incident …
Another example is those veils that are still covered, which have not been recorded [Group Making] and [Crimson King] …
Among many problems
She couldn’t help remembering.
Many years ago, the name "Crimson King" once called himself "Creator".
This kind of thing
Lenovo originated from some definitions of the word "game"
In the heart of [Nu Wa]
Can’t help but become a little heavy …
A bad premonition has emer …
Is it also because of those guys that Pangu Father God appeared?’
Is the world we are waiting for really created according to so-called stories?’
Make her show eyebrows tight knit some entanglements.
It was a sudden feeling that he had lived his whole life and was under his control.
Let her quite dislike.
What more than the so-called "ChengDaoJi" let her meaning!
After all, you can’t live independently, you can’t make decisions for your career, and there’s no point in the so-called strength …
Even if he becomes a saint, he just acts as a puppet.
I can’t help myself.
That’s the case.
Think of here.
Some people are not happy that she stretched out her finger in front of the man who is not far away.
soon afterwards
A streamer immediately flew out.
Hidden in the depths of the forest
One second
Dozens of kilometers away, there was an explosion and a panic scream.
Hear those movements
Male is also slightly swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
Because he could tell that the scream was not from others but from the predecessor, the face mouse.
I want to come and get it soon after my resurrection.
It’s been seconds, and it’s happening again. The countdown to resurrection …
And his nervous mood is somewhat complicated [Nu Wa] casually said to him.
"Come with me."
"I need you to do me a little favor."
Smell speech male immediately look a serious face quickly should way
"Is willing to listen to your command! !”
At the same time, my heart is more than ecstasy
He’s got his own hand steady!
Thanks to a truly great god! !
It’s hard to die without each other’s protection! !
Backed by such a great god, it will be enough for him to enjoy if he wants the other party to give him some benefits at will.
Where do you need to go to the star for that endless drifting like others?
Such treatment