With the unification, Shi Su should secretly nod his head, and the fusion degree of 16 percent is getting closer and closer. There is not something in his heart to look forward to, and look forward to the power of the mixed Taoist body after all.

Looking at the ashes, Xi Taiyue’s face is often Zhang Jinghong, but he is secretly curious. "Bro, what is your practice method?" It can also devour the flesh of others. "
It is not uncommon to rob others of their means of self-cultivation, such as mending heaven, teaching innocence, blood and nerves, which can rob others of self-cultivation and refine self-cultivation.
However, the theory of swallowing others’ whole body spirit is whether it is to supplement the true sutra of heaven or blood and nerves. This world can do it by swallowing the sutra of monty.
"My mental method is called Bei Ming Shen Gong."
Su Ying laughed. "Brother Zhang, do you want to learn?"
Zhang Jinghong was surprised and happy, then shook his head and said, "Forget it. I’m afraid to shoot the venerable one!"
Xihe Taiyue chuckled at one side, and Su Ying blinked at her and then stopped talking.
Gu city is depressed at the moment. In theory, his strength Su Ying can be easily erased in a moment at most.
However, he suffered a big loss in Su Ying’s hand, not only by cutting off the Ares gun with his sword, but also by cutting off his own arm.
What makes him even more angry is that he can sense that the spirit in his arms is actually disappearing!
This says that Su Ying should refine his arm at the moment, which is something he absolutely can’t bear!
The Eucharist is a natural unity, and it was born perfect. But now that one arm has been taken off, it means that it will be perfect, and there is a flaw in the Eucharist immediately.
Although he grew an arm again depending on the particularity of his body, it had a great influence on the whole.
After all, where is the acquired arm comparable?
"I didn’t expect that Su Ying turned out to be a mixed Taoist style! When I get out of Donghua Treasure House, I will distribute this news! Hey! " Gu city slightly calmed down an injury and looked at Su Ying and others with a piercing and ferocious color in their eyes.
Refining Gu Qingcheng’s arm, Su Ying, without saying anything, directly refined the half of the Ares gun into Jun Tianding, so that he put it away and looked at Xihe Taiyue and Zhang Jinghong.
"Why don’t you also refine the five elements of the source to protect me and you? Otherwise, if you are taken out by that fellow from the whole city, I don’t know how many people covet it."
Xi Taiyue Zhan Yan smiled judo "I’m not afraid"
She is really not afraid of the little princess in the Sun God Palace, not to mention a drop of five elements, even if she runs around carrying holy soldiers, no one dares to rob her.
Zhang Jinghong thought of the key and immediately nodded, "Then I will directly refine it."
Su Ying nodded. Zhang Jinghong crossed his legs and sat in situ directly.
A drop of this elixir is equivalent to a mysterious vein, which contains amazing drug power. If you absorb it carefully and rush to draw it from refining, it is very likely that the elixir will turn into poison and support yourself to death!
Zhang Jinghong soon entered a state of concentration. Su Ying, with a wave of his arm, put him in the star chart on Sunday, then turned around and said to Xi Taiyue seriously, "Taiyue, I will swallow the Monty Sutra for you."
Chapter 39 Xuan door
Xihe Taiyue smell speech one leng beautiful eyes look at Sue should be full of doubts, some don’t know what he wants to do.
"I swallowed the Monty Sutra by you, and you helped me get the five elements and so many treasures."
Su Ying smiled and said that she suddenly blinked to hold her sweet shoulder and looked at Xi Taiyue’s tender face seriously, "Taiyue I".
Xihe Taiyue gently nodded a face of serious waiting for Su Yingwen to see Su for a long time. She should be looking at her immediately, blushing face and touching her heart. "Brother, are you looking at me like this? Do I have flowers on my face? "
Sue should slightly shake her head and breathe out a sigh of relief and say with smile, "It’s ten thousand times more beautiful than flowers because of you."
She has a noble status. She always laughs off praise, but now she hears Su Ying say that she is ten thousand times more beautiful than flowers. Suddenly, her heart is as sweet as honey, and she feels that being with Su Ying makes her particularly relaxed.
"There must be many unique skills in your Sun God Palace, but I will give them to you now."
Sue should stretch out a finger and gently touch her eyebrows. She will swallow all the secrets of the heavenly magic and lose them. She laughs. "The higher you practice, the better it will be for me. If you practice hard enough, you can help me a lot."
Xi Taiyue was pleasantly surprised by Judo. "Then I will also give you the true sutra of the sun."
Speak jade finger gently lift to Sue should point to the eyebrows.
Sue should quickly stop shaking her head and say with smile, "I don’t want you to be the true sutra of the sun. I don’t want to be hunted by your Sun God Palace."
"They dare not"
Xi Taiyue shook her head gently in judo. "No one dares to kill you with my shrine."
Su Ying laughed and touched her hair. "Well, you have a good understanding. With this method and the sun, it is not a problem for you to surpass your brother in time. You are also a little devil."
"I’m a good man, not a devil elder brother. You are the bad guy." Xi Taiyue argued in detail.
"I am a bad person, so do you still want to come with me?" Sue should look at Qiao face blushing semantic month gherardini way
Xi Taiyue suddenly looked up at Su Ying’s eyes and nodded solemnly, "Yes!"
Then she bowed her head again.
"Sue brother is really a good man? He actually called me a little devil. "
Xi Taiyue blinked her eyes and her heart was pounding. Although Su should let her do something bad, it made her very excited. She seemed to be doing something bad for the first time. The little girl was very excited and her face was flushed. Obviously, her heart calmed down for a while.
However, it is necessary to be able to help Su Ying in the cognition of Xihe Taiyue, even if she becomes a little devil wears prada.
Anyway, she is very happy.
In the next few days, they collected many treasures again by the eye of Xi Taiyue, but the real Donghua treasure house was not born yet.
At that time, the two men were not in a hurry, and Zhang Jinghong also refined the five elements of the source, Xi Taiyue, and entered Su Ying’s star-studded map on Sunday to realize the swallowing of the Monty Sutra.
So a line of three people left Su Ying himself.
He found a random person and opened a cave in the mountains, so he sat cross-legged and went into the sea of knowledge
"Yuan placenta knee sitting in the town monument did not exclude it at all. Not only that, the town monument seems to strengthen my fetus all the time. What is this situation?"
Su Ying’s doubts in her heart drive Yuan tire to move, and she wants to see Zhentianbei.
At the beginning, Su Ying, a virtual deity, got the Town Celestial Monument, and later found that this monument had written a scripture, but he almost collapsed when he read a word.
Now that he has entered the Yuan fetal environment and cultivated the Yuan God, he immediately wants to see if he can watch this sutra.
Meta-fetus is equivalent to friar Yuanshen. Friar Yuanshen reached the fifth meta-fetus, which not only greatly increased his life span, but also greatly increased his life span.
Of course, the most intuitive is one’s own mind.
Meta-fetus is a manifestation of the condensation of divine spirit to the extreme, which is greatly integrated with itself. Now Su Ying’s divine spirit drives Meta-fetus to slowly come to the town monument, and he sees golden characters slowly emerging.
Ye Fan’s silence for a long time is hard to hide and shock. It’s more abstruse than mysterious. It’s amazing that the cat took heaven and earth!
These characters swam slowly like tadpoles, and entered the sea of Su Yingshi one by one with the observation of meta-fetus.
"Forever and ever, the heavens and the earth can grow, and those who live for a long time can live forever, so the immortal valley god is Xuanzang Gate, and Xuanzang Gate is the inexhaustible root of heaven and earth."
This is the first chapter in the book of Yuanshi Town. As the Yuantai Observation Department entered Su Ying’s mind, it was printed forever. He wanted to continue watching it. However, the Zhentian Monument immediately released a golden light and shocked his Yuantai.
Su Ying opened his eyes and stood silent for a long time. It was hard to hide the shock in his heart. When he watched it a little, he found that the story was more profound than the mysterious and unpredictable. The secret was simply amazing!
Fairy scriptures!
This is a real fairy tale!
Su Ying breathed out a little breath to calm down her excitement. She said, "The magic pole to prove the immortal scriptures and the swallowing of the monty magic scriptures can both be regarded as the immortal scriptures, but even so, they are already more powerful than the immortal scriptures, while the Yuanshi Town Scripture is a real immortal scripture. Although I watched the first one, I feel stronger than it seems. How powerful would it be if I completed the Yuanshi Town Scripture?"
Su Ying can’t imagine that the so-called immortal scriptures are god’s cultivation methods, and the Tao machine contains more powerful things than the Tao, which makes all things in the world change.
"The first chapter of the Yuanshi Town Scripture is about Xuanzang’s practice, but what exactly is Xuanzang’s door?"
Su Ying thought in his heart that he could watch the first chapter of the Yuanshi Town Scripture now, and the first article was about Xuanzang’s cultivation method, which made his heart extremely unpopular, but Xuanzang Su Ying was a little unpredictable for a while.