Sima Hongye’s identity is rarely known, and Geng’s family affairs are even less likely to be known if he is not close to others. He naturally has no doubt about Li Zhichang.

Li Zhichang didn’t think there was anything wrong with Geng Jia’s master’s two-handed preparation. After all, it is impossible for a noble family to put all their eggs in one basket.
Although Geng Jiazhu didn’t go into the road by day, after all, his family’s academic origins were somewhat severe, so he talked with Li Zhichang about heaven and earth.
After a lot of talking about the mysterious truth in Li Zhichang’s mouth, Li Zhichang was amazed by his erudition and it was dusk.
Li Zhichang stood up and said, "It’s getting late, so I went."
Gengjiajia said, "It’s not too late to leave after dinner?"
Li Zhichang shook his head and smiled. "No need."
Looking at Li Zhichang’s distant back, Geng Jiazhu touched his beard and said, "It’s a true scholar."
Geng’s old house is now guarded by an old door that is half buried.
When the door closed, Li Zhichang strolled into the house, but it was a bit bleak.
Finding silence, occasional insects chirping and some secluded places.
As night fell, the old man dared not stay here and hurried away.
Li Zhichang doesn’t feel lonely living alone in this grand courtyard.
He walked in the garden path covered with dead branches and leaves, and his feet were a little tender.
Stepping out of the path is a place.
Tonight, the moon is the fifteenth clear light, as clear and permeable as water. The algae and aquatic plants criss-cross and carefully look like the shadows of bamboo and pine and cypress branches in the garden
Beautiful things can be seen everywhere, and they are often seen in this month.
But there are few people who can always enjoy leisure like him.
Ephemerality, a common man, flies to the dogs, roots in his leisure.
A squeak and a splash of shadow from the small wood behind slowly climbed to the ground. Li Zhichang looked intently and the shadow changed constantly, and finally became a young woman with a plain white dress and a very pale face.
Li Zhichang looked at her with a smile and said, "Girl, although you have long hair and facial features, you are still very delicate."
The female ghost frowned and spat out her tongue, which became longer and longer, which was particularly frightening.
Li Zhichang joked that "the tongue is still a tongue although it is a little long."
The female ghost gave him a white look, then touched his head with both hands and went to end his hand.
Li Zhichang said, "You can’t scare people when you have a head, and you can’t scare people when you don’t have a head."
The woman’ hum’ suddenly turned into a beautiful girl, but she has a vague face just now, but she is weak and charming, and it turns out that people are rare and stunning.
She seems to be Chen Fei Chen seems to be able to talk, O, Li Zhichang bit her finger as crystal clear as peeling onions. "Why don’t you go?"
At this time, the lights in the distant building suddenly turned on, and at night, it was very eye-catching. Some old men said, "The guests are far away. Can you come to meet them?"
Li Zhichang laughed and said, "What you want is what you want."
There’s something unusual about Shi Shiran Building in Li Zhichang. Two huge candles are burning in the room, and it’s like day. An old man with a head wearing a Ru crown sits south, and an old woman sits opposite him. Both of them are forty years old.
Just now, that girl has been sitting beside the old woman and vomitted to stick out her tongue at him, which is very nifty.
Chapter 10 Causality
Li Zhichang smiled at the girl like a spring breeze blowing across the girl’s face and she stopped spitting.
"This is occupied by the old man in Geng’s courtyard," he said bluntly to the Confucian old man.
The Confucian elder said, "It’s not that there is still a case-solving in the occupation. If you want to hear the second child, you are willing to elaborate."
Li Zhichang said, "Oh, you can tell me."
He swaggered calmly and didn’t feel nervous at all because there was a room full of aliens.
The Confucian elders knew in their hearts that Li Zhichang was a hard-working monk, unlike the former shallow Taoist priests and monks.
The more Li Zhichang calms the old man, the less he dares to be careless.
He pointed to the girl first and said, "This is my niece, Qingfeng, and next to her is my old wife. Our family, descendants of Tu Shanshi, should know Tu Shanshi."
He was very proud when he said Tu Shanshi.
Li Zhichang nodded. "Is it the Tu Shan tribe to which Yu Wang’s wife belongs?"
This world also has Yu Wang’s water control, which has been seen in the famine in Li Zhichang for ten thousand years.
The barren classics are stories about some famous mountains, rivers and strange people in this world, which are similar to the mountains and seas, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false.
In the book, "Yu Zhi’s flood chiseled the shaft" means that Tu Shanshi said that he wanted to smell the drum, but he went to Yu to jump over the stone and accidentally hit the drum. Tu Shanshi went to see Yuhua Xiong and went to Songshan Foot Fossil Yu Yue to be mine! The stone broke the north and was born. "
The general idea is that Yu Wang’s flood control turned into a bear one day, and his wife Tu Shanshi was ashamed to see that she had married a bear. Yu Wang found her, and then the stone broke and gave birth to his son-Qi.
This period of nature is grotesque and unruly, and it can also be seen that in ancient times, there may be no distinction between shemale and shemale.
The Confucian elder said, "It’s my family tree that has not been verified. I’ve been living for some years and I remember my great-grandfather’s name, and his life story is known."
"You mean you know now and you still have something to do with this Geng family old house?" Li Zhichang looked at him with interest.
The Confucian old man was chilled by Li Zhichang’s gaze. "That’s right. Perhaps you should have heard that there was a’ King of jiusan’ in the former dynasty?"
Li Zhichang nodded his head. jiusan Wan was an anti-thief at the beginning of the country. At that time, the imperial court gathered people to occupy the mountains and took a large-scale siege.
Confucianism and Taoism said, "At the beginning, jiusan Wang Li was also a local big landlord. At that time, his house was not big, but behind it was a wasteland with several acres. This was the predecessor of this Geng family’s old house."
One day, an old man came to rent his room and offered to pay 120 silver rent. Li Sheng refused him because he didn’t have any spare room. The old man said to him,’ Please don’t worry about collecting rent.’ He didn’t know what the old man meant, so he collected rent for the time being and saw what was going on. "
When Li Zhichang heard this story, his heart suddenly moved as if it had something to do with him.
He showed a thoughtful look, as if the old man had brought in his own story.
Have a green phoenix blinked smart eyes to Li Zhichang very curious, o, don’t know what to think.
After a day of collecting money, the owner suddenly came to the back of the house. Many people were seen by the villagers and came to ask the owner.
The master of the Li family knew nothing about it. He went to the wasteland at home to see what had changed. Even the abandoned courtyard in the wasteland was owned by one.