Xie Ji: "What will an upright and filial foster do when he discovers the true face of his adoptive father?"

Jiang Zhichu said, "Niu Er committed suicide, and he didn’t want to help the abuse, and he didn’t want to help the adoptive father and the enemy to drain himself."
Xie Ji Jiang Zhichu clapped his hands. "Yes, but this is my guess. We still have other questions that we haven’t found the answer to, such as what role Niu Wei played in it, where is the body of Niu Er, and what is the need to suck our blood?"
Jiang Yunchu walked to the side of the coffin and struck the scabbard on the face. "Didn’t you open the coffin?"
The coffin must be opened, but Xie sent it to deny that it would be what they were looking for.
Thank you for sending "Let’s open the coffin and have a look."
The coffin in the cellar is very ordinary compared with the one where the cow bank is lying in silver. They lifted the dust-proof cloth and carried it alone, but they moved the coffin lid to the ground without much effort.
Although he had been in the cellar for a long time, the smell of the coffin made Xie send black at the moment, and he squeezed his eyebrows hard to look at the coffin department.
Enough for two people to lie flat. The coffin is filled with turbid blue liquid, which is not enough to hide an adult from the height of the water level.
Thank you for sending it back quickly after reading it. "It’s cow bank silver to refine longevity liquid. There are two ways to drink or soak it."
"When he was refining Niuda and Niuer, he made them drink blood. The liquid in the bowl and coffin can strengthen their physique. Would you like to go in and lie down to speed up the healing of your wound?"
At the beginning of Jiang Ji’s disgust, he gave a pie mouth, "I want to lie down."
Thank you for not going.
Lying down at the beginning of Jiang Ji is a cure for injury, and lying down is fatal.
After rummaging through the things in the cellar, they didn’t stay in this cold and smelly place and returned to the ground in tandem.
It’s just a few layers of cement, but I feel like I’m from hell
He walked a few steps outside the house and took a few breaths of fresh air with restraint, feeling that he was alive again.
Jiang Zhichu didn’t respond to his actions at all, and he didn’t ridicule or comfort him. He didn’t see that "Niu Ku Yin’s wish still has something to do with disappearing Niu Er, but he didn’t see Niu Er again but drank Niu Er’s blood."
Xie Ji said, "Yes, but Niu Er’s blood has been exhausted. On the one hand, it is better to talk than to be effective, and on the other hand, we want to keep it for Niu Er. Our blood must have something for Niu Er."
In this way, Niu Er’s body will not be far away from Ginta, so it is convenient for Niu Ku Yin to collect blood and cross it.
Thank you and Jiang Jichu glances thought of the same place.
Jiang Yunchu "Going?"
When Xie Ji saw his eyes, he said, "Come and mourn before noon."
Lunch is cooked by others, and it’s not as bad as sending it by Xie. At the beginning of Jiang Ji’s mouth, he won’t move after eating a few chopsticks.
After dinner, they informed the people that they were not hiding anything about the cellar. Nai was crying soon, and they could go to the front of the Lingpeng first if they came to see it or not.
Today, the weather is still not very good, and the dark clouds seem to be coming at any time.
Many villagers in Niujia Village came to watch and spontaneously formed a semicircle nearby.
Thank you for staying in Niujia Village for two or three days, but I haven’t seen anyone who is very uncomfortable to see Niuku Silver. At this moment, I will gather together a lively crowd. What expressions are there for the villagers? Some people are carrying bags of melons, which shows that the so-called friendship between friends is very plastic.
The coffin table, photos, incense burners and large porcelain bowls filled with melons and fruits were neatly arranged on the table. After seeing it, Uncle Niu showed a unsatisfactory expression and gave Wang Dan a sad stick to sit aside and supervise himself.
Wang Dan begged to get more points from the novice. He took a deep breath in front of the coffin in Niu Shuxiao and picked up the mourning stick and beat it on himself again and again.
The bigger you cry, the more respect you have for the dead.
Wang Dan tried hard to think of all the sad or fearful pictures since he was born, and said the farewell speech with great pain.
The desire to survive is bursting.
But the more he walked, the softer his legs became, lest Niu Kuyin jump out of the coffin and bite him. After six laps, his hind legs were shaking and weak.
He respectfully put the mourning stick back in the distance and turned to look at Uncle Niu. Uncle Niu nodded and went back to the crowd with soft legs.
The second one to mourn is Wang Liang.
She and Wang Dan should have discussed it, and they were also dressed in filial piety. They cried and circled honestly, but after six laps, Wang Jing was in a better state than Wang Dan and could walk in a straight line when she came back.
After Wang Liang came back, Jiang Ji did not wear mourning at the beginning, but approached the spirit table with a knife.
It seems that he can’t look sad except with a straight face. When the stick hit him, he didn’t make any effort. Everyone seemed to be dealing with business. Wang Dan and Wang Jing sent him a simple "bon voyage"
The villagers who watched Niujia Village were shocked by this deviant behavior.
"Who is this?"
"I heard that it is a distant relative."
"This is not disrespectful!"
"Do you have a grudge against Niu Lao before his death?"
Jiang Zhichu turned a deaf ear. After six laps, he put the mourning stick on the spirit table for a while.
And the coffin is always quiet. I don’t know if it’s good to be in the public eye or if I dare to be angry with Jiang Jichu.
Xie Jiyuan didn’t want to mourn Niu Kuyin. Anyway, he and Jiang Zhichu lived in a house at the beginning of the night. If Niu Kuyin retaliated because of the mourning, he couldn’t escape, so he also wore a suit and often approached the spirit table.
He picked up the mourning stick and looked at it briefly.
In the whole funeral culture, the mourning stick is also called the mourning stick. In ancient times, the multi-hearted bamboo stick could be inserted in the grave of the deceased to judge whether the deceased was resurrected, which was a little bit of a little bit of spiritual sustenance.
Uncle Niu is going to prepare this stick, which is one meter long and covered with white paper, just like a Taoist dusting.
Xie Ji walked around the table for six times. On the last lap, he spit out "Be a good person in the afterlife" and then put the stick back on the table.
He glanced at the coffin.
Still nothing happened.