Just after she left the lobby, she was bathed in the hot sunshine. She looked up a little and saw white clouds passing by when the sky was blue at the end of every day.

She squinted and looked back. She shifted her eyes outward and glanced back and forth in the street calmly.
It’s hard for pedestrians to see the same figure coming back and forth from the front of Buzhuang. Everyone passing by here is different.
There are old people with rickets, old women with faltering feet, young people with hurried steps, women who are running in a hurry, and children who are joking and playing in the street.
Liang Yannian blinked slightly trance.
"miss?" Suddenly someone called her voice with some joy and some caution.
Liang yannian came to her senses, turned her eyes and looked at the sound source, and then a bit surprised emerged from her eyes.
She leng leng again out of the "second temple"
Qin Zhen looked up at Liang Yannian’s eyes with a smile on the front steps of Buzhuang.
It’s really surprising that Liang Yannian met Qin Zhen here without moving.
Qin Zhen smiled and stepped up the steps. She stopped three steps away from Liang Yannian and still looked at her.
If he is on the steps, Liang Yannian is going to secretly be lazy and not salute him, but since he came, she still has to salute him according to the rules, "I have seen the Second Hall."
Qin Zhen said, "It’s not necessary."
His eyes twinkled, and Liang Yannian’s cautious face was reflected in his eyes. His lips gently took a sip of his joy when he saw her, but he suddenly remembered another thing, and he felt that his mood was complicated, and there were some unspeakable feelings of discomfort and unhappiness.
Liang Yannian saw him look at his eyes and blinked carefully, silently retreating half a step.
Qin Zhen noticed that her things quickly gathered the emotions in her eyes and then gave a gentle smile. He corrected the wording in his heart before carefully opening his mouth. "How are you … recently?"
Liang Yannian eyes gently turned to nod "good"
Actually, this is not the case.
Bai Qi’s sister died, traveled to the border for a long time, and didn’t know when to return. She probably won’t be well for a long time, but there is no need to tell Qin Zhen about such a thing.
Others need to know that she is doing well, so how to be "good" doesn’t need to be said in detail.
Qin Zhen smiled "that’s good"
Liang Yan smiled politely and nodded again.
Qin Zhen lifted his right leg lightly, as if he were going to take another step, and then suddenly he took it back. He looked up at Liang Yannian slightly on the third step, his eyes still flashing, and his mood was complicated at the moment.
"Temple? !” Fang Yijing suddenly sounded at the entrance of the lobby full of disbelief.
Qin Zhen’s complex emotions converged in a blink of an eye. When he looked at Fang Yijing, his eyes returned to normal, and his eyes were indifferent. His eyes were too calm to see any emotions.
Fang Yijing came over and looked at Qin Zhen and looked at Liang Yannian. Her frown expression suddenly changed many times as if she were thinking about the possibilities of the two of them in front of this cloth village in her mind.
Just Qin Zhen looked at Liang Yannian’s eyes, which Fang Yijing had never seen before.
Fang Yijing was suddenly in a bad mood, and there was a kind of inexplicable anger and a kind of jealousy.
Her mood instantly turned to stare at Liang Yannian, raised her right hand and waved it to Liang Yannian.
Qin Zhen grabbed Fang Yijing’s wrist before striding, when her hand was about to fall on Liang Yan’s face. There was a chill in his eyes and his voice was even more serious. "What are you doing!"
Party in accordance with Jing turned to look at his excitement surge eyes suddenly flashing tears "is what I want to ask you? What are you doing here? Why are you here! What did you say to Liang Yannian! Are you still thinking about her! "
Liang Yannian explained, "The second imperial concubine is not what you think. I just say hello to the second temple …"
"You shut up! I didn’t ask you! "
Fang Yijing’s voice soon attracted the attention of the people around him. The people who chose cloth in the lobby heard the movement here and let go. The cloth moved towards this side, and their eyes were curious.
Cui Cui and Xiao Fei heard the words "Liang Yannian" and did not hesitate to throw the cloth in their hands. They crowded the door and watched the people run back to Liang Yannian.
Cui Cui held Liang Yannian’s arm and asked softly, "What’s wrong with Miss?"
Liang Yannian shook his head.
Qin Zhen surly to fundus chill surge cold meaning to cover the whole eye.
Fang Yijing looked at Qin Zhen with a look of injustice in her tears.
But Qin Zhen was indifferent to her reaction as if she didn’t care if she wanted to. She angrily raised her other hand to go to Qin Zhen’s face, but was shunned by Qin Zhen’s feelings and conveniently shook off her hand.
She staggered two times and stepped back a few steps.
There was a flicker of disgust in his eyes. "What do you want?"
Fang Yijing suddenly realized that she was wrong. Her breathing was slow and she looked at Qin Zhen anxiously. "I, I didn’t mean to … I didn’t mean to hit you just now. I was …"
Qin Zhen didn’t want to ignore her pale explanation.
He suddenly looked at Liang Yan and said, "I’m sorry, you go home first."
At Fang Yijing, Liang Yannian looked back at Qin Zhen and then nodded "hmm".
Cui Cui immediately helped Liang Yannian walk the steps and Xiao Fei followed.
Fang Yi Jing watched them leave the back and still felt angry, but Qin Zhen was afraid to vent it directly here.
She looked at Qin Zhen couldn’t help sobbing two "temple you will be here? Is it dedicated to seeing Liang Yannian? "
Qin Zhen squinting turned and walked.
Fang Yijing immediately chased "Dian. She has married Bailu Tiao. She is a white family. Why can’t you forget her! What is wrong with me? I can’t compare with her! "
Qin Zhen suddenly stopped.
Fang Yijing immediately lived with a momentary panic in his face, but his eyes were still not angry.
Qin Zhen took a deep breath. "It’s not what you want. Don’t make trouble."
"What about that?" Party according to Jing adamant4 "you smile at her? You never smile at me! I am your wife! "
The more you say, the more excited Fang Yijing is. "I am your wife. Isn’t it right that I am angry?" How am I being ridiculous! I don’t want to … "
"Shut up" Qin Zhen’s voice is cold as a knife, and her eyes are like a knife.
Party in accordance with Jing a surprised involuntarily took a step back in hindsight and felt afraid.
The disgust in Qin Zhen’s eyes became more obvious and then left.
Fang Yijing watched him leave in situ and couldn’t help crying.
That night in Erhuang Mansion
Fang Yijing lost her temper in the house, and the people who served her were thrown out after being beaten and scolded by her, but her mood did not relieve too many people in the room, so she took the pillow and slapped it as if to vent her anger and unwillingness.
The housekeeper suddenly came knocking at the door and entered the room, then handed Fang Yijing a piece of paper in his hand.
Fang Yijing’s eyes are puzzled and frowned, and then he takes it and looks at it again.
Then I was shocked, and the previous unhappiness faded away, and my eyes and face were unbelievable.
She held the paper hand and trembled involuntarily. Her eyes widened with shock. "Harmony, harmony and separation …?"
She looked at the housekeeper’s tears. "Is this … the meaning of the temple?"