It’s the information room

The first day is the management of the remains, the second day is the registration of the remains, and today is the third day. Thank you for thinking that you can go to the incineration room and arrange for him to go to the information room.
It seems that the incineration room will have to wait.
Wherever he is, he must seize the opportunity to get clues.
Today, ten more bodies were sent to the morgue, and the information about the bodies and new bodies was searched on the Internet and corresponding to each person’s file.
As he guessed, there are more and more abusers.
Jiang Zhichu’s corresponding corpse was Wei Wei, and today his corresponding corpse also appeared.
Xie Ji is now the president of a company, and a secret around him learned of his affair with "Jiang Zhichu" because he owed a large amount of foreign debt by gambling, and reported them to Wei Wei.
At that time, Wei Kan was drinking with friends outside and got the news that he was going to find "Jiang Zhichu" after drinking and driving. Guo Lu had an accident and died on the way to the hospital.
It’s really bad to drive after drinking.
Wei Kan had a car accident the first time he got the news. He didn’t give the secret money, but he ran away in a panic and accidentally fell from a tall building and died on the spot.
Thank you for rubbing your eyebrows.
He also hates betrayal.
He and Jiang Zhichu’s corresponding bodies have already appeared, and they are looking for opportunities to be cremated and sent to the cemetery, even if it is completed.
After eleven o’clock, as soon as Xie Ji stepped out of the information room door, Yao Shun raced to find him.
Yao Shun "Xie Ge! Xie Ge! "
Thank you. "What’s the hurry?"
Xie sent something to check and left later. At this moment, there was no one next to Yao Shun. After watching it for a circle, he whispered, "Brother Jiang and I found the curator’s dormitory."
Ann’s room
Thank you for sending "Where is Jiang Yunchu?"
Yao Shun "Brother Jiang went in first"
Thank you for sending "We’ll go too"
After discovering Ann’s room, Yao Shun came to Xie Ji’s office for the first time. When they arrived, Jiang Yunchu had not finished searching.
Ann lives in the back of the dormitory, and the size of the funeral director’s residence is not much bigger than that of ordinary employees. There is an extra kitchen, and the layout inside is more in line with the single-person accommodation style because of her permanent residence.
Beside the dormitory bed, there is a bedside with a cold style desk lamp, but there is no brain or notebook worker.
The room seems to have been simply cleaned, and the individual has been cleaned up. At first glance, I can’t find anything with information.
Jiang Zhichu was pulling the curtains at the window and saw him come and look at him, and went on working.
Thank you for sending a casual greeting. "Did you find anything?"
Jiang Zhichu "There is a tablet at the bottom of the pillow with little information"
Xie Ji sat down on the bed and began to turn the tablet.
The desktop is the default pattern, and there are two apps, photo album and Ne.
He opened the photo album first, and it was full of work, such as the design drawings of funeral parlour.
There are some personal records in Ne
Jiang Yunchu: "From the diary, Ann is a very interesting technical house with a love of work and life, and there is a partner named Zen around her, but Zen information is not revealed and I know that they have a good relationship."
The funeral home has almost been automated, and several of their employees are forced to plug in, which means that there are Ann and Zen in the museum.
Ann’s wish must have something to do with Zen
The funeral home is most likely to think of a body, but I haven’t seen a body named Zen in the past two days.
Maybe there is a Chinese name?
Xie Ji walked around the dormitory for a week and finally sat down in the desk chair.
Except for the extra kitchen, this dormitory has the same specifications as he lives in, and the extra things are particularly easy to identify.
Table lamp, thermos cup and floor lamp are two or three processes.
He shook half a glass of cold water in his glass.
Ann is not in the dormitory and will be away for three days.
Ann didn’t clean the room, otherwise there wouldn’t be half a glass of water left. If normal people walk by themselves, they will pour out the water even if they don’t take the glass with them.
In the same way, Ann’s departure should be sudden.
After Ann left, the robot simply cleaned the house, but it was not smart enough to leave them a clue.
Thank you for sending "I suddenly remembered something"
Jiang Yunchu "What?"
Xie Ji: "There is no sign at the door. How did you get in when you found this is Ann’s dormitory?" You can’t leave the door wide open.
Jiang Zhichu "starts from the end of the corridor, looks for signs at the door, determines whether anyone has lived there, and then … cracks it".
The dormitory door lock is a fingerprint password lock, and it can also be accessed by swiping the card, which is lower than that of other construction sites.
But Jiang Ji-chu actually has this three-way skill.
Xie Ji laughed. "But where can I learn to master all kinds of skills?"
Jiang Zhichu "with my brother"
Thank you for sending "What’s your brother’s name?"
Jiang Yunchu looked up. "Do you check the mouth?"
Thank you for sending "just asking, maybe we know each other and we are half brothers."