Double-headed ogre inside the wall put his head out of the wall and said angrily.

Surdak walked into the hospital carrying the magician Avid and said to the ogre
"Oh, ignore them and throw them out if they dare to break in!"
Then he said to Gullit, "The situation is not very bright yet, but this time the rebels are probably prepared and the chances of winning may be better."
"The guards should all be supported by Lord mcdonnell, and we don’t need to help them," Surdak told everyone.
You can always hear shouting and killing and some whining in the distance.
At noon, you can see the civilians who fled from the southern part of the town to the north. It is said that the rebels have captured the three gates in the east, west and north of the town, and firmly controlled the south pier of the town, which is regarded as blocking the town.
Many people want to escape from the war, but they can’t get out of the city at this time.
It is said that some aristocratic lords in the rich area north of the town organized armed resistance against the rebels, and some aristocratic lords planned to capture a gate and leave Tacalai town at night, so a large number of ordinary townspeople in the town gathered in the rich area north of the town.
At noon, you can see many civilians looking for shelter in the street.
The roof of Surdak looks at the chaotic situation outside, and the streets are full of villagers who want to flee.
Samira asked Surdak, "Why don’t we leave here?"
At the moment, Surdak felt that it would be very hard even if he was away from Tacalai town. Now there are few rebels who have no plans to thoroughly clean Tacalai town, so he said, "Let’s take a look first, and there are few shelters here."
Avid, a magician in the swimming pool of Xiya Bubble Academy, is very curious about the Janna sea people and refuses to leave by the pool lounge chair.
Occasionally they talk, but Thea doesn’t seem to be interested in human wizards, so she just flips into the pool.
In winter, there was just a light snow in Rivervillage. Surdak came out of the virtual door and the cold wind made him shudder involuntarily.
Aphrodite came to the horse by Gubo, holding the reins with one hand, and her face was slightly bruised.
The north wind is rolling snow, and the hillside is like a galloping horse.
There is a mountain separated from Wall Village, which is regarded as the next-door ravine.
In order to avoid people’s eyes and ears, Surdak did not return to Wall Village to open the virtual door.
He went over and led the reins to signal Aphrodite.
Aphrodite gave him a look of "why don’t we ride together?" Surdak reached out and held Aphrodite’s soft and slender waist, easily lifted her to the horse’s back, and then led the reins to Walvillage against the rustling north wind.
"Is there a war over there?" Aphrodite smiled and asked Surdak
The smile in her eyes is full of’ you are really unlucky’
Surdak’s luck is really bad recently. When the strong man came back, it was smooth. It happened that the plane was left dry when it was his turn, and he had to wait for the magician Avid to recover before he could come back.
I finally walked out of the mountains and came to a livable town. I just lived for half a day when the rebels attacked the town.
Surdak also said gloomily, "Well, the local rebels broke into Takalai town and we are temporarily trapped in the town."
The two men walked to the top of the mountain, where the north wind was even stronger. There was almost no snow on the top of the mountain, and the wind blew into the mountain.
There are also two people in Woer village, Surdak, which overlooks the whole five-level reservoir. The ice surface is covered with a thick layer of snow, and there are still gurgling water flowing into the reservoir near the spring. However, a strange waterway has formed in this part of the spring reservoir and flows to the surface along the top of the sluice on the east side of the first-level reservoir.
Because of this spring, people in the village have always been drinking live mountain spring water.
After the townhouse was built in the village, Uncle Brett, the old village head, specially built a suspended waterway to directly introduce the spring water into the village.
The weather in Woer Village is particularly cold. The water surface of the waterway is condensed with thick ice, and even it slides like a fall. Several villagers are carrying long wooden poles against the snow to clean up the sharp ice slide of the waterway to prevent someone from being injured when passing by.
Aphrodite pulled out a secret silver mask from her arms and wore a face.
This time, she is going to take a magic airship from Hailansa City to Bena City by way of Wall Village. Because the sailing date has been set, the mountain road must be difficult to walk in such bad weather. The time when she can stay in Wall Village is very limited.
Surdak is also too long away from the village of Wall. Come back here and have a look while Aphrodite passes by the village of Wall.
Aphrodite didn’t follow Surdak back to the village, but went straight along the snowy road to rush to the pass of Pageloth Mountain.
Woer village is located in a barren mountain. A light snow will make the village full of snow, but you can still feel the new atmosphere in the village from the top of the mountain.
Neat streets, villagers dig out four access roads in the thick snow, and many villagers remove snow.
A team of guards from the guard camp rode slowly through the hillside and walked out of the village.