Nine is like "Bah", saying, "I am the first person in the world and the first person in the world."

Li Zhichang said with a long smile, "There are all thousands of miles of caves and rivers in the world. Do you dare to compete with me for lightness if you want to learn from Sakyamuni?"
It turns out that according to the Buddhist scriptures, when Sakyamuni was born, he was able to walk around in seven steps. Shenglian Bu looked around and said, "Heaven and earth are the only ones." The monk compared himself with the Buddha, but he was bent on surpassing all his predecessors’ virtues throughout the ages and surpassing all the buddhas. Without this spirit, he could not create this rare magical power of donkey kong.
The monk said generously, "If you dare not."
Li Zhichang leisurely said, "As long as a reed is at a loss, it’s Dongting Lake. You monks can chase me, and my face will be called the first day again."
Li Zhichang jumped up and floated like a breeze. The monk said, "Watch this, smelly Taoist."
Li Zhichang suddenly heard the wind rustling behind him, but it was the monk who threw the jars after him. Li Zhichang’s backhand was empty, and the jars were broken into several pieces. However, when he saw the monk’s muscles stirring up and contracting, none of these pieces hurt him. In an instant, a white waterline crossed Dongting Lake. Looking around, it turned out to be a big monk running on the water. His every step on the water was amazing, and the lotus water seemed to be flat.
In front of the monk, a Taoist priest in white seems to be flying fish skimming along the surface of the water. It turns out that the Taoist priest in white can’t stop stirring the lake with his limbs at this moment, and he can go with the flow by borrowing the water potential of Dongting Lake.
Besides, Li Zhichang and Jiuru monk started a battle for immortality and Buddhism. Both of them are the best masters of Buddhism and Taoism, and each of them has to be a first-rate figure through the ages. One is that the white dress is fluttering like a fairy, and the other is that the action hinders me from being the only one. When they meet, they first fight for a while, and then they don’t argue with each other, but instead compare with their feet.
The two men are extraordinary, and this fight will not stop for a while.
It is said that one day after Xiao Qian’s departure from the Yellow Crane Tower, Baizhangping finally found the trace of his young apprentice Xiao Yuling. The apprentice had already married and hid when he saw him. Xiao Qian’s most important mentor and apprentice saw that the apprentice deliberately avoided feeling sad. Baizhangping Hero Conference killed Yun Wan Cheng, the master of Shenyingmen, and Yu Erqi, the master of Nantiansanqi.
Later, Xiao Qianjue met Xiao Yuling again by the roadside and found that Xiao Yuling’s husband, Liang Wenjing, knew how to return to Yuan Zhang with three talents. It was his sworn enemy, the ram feather man. His great disciple was the one who injured the poor Confucian ram feather. He was a descendant of the Qidan royal family. Xiao Leng was both his apprentice and his people. Since Xiao Qianjue injured Liang Wenjing’s hand, he naturally felt great hatred.
He drew a dungeon and made a bet with Liang Wenjing. If Liang Wenjing’s three moves can force him to step out of the circle, he will lose, otherwise he will take Xiao Yuling away.
Liang Wenjing was knocked down by Xiao Qian after three strokes, but at the same time he sent a record of the lunar truth without knowing it in his heart.
Xiao Qian absolutely knocked down Liang Wenjing with a big smile. "Xiaoke knows where you lost."
At this time, a leisurely ring said, "Xiao Johnson, how are you shameless? The ram feather is only returned to Yuan Zhang and the nine swords of being original and solitary are all post-emptive kung fu. You tricked silly people into taking the initiative to catch you out of the circle. You told people to make moves first … Gee, you are also an old man, so shameless." But see a white snow monk turning out in the grass next to you with a dark sword hanging from his waist. It is Li Zhichang.
Xiao Qian was a black man. It was yesterday that he had a fight with Yueyang Tower. At the same time, he thought that yesterday this smelly Taoist was called Dugu Jiujian.
Li Zhichang, even if he doesn’t, is not far away. Xiao Qian is afraid of the old and poor ram feather, and he knows that he, the Khitan royal family, is hard to say that these masters in the Central Plains Wulin will have a fight with him regardless of his face. He finds his disciples and hurts Liang Wenjing’s ambition, so he doesn’t want to cause more trouble.
Xiao Qian absolutely cold hum a way "turned out to be you a smelly Taoist"
At this time, there was a long laugh from the far side. "Niubi, you keep running. Aha, it turns out that Johnson Xiao has been here for decades and let the monks weigh you."
Say a big millstone hovering from the sky flying towards Xiao Qian unique hood to Xiao Qian unique sneer at a way: "The old monk, you’re not dead yet." With a wave of his hand, he waved his sleeve and the wind stirred the past, but the big millstone hit Li Zhichang.
Li Zhichang laughed and said, "Go back to the original owner, the old monk, and play with the millstone by himself." Li Zhichang’s sword and millstone turned more rapidly toward the nine-like monk going round and round, and few three people folded their arms in front of the three beautiful masters, as if they were children’s toys, and they never landed.
Xiao Qian never started Xiao Yuling’s struggle with Jiuru and Li Zhichang, and then he crossed ten feet away and disappeared after several ups and downs.
Liang Wenjing saw Xiao Qian go far away, took his son Liang Xiao to chase after him, and saw his wife’s figure getting farther and farther away.
Li Zhichang chased and saw Liang Wenjing’s body toward Jiuru Road. "You are half responsible for the monk’s small death."
Jiuru said, "Bullshit, Xiao Qian, the little dead man. What’s the matter with the lunar monk?"
Li Zhichang sneer at a way: "Being original means counting Xiao Qian’s coming to kill this little boy, so I want to save him. It’s not that you pester the old society all the way so late."
Liang Xiao, young and holding his father’s rigid body, was at a loss. He was only eleven or twelve years old, but he experienced such a terrible thing. Although there was a monk arguing with each other, he wouldn’t listen to a word.
Jiuru said, "Don’t bullshit me. Come on, you know this little story. His descendants took care of the monks for you and didn’t care about the trouble."
Li Zhichang smiled. "Do you know who this little guy is?"
Jiuru said, "Don’t sell smelly Taoist priests?"
Li Zhichang said, "This little guy is a poor Confucian ram feather, otherwise you Xiao Qian’s killer is counted, but people are extremely conceited. Killing people has always been a one-off move, but this time they are willing to leave the dark energy to kill this little guy."
Jiuru said, "The old poor man and the old monster did it for a generation. No wonder Xiao Qian never did it this time."