Tang Yu doesn’t want to stay in the open air like this. If there is a cave, it can at least shelter from the wind and rain, and the night wind is too big and cold

Yunlie day readily agreed.
It’s better to sit here and blow dry with Tang Yu, and maybe we can find a good cave.
Two people got up and looked at Xia Houlian.
It’s a hill, but it’s not without caves. It’s a very small one.
If it’s shelter from the rain, it’s good to say that it’s too small to live in it.
"Fierce day brother-in-law, come and see, there is a hole here."
Summer is as exciting as discovering a new continent.
Tang Yu rushed over and sure enough, it was a hole, and it was unknown how big it was, and the hole was covered with weeds, vines, but it was never found.
"Cousin Lian, get out of the way."
Tang Yu drew out his sword and waved wildly to keep out the vines at the mouth of the cave.
Show a person can bend over to enter the mouth of the cave, frowning in a fierce day. "You wait outside for me to go in first."
He bent down to go in while talking.
While Xia Houlian handed Tang Yu to Yunsu, and he also leaned in.
This hole is not big just after entering it, but one of them became big after entering it alone. It is really spacious inside.
"You two come in quickly."
Xia Houlian shouted inside
At this time, Yunsu Tang Yu has also come to the cave and heard the sound of summer weather inside. Two people entered the cave in tandem.
"This hole is not small."
Cloud element eyed not commended.
"This hole is what we’re going to do. It’s amazing."
Xia Houlian seems to be very satisfied with this hole, too.
"Although there is no bed, I finally don’t sleep out."
Tang Yu also showed great satisfaction and turned a circle in the cave.
"Come and see!"
Yunlie suddenly shouted, and the three of them quickly walked towards the place where he made a sound.
It turns out that there is more than this hole, and there is another way to the inside. It is a fierce day to go deep and have an unexpected discovery.
"What happened to my brother-in-law?"
Tang Yu told people that at the same time, he had found a secret mouth. The light outside shone a lot brighter than outside. "There is a secret mouth here. Chapter 19 Secret mouth."
"But it seems that this cave is really a good place. I just went in and saw it. We can see it directly from here, so we can not only rest here, but also notice what will happen outside at any time."
"It’s great! I didn’t expect to find such a good place!"
Tang Yu laughed and just missed jumping up.
"Well, it’s been a long day today. You three take a rest first. I’ll stay here and wake you up at any time if anything happens."
Yunlie was talking and sitting in this hole.
Xia Houlian is a little embarrassed. How do you say that you are also a man?
How can I let my brother-in-law stand guard and go to bed by himself?
I want to say something, but I feel melodramatic. He is usually fine, but now he is polite, so he can’t say it anyway.
Yun Lietian seemed to see what was on his mind. "Does Cousin Lian feel sorry? Then it’s your turn to keep watch. Royal and I will have a rest?"
Summer Hou Lian just emerged a trace of guilt and vanished. "Hum, you want to be beautiful! I am tired, too! "
After that, I turned around and went to find a suitable place to rest.
On a cloudy day, sit in front of a stone wall with your back against it, which is relatively comfortable.
"Brother-in-law, I’m next to you."
Tang Yu suddenly sat next to him and he looked a little lonely.
Yu Xia Hou Lian Yunsu and the two of them began to repose.
On the other hand, Yunlie stayed by the mouth of the cave, staring straight at the outside, and everywhere he could see was under his surveillance until dark.
The night is quiet, but it comes out of the mountains, and the strange beasts sound, and the bugs are also screaming tirelessly.
Yun Su and Hou Lian are back-to-back and seem to be asleep, but they are still on high alert.
Sitting at the mouth of the cave on a cloudy day sometimes closes his eyes, but it won’t be long before he opens his eyes to observe one.
He wants something to happen quickly, but he doesn’t want anything to happen at the same time.
So once something happens, it means a fierce battle.
Suddenly, a red shadow came out of nowhere and cut the night. Suddenly, it caught the attention of Yunlie Day. Although it was far away, she also saw a red dot jumping around, but it was definitely a person.
"Lian Cousin"
Yunlie day staring at the red dot called Tang Yu.
Summer Hou Lian heard the sound, the horse opened his eyes and got up. At the same time, Yunsu also heard it and walked towards Yunlie Day.
Yunlie day hand refers to the distance.
"This figure is so fast!"
Even Yun Su, who is far away, realizes that this person’s flying skill is not in himself.
"This woman in red, I have seen Uncle Chen once. She moves very fast and has slipped away directly in Haoping without any harm."
"I’ll go and see."
Yunsu was impatient. After waiting for so long, she finally waited for an opponent to appear.
Of course, I won’t miss going out when I’m talking.
"Wait a minute!"
Yunlie stopped her, "Look again. Maybe we can get more favorable clues from this person."
"But if you miss this time, you will never wait for her to appear. Chapter 11 is missing.
"It’s gone now!"
I’ve been staring at the red shadow at the mouth of the cave, and Tang Yu’s sparkling eyes are a little lost, but my eyes are still looking for hope to see the red shadow again
Yun Suyun suddenly looked around and found it, and it was gone. The red shadow looked at each other and four pairs of eyes gathered at the mouth of the cave to find it.