The girl in the dragon robe glanced at Fang Guangchang and the generals nodded with satisfaction. "I am the generals who won the moon by many emperors?"

"At the end of the will! ! !” After counting the generals, although there are ten thousand people, they are like one person’s words.
The girl who claimed that many dissenting Confucian won the moon showed her arms as if she were holding the sky. She said, "People will treat me as if I had wiped out this * * famine, and I, Daqin, will reign in the heavens and the earth from now on."
"promise! ! !” The generals died and left like the tide.
As the generals visited the giant turtle, they came to the plain behind the giant turtle.
The plain is full of sergeant.
First of all, there are 100 people in horizontal rows and 100 people in vertical rows, wearing black armor and holding shields in both hands. A full 100 phalanxes are arranged in the forefront.
Hundreds of people in a row and hundreds of people in a vertical row, holding halberds with both hands, also wearing Montenegrin armor, and halberd infantry, also have a full 100 phalanxes interspersed with shield soldiers.
Hundreds of people in horizontal rows and hundreds of people in vertical rows with hand-held crossbows. crossbowmen has 300 square arrays, and every 10,000 square arrays are arranged in three columns.
Then there are all kinds of siege equipment, except for some inexplicable things, such as catapults, cars and crossbows.
There are no less than two million cavalry on both sides guarding the left and right wings.
When 30,000 generals arrived in the army array, several soldiers were divided in an orderly manner and set out around, leaving around. At most, the soldiers were cavalry, followed by halberd infantry and finally a large part of siege equipment.
Crossbowmen stays where it is, and so do a few siege equipment.
A mixed army with less than 10,000 and 9,000 on a black tiger tie launched an attack on Xianyang City.
When the giant turtle appeared in Xianyang city, it had already closed the city gate and transferred troops to defend itself.
Boom, boom, boom, boom.
The army approached Xianyang step by step with neat steps like a bomb explosion.
A general of the city wall shouted at the sergeant of the city, "You are a soldier. If you dare to come to Xianyang to make trouble and anger, you will be called you."
Before the general’s words were finished, he let an arrow fly through the skull, and after the arrow penetrated the general’s head, he was castrated and nailed a person to the wall of the city wall and tower again.
And the archer is just one of the two thousand crossbowmen.
The general riding Hei Hu, who is in front of the army, shouted to the wall, "The enemy will be dead, and those who let go of their weapons will not be killed."
However, none of the people on the wall paid attention to the general, and although there was some commotion, they still held their weapons tightly.
Looking at so many people, none of them obeyed and rode General Hei Hu, feeling very embarrassed to say, "crossbowmen obeyed and killed."
Swish, swish, swish
With the sound of arrows flying.
Chapter X Chaohui
A series of sounds broke out with the arrows flying. Most people squatted or found a good cover when this sound started. This escape is not so much a warning as a vent.
The city of crossbowmen kept shooting crossbows, but except for hundreds of people who died at first, no one was shot, not even injured.
It’s not that crossbowmen are not allowed to kill two targets except the previous one, but something has somehow interfered with them.
Riding on the wall of Xianyang City in the eyes of General Hei Hu, there is a golden dragon with claws and claws, which makes several crossbows deviate from the target
Riding a general of Hei Hu, he rolled over and knelt down to face the giant turtle’s palace and said, "Long live my emperor, long live my three military commanders, Zhao Lei, please seal jade."
Hei Hu’s general Zhao Lei’s voice just fell and a grand tone slowly came.
With the appearance of this quasi-word, a jade seal appeared in the sky, engraved with the four characters of tiger head, Wuding Gankun.
Zhao Lei’s right hand held the jade seal in vain and pressed it against the wall. At the same time, he said "seal"
After doing this, Jade Seal continued to return to the virtual space. Zhao Lei turned the tiger around and waved his head and shouted "Retreat".
The crossbowman halberd immediately turned around and the shield soldier held high the huge shield, and the sergeant of Xianyang City did not dare to pursue it. It was sparse and put a few arrows, but it was also blocked by the Ministry of War.
In the most central palace of the giant turtle, Qin Huang won the moon, sitting on the 95-story white marble staircase that contains the ninth five-year plan, the Kowloon Golden Chair.
The left and right sides are full of civil and military officials
On the right side of the military attache, there is a man who ranks in the south marshal of a town. Marshal Zhao Lei, a military commander, said, "has tested the pseudo-Qin in this world, but it is a spent force. Only when I am a Daqin iron fighter, I can get the help of air capacity before I can break through a layer of walls again."
Then Marshal Zhennan returned to the queue.
"Well, now that it has been determined that the pseudo-Qin can be destroyed, should the people in the pseudo-Qin area accept or destroy SIRS Aiqing?"
Qin Huang closed his eyes and recalled that the Daqin Empire was an ordinary dynasty like the Qin Dynasty in the world, but one day, when he won an emperor’s skill.
Emperor technique includes all kinds of miscellaneous studies, and the core of emperor technique is to rule the heaven and the 21st emperor, that is, emperor every day and emperor every day.
However, perhaps because of eternal violation of destiny, the Daqin empire suffered from the scourge, except that the emperor was sealed and others died. Now this army is also the emperor’s resurrection in the moon, which proves that the emperor and the sky are one, and the emperor and the emperor are not heaven.
"When I destroy my family, my heart will be different." Marshal Zhennan once again stepped out of the urn and said this sentence was very malicious and with a strong ShaQi, which was unpleasant.
Won month ignored the malicious and complete ShaQi in Marshal Zhennan’s tone and nodded slightly. After all, she recognized the saying that human beings have different hearts, but this recognition was not enough for her to decide directly.
After all, the emperor is a person. If you don’t let the noodles quarrel, what is the noodle, then what does the emperor have?
Of course, I don’t like military commanders the most, or those civil servants on the left hate these stinking military commanders. They think they are brave and rude with the hall.
Once, a military attache made a statement, and the civilian suspected that the military attache was rude and opposed him. In the end, the matter was dragged on for a long time and finally abolished.
The military attaché s are all grumpy, and they have been looked down upon by civilian officials. This incident broke out as soon as it happened.
From then on, civil servants will be asked to discuss the memorial, and both can be stirred up. If they can’t be stirred up, they will jump up and make a noise.
In the end, neither side likes it, and whoever wants to have similar things will wrangle.
Sure enough, I saw that the military attache said that he would destroy the world. After the Qin Dynasty and the People’s Republic of China, a civilian came out directly and slammed without hesitation.
"The stupid shortsighted guy can revive more people, but no matter how many of our people are, it is also a drop in the ocean for the heavens and the earth. If we are blindly exclusive, then even if we can levy the heavens and the earth in the future, not many people will really be loyal to the empire."
Speaking of which, the civil servant bowed his hand to the moon and went on to say
"The courtiers should accept themselves."
"You can’t!" Marshal Zhennan glared at the civilian, but he couldn’t do anything about him, not because he was a contemporary teacher, but also because everyone in the Daqin Empire was naturally controlled by winning the moon. It’s nothing to quarrel with each other and hate each other, but once you have the idea of dying, you will be stopped. After all, winning the moon is to let them fight, so that they can do their best. It is to let them try their best instead of letting them consume.
"How can those rural people be compared with the people of Daqin Empire? This will make the people of Daqin Empire unstable! I, the citizens of Daqin Empire, have been silent for thousands of years. How can these weak people share the joys and sorrows? "Marshal Zhennan said sadly and sat down as if he were going to cry.
"Hum, I didn’t expect Marshal Zhennan to do the same. You military commanders are really disgusting." The civilian continued to sneer.
This time, when the civilian mocked, he accidentally got a map. The military commanders across the gun stared at the civilian one by one, staring at the size of two bells, as if he were going to cramp and skin him.
At first glance, it’s almost time for Benji to come out and make amends. Benji got up and said, "You all love your humerus so much that you will hurt each other. Listen to me. You all make sense, but you just need to add something."
At this time, all the civil and military officials are worshipping the moon and saying "please show your position"
Mi Yue smiled and said, "A teacher said yes. If the Daqin Empire wants to reign in the heavens and the earth, it must accept those rural people."
Chapter 19 Dreams
When it comes to but won a month deliberately paused, and then said, "But it is impossible to join the Daqin Empire as soon as I join it, just like the people in the Daqin Empire who share weal and woe with me. I have come up with a compromise to divide the people into nine classes, nine classes, nine classes, wait for the people in the Daqin Empire, nine classes, wait for the rural people in this world, wait for the existing soldiers, wait for the ninth class, and then the hierarchy will rise and fall."
"Bi Ying" praised the officials, and then left the hall one by one to go to the palace at the edge of the giant turtle’s back shell.