When Grandpa Luo took Wang Xi’s pulse, I said that it was only after the two masters’ faces were dignified that they slowed down slightly. The master first said, "It is estimated that it is just a little bit of injury to Yuan Shen."

Master Luo nodded in favor, and at the same time, he took something out of his pocket and began to toss. "I’ll give you some medicine to temporarily relieve your physical pain and stress. If you want to finish your recovery and have to rest for a while, just stay with your dad when you get back."
Wang Xi is really hurt when she drags at ordinary times. She can look at me and say, "Look, you’re killing me …" Her face is full of reluctance.
I look directly at my head.
In order to control some advanced and powerful imperial deities, the Imperial Master locked their own words. On the same day, Wang Xi was naturally injured after the second ghost was injured. If it were changed to Sang Yu Five Ghosts, the reason would not be simple. She is not a professional imperial master, and the ghost is just for her.
Master told me all this. It’s time for his old man to go back to his house. I’m not very interested. What really interests me? Why did Master Luo go?
The master didn’t answer this question. He stared at me for several minutes before sighing. "Wang Hetian, Harmony and Heshu, three generations of Wangs, are now in charge, but their hostility to Zhuge’s family is already very weak, so they are willing to lower their posture and come to us for help, hoping to re-enter the Chinese practice … which is a good thing for us …"
"It’s a good thing that you still go to Master Luo?" I smiled and pointed at my sister and joked, "Is Master going to find a husband’s family for my sister?" "Brother, how do you hate your younger sister’s thin skin and tender face?" Hu said all day long.
"The elder brother of the endowment is really a bad person. I can prove that Iron Ya also blows a ghostly lantern. If only I could be scolded by the master.
Master didn’t answer my words. He shook his head slightly. "It was a good thing, but there is always something wrong with my divination. I don’t know where it is-you must be careful when dealing with the Wangs.
"I’ve had a lot of dealings. I didn’t think there was anything wrong. I racked my brains and didn’t think there was a problem." Master, do you mean the Wangs will be bad for us? "
"It’s not that the master shook his head again." It’s not necessarily bad for us, but it’s you … "The master said that he suddenly stopped to look at me and wanted to think." Always be careful not to pack anything big for me.
"I what?" As soon as I was curious, I shook my head and wagged my tail in front of the master. "Tell me about it, master …"
"Say a fart master eye pedal" honestly go back to sleep.
What did your lordship see in the divination? If he doesn’t talk, I’ll do it myself … "Want to do the math myself?" Master grunted, "You’re not that big-don’t even think about your brothers. I told Mei that no one would help you with divination."
Let me see my sister. She bit her lip and squinted at her little head. Try harder-master, is this really not fooling me?
Back to the house, I still think that Wang Xi will come to talk to me first. "I will go back in Liu Getian-when the time comes, I will come to the land and water conference two days ago. You can treat me well once. What’s so delicious and interesting about Chengdu to show me around?"
"Introduce two younger sisters to you?" My eyes are tilted. "It’s okay to get married by playing with friends, or to talk about feelings …" "Don’t brush Wang Xi’s face red." I won’t come if I have a woman.
Hey, this guy hasn’t changed after such a long time, and he’s still afraid to get along with his sister.
Just thinking about it, I suddenly thought, "Wang Xi, is your sister coming?" My voice was calm and my speech speed was reasonable, and I didn’t change at all-of course, I was so sure that my heart was actually beating or I felt a little accelerated at that time.
"Well, Wang Xi nodded his head." We’ll come together then. "
"Take care of eating and controlling" is a sigh of relief. "I will personally show you around the Caotang, Wuhou Temple and Wenshuyuan, and then the hot pot snack bar is enough-by the way, I have several small shops of my own, and you can also go shopping then."
"ah! Do you still have business yourself? " Wang Xi is a little funny. "Aren’t you the seventh national security department?"
I haven’t spoken yet. "He’s the elder brother of the endowment. How can he have no business?"
When’ tis once spoken, I ha ha smiled. "I didn’t find the right person to say that Wang Jiacai, a capitalist, has land and tickets-iron you are small."
The three of them were laughing and laughing, and there was a little black lying next to them, fast asleep.
Section one hundred and fifty-nine The past is heavy
How many things can an all-nighter solve?
Facts have proved that the number of people is inversely proportional to the speed of decision-making. The fewer the number of people, the faster the decision-making will be. But in just one night, the five masters have formulated all the guidelines. The steps needed to hunt down Qiong Qi, the division of labor between the remaining two murderers, where to find the information, the arrangement of the land and water conference, and so on. Which overnight department has decided many things?
The next morning, not only Wang Xi and others were leaving, but at noon, I also left Taishan with my master and boarded the return plane.
When the plane landed at Shuangliu Airport, it was exactly after 9: 00 pm on October 20th, and when the land and water conference was held accurately on November 3rd, the organizer still sent someone from Master Zhang to contact and arrange this time in Dujiangyan, Sichuan.
Actually, this site selection is also a tragedy. After the accident, the strength of the original three departments of the seven national security departments decreased the most. What about us? More than half of the field workers died, and a bunch of people came out. According to the boss’s joke, "Who else has it besides us?"
Sigh in words
I know that the boss is going to ask me to earn some noodles for him at last, but now I always raise this injury, right? I came to prepare to send my master back to Dujiangyan. As a result, the master got into the car with his sister with a wave of his hand and left. It didn’t mean to let me drive-seeing that my master wouldn’t let me drive, he could apologize and spit out his tongue and drive away.
In just two months, the Xiaojiahe River has changed a lot. It turned out that the warehouse position was surrounded and turned into a big pit. It should be ready for construction. The car couldn’t get in. Tiexiaojiahe and I got out of the car along the street and walked in with our bags.
Tie is at least a student, so he should stay at school anyway, shouldn’t he? But this guy seems to be more idle than I am at ordinary times. He hangs around every day, even when he went back for a walk during the exam. He didn’t fail anything. After Ya graduated, I didn’t know that he actually went to the hospital and the leaders for a meal at the first time, and then … no one has been looking for trouble with Ya since.
Since this guy doesn’t leave, there’s nothing he can do. It’s just that more than one person can eat. Since he doesn’t want to pay, he can help. Anyway, it’s not convenient for me recently. I want to stay for a few days to recuperate. I don’t know if people are worse than a week. I’ll touch an old story …
It’s not difficult, but it doesn’t feel good. It’s like turning over hemorrhoids and getting a pair of blood.
It was after 9: 00 p.m. on the 27th, and I received a message from Sang Yu that I was going to come and shop and eat snacks with Wang Xi two days ago. By the way, look at my master. When I promised, I found that the house was in a mess, and cigarette butts and dust were all over the house-when I took out the mop and prepared to deal with it, I saw that the mop had already rotted.
I can’t go out and buy some tools to clean up.
I don’t know why my hand has been badly injured recently, but I shook my arm with the iron, and I got a lot of mops, brooms and towel basins. When I gave money, I found that several salespeople were staring at the door of Hongqi supermarket, and I didn’t know how many three-character classics I had cursed.
I didn’t notice that this place was surrounded until I went home in circles after going out.
Well, let’s put it this way. Before I lived in the warehouse, a simple fence had been erected to separate the construction site from the outside. There was some construction waste and waste outside-there was no such strict management system then, and it was okay for you to throw it around. Just clean it up at last.
In the corner, there is a lot of mud, slag, plastic bucket, broken wood blocks, but there is a lot of paper ash on the east and west sides.
I can’t help wondering if there are some yellow and red things in the paper ash. There are actually a lot of incense wax, traces of yellow paper, meat and wine samples that are very new …
"Hey, what are you doing?" Suddenly someone behind asked and turned his head to see that it was an uncle carrying a pot with a faint aroma of wine and meat. "What are you looking at?" Go, go, go or not. I’m going to call people old
Chengdu people speak like this. If my sister likes to bring a’ ha’ sound, it sounds more like an’ old’ or’ plug’ sound, and the tone feels heavier.
"Uncle, are you a claw?" I took two steps to get close to "What’s wrong with this room?" Handed out a red cloud and handed it to me. "I just lived here before. What do I know to say?"
Make faces next to the iron. Typical old ladies are both curious.
The smoke lit up and took a sip. Grandpa’s face was a little loose. "You didn’t know you lived here?" He was puzzled. "People here know that they are old now."
"Oh, the two of us used to live here, but later we went to work in other places-we didn’t know anything until we came back for two days. Grandpa, you told us, well, if there is anything we know, it’s better to pay attention to it."