He paused, "But our major world departments are enemies and creators, but when we leave the world and come to the real world sea, we will find that the world sea is unified and strong, and our strength is the way to break through that barrier. From the macro level of the world sea, taboos are by no means forgotten at a glance, but born in order."

Lu Chen mused, "That is to say, taboos are not completely arbitrary?"
"It depends on Wu Shen’s understanding of how to follow one’s inclinations. It’s not easy for us to break through the whole synchronous time blockade of the world, but if we want to change something, it’s not always the taboo of the world department, and the power comes to which world base is manipulated at will. This is already arbitrary."
Shi Hao explained, "Yes, we have also heard some words before, such as the reincarnation of the world sea. We have also experienced the reincarnation of the world department. If a world department overturns and floods everything, resetting the new starting point of historical creation, then the history of reincarnation will be traced back to the law. For example, unless we talk directly with the third bronze coffin master, it is the law that knows what happened in his historical line."
"It sounds a little disappointing to me. This is the end point of practice, but there are still restrictions. What is there if the light is immortal?"
Lu Chen spoke out that there is no limit to the taboo of Shi Hao and Ye Fan.
At least there are only some things they can’t do, and they don’t need them. What Shi Hao Ye Fan said is no different from what he can’t do.
"Haha, Brother Lu is really ambitious, and Brother Shi and I have also deduced that taboo is not the most reasonable in terms of rationality and has shortcomings."
Ye Fan said with a smile.
"What short board? How is it unreasonable? "
Lu Chenfang is free to spit out the actual taboo is not strong? Of course, strong? Passing through the big time is also a breakthrough in this ultimate limit, but the taboo has been defeated by the foundation, and there is nothing impossible.
"Liu Xiong haven’t you found? Although you are not taboo, it is unreasonable to cut the hair of that bird with nine wings, even if he wants to kill you by conventional means. "
Ye Fan analyzed.
Liu Chen nodded. "Indeed, I may be a little unreasonable."
Shi Hao remained and then smiled, "Wu Shen, we are not joking. Even if you didn’t do the real taboo when I sacrificed the road to the peak, if the other party didn’t fight me head-on for a while, it wouldn’t kill me."
Listen to Shi Hao here, Lu Chen remembered the key thing, that is, there was once a violator giant coming to the perfect world. It was the first time he saw it, and Ye Fan and Shi Hao, the end of the long river, had to figure it out.
"What kind of a big battle did you meet at the end of the long river when you were arbitrary?"
Liu Chen asked that calling nature is friendly and teasing.
Chapter one thousand seven hundred and twelve Control explorer chains
Although Lu Chen watched Shi Hao grow up from childhood, the other party was still Wu Shen’s respectful name to himself, but he couldn’t call everyone a peer.
Just like Ye Fan calling Shi Hao Shi Xiong, doesn’t he call Shi Hao some birth names? Isn’t that taking advantage of Ye Fan in disguise?
"It was complicated in those days. Let’s talk over coffee."
Shi Hao greeted Ye Fan, which means it’s time to build.
Ye Fan got the message and attracted some reluctance. The mother gas tripod cut off those wings before them and put them in. I have to say that taboo is really a chicken wing making machine.
No matter how many times they are cut off, those wings can regenerate at an excessive speed.
"I said to play really eat? Are these wings false? "
Lu Chen now has a little understanding of taboo forms. In essence, the nine-winged taboo is a conceptual creature. What it looks like is what the other person wants to be, or what the other person was attached to when he was young.
The so-called wing regeneration is a phenomenon, not a process of life change. It is still true that they cut off their wings, but it is not really taboo to flesh and blood.
"Of course, you can eat Brother Liu, but I can’t cut it, but after I pulled it, I processed and fixed its concept. This is a taboo means to condense the body and flesh. It is edible."
Ye Fan said with a smile that the plucking technique of the three-winged pot was very skillful.
However, Lu Chen took out his front wings and disappeared as soon as he took them out. A conceptual fluctuation led to the distance outside the world and should be a return to the nine-wing taboo.
At this moment, the world’s nine-winged taboo is gloomy, and it is obviously sensed that "bullying me too much!"
But in the end, he also snorted and fled to a distant place. He was going to take a trip to the No.4 native world, where there was an old friend he knew.