This is Sun Hao’s middle building, which has now been integrated into the whole shadow city. Its characteristics are that it has a black-and-white ground like an ordinary undead city, and special buildings such as the Temple of the Undead built by Sun Hao.

No, the vampires in the Temple of Death still get the soul sigh and blessing, and their fighting capacity has increased and their strength has become stronger. The number of vampires in each Temple of Death has also increased.
The cemetery is a large area, and now it has been expanded. It should also be able to build special buildings in the undead area.
The sigh of the soul shows that Sun Hao Cemetery has black dragon Rock Site, which can attract the powerful place of Bone Dragon once the building is restored.
There are also tombs, ruins, Cona mummies, lich and so on.
These things, like the tomb of the spirit, are places where undead gather. Once they are successfully built, they will gather in the undead domain, and the aura will be gradually generated according to the special laws of the undead domain.
Sun Hao is also very interested in the Shadow City. He inherited the ancient books from his ancestors. A huge forest of steles is engraved with dense inscriptions. Sun Hao needs his thoughts to understand the hidden information and gain more knowledge about the undead and the ghosts.
Sun Hao’s heart is a little white when he sees the powerful work of Shadow City. Perhaps the undead city will not be too simple. The undead king may also have some special combat troops that he didn’t understand.
Soul a thought has been in a state of considerable excitement.
Shadow City’s earthly life makes him feel that spring is coming for the ghost clan.
There are still a lot of buildings on the second floor of Shadow City that need to be restored.
With a wave of his hand, Sun Hao entrusted these heavy buildings to Soul One and several spiritual tomb practitioners.
A few younger brothers are nothing.
When the soul was excited, it cheered loudly, "Thank you, my Lord. Thank you, my Lord. The soul will live up to your expectations and let my shadow city bloom as soon as possible."
Corleone literally comforted the soul a few words before continuing to feel the faint cities outside the shadow city.
Those parts of the city that are vaguely like virtual shadows are the real ghost camps.
Past tombs of different sizes, heights and shapes are like pieces of silvery gray white clouds floating in the clouds.
Countless soldiers, but strange, with a certain thinking ability, like terran mortals, ghosts are now crawling with white clouds to worship themselves with the ghost soldiers.
These ghosts are our own people who have lived in Shadow City for many years.
Now that I have let them see the light of day, they have regarded themselves as the savior and the real bodhi old zu.
What a huge number of ghosts! The total number is estimated to be not much different even if there are not many zombies in the undead city.
It can be said that the strength of the ghost clan in Shadow City has increased rapidly, and Sun Hao can form a huge corps to fight in the Red Moon Cave.
After distributing the urban management, Sun Hao dived into the stone forest of the collection stone tablet to receive the important information of the ancestors.
Sun Hao attaches great importance to his knowledge accumulation along the way. To have a chance in a place, Sun Hao’s first choice is to study.
Learning can help you avoid detours.
The more you learn, the farther you go. The more advanced Sun Haoxiu is, the more things you suddenly find yourself, and the more knowledge you need to master.
Sun Hao sat cross-legged with his soul sighing and blossomed into a faint silver glow, as if he had become a shadow city. Many ghost monks always practiced and worshipped Sun Hao for a while.
Sun Hao sank into the stone monument and stone forest, and a large amount of information poured in. A large number of Sun Hao did not come into contact with the knowledge of the undead domain, especially the ghosts, and some life gods flooded into his mind.
It took more than three months to digest and absorb this knowledge in different categories, and Sun Hao’s huge knowledge and powerful ability to digest this knowledge than his memory and comprehension ability.
After carefully digesting and absorbing this knowledge, Sun Hao got the biggest harvest, and he was deeply impressed by this soul.
The discovery of shadow city has really solved Sun Hao’s two biggest problems at present.
Sun Hao’s entry into the undead domain has two main purposes.
The method crystal and the shadow of ancient star nuclei, the method crystal in the city, especially the high conciseness of the negative crystal, can benefit from the knowledge just gained and truly gather beyond the dragon crystal with Sun Hao, the ghost crystal.
Chapter 235 Who is the great power (4)
Up to now, Sun Hao has found that the best way for monks to take a step forward is to really consolidate their own foundation with full strength, which will affect the practice after one step or even many steps.
Sun Hao really ate a lot and accumulated rich sweetness along the way.
For example, Sun Hao’s murderous spirit has given Sun Hao a unique deity, which has now become a powerful cornerstone of Sun Hao’s avatar method.
For example, Sun Hao’s refined gas and perfect dzogchen laid the foundation for Sun Hao’s accumulation of truth.
This time, even if we get Dragon Crystal, Sun Haoshi’s real goal is God Crystal.
What’s the source crystal occult science in the shadow city?
If Sun Hao-xin is cruel enough and his hands are poisonous enough, it is not difficult to raise the crystal.
The generation of ancestors of souls is indeed a ruthless generation. This secret technique is called "soul sacrifice". Simply put, it means that the ghost is regarded as a source of offering sacrifices to them, which can constantly wash their soul crystals and eventually generate stronger and more powerful soul crystals.
"Sacrifice to the Soul" is the real housekeeping skill for the generation of Soul Ancestor. It is this secret skill that he killed his own kind little by little when he was still weak, constantly strengthened himself and climbed to the top of Soul Ancestor step by step with forbearance.
Seeing the "soul sacrifice", Sun Hao couldn’t help but think of his own experience as a Yin emperor, or whether the "soul sacrifice" was left in the ghost race.
The process of the ghost heading for the tomb is the process of strengthening itself.
It’s possible that the ghost who can only rely on action has not accumulated enough strength to move forward every step like the soul ancestor, so it has not been able to give birth to a second soul ancestor for so many years.