Chapter Erqi Bruce Banner

A little girl in a linen dress ran across the street with a full face of anxiety. The street was full of potholes and water, and she ran to the temporary collection office in Bruce Banna. She was holding a handful of Comoros francs, which was issued by a very small country in Africa. No one would accept it in new york.
The little girl carefully ran across the sidewalk and then entered Dr. Banner’s reception and went down the stairs.
"Who are you? Get out of here quickly. There are patients here." The black female assistant found the little girl first, and her hometown dialect drove her out.
No matter how poor the place is, it can’t stop these lovely little angels from treating it as a paradise for them to play. There are always some children who will mistakenly break into Dr. Banner’s place, but the black female assistant is not worried about what they break.
In fact, the most valuable thing here is probably Bruce Banner’s own head, but it will disturb the sick patients and probably make these little angels infected with germs.
Dr. Banner taught black female assistants but learned a lot of new knowledge that had never been heard before.
"Are you doctors? My father is in a coma. He has a fever and he groans, but he can’t open his eyes." The girl quickly said to the black female assistant in a series of dialect English. It seems that she is really frightened.
Dr. Banner heard the sound of the stairs. He came over and motioned to the little girl, "Well, please speak slowly."
The little girl, who came so slowly, was at her wit’s end. She struggled to find "my father" from the few English words in her little head.
"Like them?" A patient lying in the corner coughed and Dr. Banner asked with his finger there.
Johnny was cooling the patient in the ice pack. He had a severe influenza and almost fainted when he was sent to Dr. Banner. The little girl looked at the patient with symptoms similar to her father’s, and two lines of tears came unwillingly. She sobbed and begged "please".
Dr. Banner arranged for his female assistant to take care of these diseases. The patient has already arranged some necessary medicines and is ready to go. Johnny volunteered, "It will be faster if I have a car to take you there!"
That’s a good idea. Dr. Banner didn’t refuse. He and the little girl sat in the back seat of Johnny’s motorcycle.
Johnny started the throttle gently, and soon he arrived at the place the little girl said. It’s a long way from new york, and a few refugees live here.
The little girl is familiar with it, walks into the room and jumps out of the window.
Dr. banner sighed, and his face changed a little. "I’m such an idiot. I should have made house calls first."
"Dude, do you need any help? I think we can stabilize his condition here first and then try to send him to the recycling center for treatment." Johnny stopped his motorcycle and came in while talking.
As soon as he stepped into the room, he saw a hot red-haired beauty behind Dr. Banner, and the second half of the sentence forced him to swallow back.
"Aren’t you supposed to stay away from stress? Why choose to live in shacks?" Natasha gave Johnny a hard look. She didn’t expect the Evil Knight to get together with Bruce Banner. In fact, the only thing they have in common is that they are so down and out that they have no better choice but to live in shacks.
Johnny was also surprised to see the hot beauty behind Imil in the restaurant that day. He frowned and looked at Dr. Banner. Dr. Banner turned pale and said, "It’s not my trick to stay away from pressure."
"What is that, aerobics or yoga?" Natasha smiled.
Dr. Banner moved his wrist and looked around at the deserted scenery. He nodded, "You led me away from the crowded place. This is a wise decision. This place is probably surrounded by federal troops. Where are they hiding and why don’t they show up?"
"There are two people here, you and me." Natasha took a hard look at Johnny as if nothing had happened.
Johnny hasn’t figured out what’s going on here yet. At first, he thought Natasha was coming to chase himself. He whispered, "There’s still me here."
"Is your little actress an agent, too? Did you let her do this at such a young age?" Dr banner doesn’t seem to like the federal government. He wakes Natasha up and says
Natasha has no feelings about child labor. She said calmly, "I was very young when I was trained."
Dr. Banna nodded. He was noncommittal about Natasha’s words but asked, "Who are you?" On behalf of who? "
"I’m natasha romanov." Natasha showed her certificate in SHIELD. "SHIELD level seven operational agents are called Homeland Strategic Defense Attack Logistics Security Bureau."
Dr Banner clapped his hands and asked, "So are you here to execute me, Agent romanov? You know it’s not that easy to kill me! "
"No, no, of course not. I’m here on behalf of Nick Frey, director of SHIELD." Natasha quickly denied that it was dangerous to share a room with a terrorist like Bruce Banner. She didn’t want to arouse Dr. Banner’s anger because of misunderstanding.
Dr. Banner hesitated-he seems to have heard of the department of SHIELD. "Nick Frey is a war hero? How did you find me? "
"We’ve been keeping track of your whereabouts, Dr. Banner," Natasha explained. "We didn’t show our identity to disturb your rare peaceful life and drove away some hostile enemies for you."
Dr. Banner didn’t quite understand. In his impression, government employees were not so accommodating. He asked, "What?" "Nick Frey seems to believe you, but now you have to come with me," Natasha replied.
Dr. Banner looked around and Johnny suddenly asked, "What if I don’t?"
Natasha is not good at this. She is better at solving problems by violence unless the target character she is facing is more violent than her. For example, in front of her, both characters are a little nervous, but she can still try to slow down and say "I will say you".
There was a sweet smile on her face, which could make ordinary people fall in love with her instantly, but it didn’t impress Dr. Banner. He asked again, "What if that guy doesn’t want to?" to be continued
Chapter 2 Johnny Banner
"You haven’t had an accident for more than a year. He is under your control, right? And Dr. Banner, I don’t think you will choose to break the precepts and transform just because you face an unarmed woman?" Natasha stepped back warily and took out her mobile phone screen saver, which is the tesseract.
She put her mobile phone on the seemingly safe table, "Dr. Banner, a spherical disaster may be coming to our world."
"I can’t hold it every time." Watching the "chest" sway in front of my face, Bruce Banner made a meaningful humor and then said with a straight face, "Spherical disaster? That’s what I tried to avoid! "
Natasha leaned over the desktop and showed a deep cleavage. She introduced to Dr. Banner, "This blue cube is the tesseract. In Norse mythology, it is also called Long Baoyu. It has enough energy to destroy the whole earth, but unfortunately we have lost control of it."
Dr. Banna took out his glasses from his pocket, and he began to observe this picture seriously, and Johnny was suddenly refreshed by these things all the time. He leaned beside Dr. Banna and studied this little mobile phone with him.
"What did Nick Fury ask you to do with me? Do you want me to eat it?" Dr. Banner handed Natasha’s mobile phone to Johnny who was interested in watching it.
He is not joking about what artifact has entered his stomach, so it is almost impossible to dig out the waves again.
Natasha leaned forward, leaned over and smiled and said, "If we can’t find it in time, it will fall into the hands of evil. In fact, it has been taken away. We tried to track the gamma signal it emitted, but the signal was too weak for us to track it."
"And Dr. Banner, you are the most expert on gamma rays we know, otherwise I wouldn’t have come to you for help easily." Natasha leaned back in her chair and she had finished telling Dr. Banner.
Dr. Banner looked up. "So Nick Frey didn’t send you to catch monsters?"
"That’s not what he told me anyway," Natasha smiled.
"Does he keep nothing from you?"
Natasha suggested, "You can talk to Nick Frey yourself. He needs your help."
"Will he pick me up?" Dr. Banner doubted Natasha’s kindness. Natasha smiled and replied, "I won’t leave you here."
Dr. Banner suddenly slapped him on the table. "That’s enough. Don’t lie to me!"
Natasha pulled out the pistol from the desktop at the first moment, and the gun was aimed at Bruce Banner’s eyebrows in an instant. Dr. Banner was forced back by the pistol and was irrational. Sorry, "I’m sorry, but I haven’t changed yet."
"I want to test you. Let’s talk."
Johnny’s face changed. He could see a large number of American troops gathered outside the door. Maybe there were some fighters or armored vehicles out of sight, ready to level this cabin at any time.
Dr. Banner raised his hands in front of him and pressed. "You put the gun away first, and I promise that the guy in my body will not mess around, okay, Natasha K?"