Goose asked me if I was worried about Dan Tai or Xie Yiming.

Reach out and play a bullet in the brain. I’ll talk about a topic.
Goose pouted and said I was avoiding the problem. I said I didn’t have the heart to go into Goose’s question just now in such a big environment.
Goose said that my IQ is not as good as it used to be. I don’t go into the question at all. I need to ask my heart to get the answer easily.
I’m not sure about Goo Tsai’s suggestion. Change the subject and talk to Goo Tsai about something else.
Ask yourself, my answer is obvious.
From the moment I heard that the old horse Dan Tai Li Zheng Xie Yiming removed the body seal, I was most worried about Xie Yiming casting Dan Tai Li.
When I received the Dan Tai glass from Dan Tai glass without removing the seal at all, what danger would the caster have? That is to say, he would be time-consuming and labor-intensive.
Goose and I will stay in front of the glass house in Dan Tai for another two hours. Goose and I always wait until the door opens.
The door opened and Dan Tai glass came out of the room with a tired face. With that bohemian smile on her lips, she asked me if Goo Tsai and I were waiting for the flowers to wither.
I said that the flowers thanked half and asked Dan Tai Li Xie Yiming about it.
Dan Tai Li said that Xie Yiming had just been unsealed and was not used to it. He needed to be a quiet and beautiful man for a while.
The seal has been removed. There is no danger for Xie Yiming to be a quiet and beautiful man, but it is not suitable to be disturbed.
The seal was always removed. Both Dan Tai Li and Xie Yiming were safe. This situation relaxed my heart. I asked Dan Tai Li why it took so long.
Dan Tai Li said that as Xie Yiming removed the body seal, he found that there was a seal in Xie Yiming’s brain immediately.
When Xie Yiming lifted the seal in his brain, it took too long to delay.
At this point, Dan Tai Li took me with one hand and Goo Zi with the other to my room and said that he was very tired when I called him to sleep, and he needed to have a rest.
Look at Dan Tai’s tired face, I didn’t ask him what the seal was again in Xie Yiming’s mind. I was led by Xie Yiming to return to my room with Gu Zi and me.
After Dan Tai Li came to my room, she crossed her legs and took a breath for a while, and then she patted him on the right side of the bed and asked me and Goo Tsai who would accompany him to rest.
When I heard Dan Tai Li’s words, I threw Goo Zi, who was sitting on my leg, into Dan Tai Li’s body and said that he would be responsible for the alert and leave it to me.
"Brother Li, do you think I’m fit to go back to Yinzhu at the moment?" Goo Zi lay on Dan Tai glass body with long eyelashes.
Goose boy inquired about the export. Dan Tai Glass nodded and laughed and praised Goose boy for his vision.
"It turns out that Brother Li thinks I’m suitable to stay. Well, I can’t promise you." Gu Zi lay on the right side of Dan Tai Glass and smiled and bent his eyes.
"Little Lord Goo Zi bullied me" Dan Tai Li Ku frowned.
"I didn’t see anything." I couldn’t help laughing at the interaction between Goo Tsai and Dan Tai Li.
"Brother Li, are you delusional about being bullied? Sister Ran said she didn’t see me bullying you. Do you want to question my sister Ran’s discrimination?" Goo Tsai laughed and rolled over her belly bed.
"Goo Tsai is so unkind." Dan Tai Glass woke up and Goo Tsai laughed when he didn’t fall off the bed.
When Goo Tsai is quiet, he will stay with Dan Tai Li, and Dan Tai Li will soon fall asleep.
I sat by the bed and instantly moved out of the diviner’s ring, and the master copied it for me to practice.
The room was silent for a while, and Goo Zi lay prone on the bed for a while, glancing at me for a while, and glancing at the lip corner of Dan Tai glass, I don’t know what silly joy is.
Goose responded and asked me to raise my forehead. I asked Goose to tell Grandma and Jiang Yan that Dan Tai Li had successfully lifted the seal by Xie Yiming.
Goose boy left the room as promised, and then came back soon to continue to lie on the bed for a while, glancing at me for a while, and glancing at Dan Tai’s lip corner with silly joy.
I focus on practicing divination.
Dan Tai Li slept for less than an hour when she suddenly woke up, sat up, looked around, and then grabbed my hand and sat next to the bed and breathed a sigh of relief.
I asked Dan Tai Li what happened. Dan Tai Li shook her head and said it was just a nightmare.
I asked about nightmares, but Dan Tai Li didn’t talk about dreams. It was a good thing that it was a dream just now.
Goose boy, at this time, Dan Tai Li brought a towel and said that Dan Tai Li’s reaction just now scared him. He now has a large psychological shadow area.
Dan Tai glass towel to wipe his forehead cold sweat gently smiled and asked Goo Tsai if he should reduce Goo Tsai’s psychological shadow to save his life.
Goo Tsai laughed while covering her mouth and said that it’s not too late to wait until he thought of it.
Look at Dan Tai Li’s eyes are full of blood at the moment. I asked him to rest for a while. Dan Tai Li said that he had rested so that I could tell him about my grandmother and Jiang Yan’s experience after returning to a small village in Zi Shan.
Things in the small village of Zi Shan involve the Nine-headed Bird in this world and the Tucun Village. On the 7th, there will be a large number of ghosts who are suitable for the statue of the Nine-headed Bird to listen to Dan Tai Li. Let me tell him about the experience, and I will start at once.
Dan Tai glass listened to me quietly. After I finished, my forehead was slightly wrinkled. From the bed, he had to arrange everything early.
Dan Tai left the room after finishing the glass, and Goo Zi and I began to practice the method of combining Yin Zhu and Yang Zhu.
Once again, I began to study the double-bead combination method. Goose and I didn’t stop studying the double-bead combination method until Xie Yiming came to the room and called me and Goose House.
I don’t know how long Goo Zi and I have been practicing the double-bead combination this time. I know Goo Zi and I have already upgraded the double-bead combination to a higher level. During the study period, Goo Zi and I came to this room to rest for three times.
Every time Dan Tai Li comes back to have a rest, it’s hard to hide her tiredness. She lies in bed and looks at me practicing. Goo Tsai and I will soon fall asleep.
I stayed and practiced the double-bead merger method. When I went upstairs with Goose Xie Yiming, I asked Xie Yiming if he had done everything he could to seal the seven ghosts in front of him.
Xie Yiming nodded and said that he had told me that the seal in his mind was the seven ghosts of the whole river.
I was surprised by Xie Yiming’s words. Xie Yiming said that he also knew that seven of the seven ghosts in the Qihe River were practicing the one-seventh ghost road Juexue separately, and he didn’t know what the situation was.