More, the smoother he operates in the network industry, thus forming a perfect operating body, which is growing and expanding itself, and gradually forming a monopoly power in the market. Once formed in the game industry, this power is extremely large, even if there is a good game, it will be a good investment. If you don’t give a little money to collect what you don’t give to the game industry leader, then I will give you some face. I have strong technical strength. Come and see who plays the same game more, whether it is playing you or playing me. It is very obvious.

It is self-evident who the game developers will choose, because the operators are too scum and eventually closed down. At this time, even if the operators have the ability, who else can the developers choose? They can choose one of the successful competitors, and in the end, many game companies will find that they never seem to wait for hūn days to come, because they have chosen others. In this case, it is better to quit the industry honestly and save the time.
However, game developers are not fools, and personal monopoly is not good for them. The game developed through hard work has a buyer who can push down the price casually. They will also have the choice to cultivate monopoly opponents. Sometimes, even if they prefer to earn less, they have to find ways to give it to other operating companies. It is far-sighted to fight Hun for a long time in this industry, and those who have no vision will leave with a shot. However, with the accumulation of technology, monopoly companies begin to have independent capabilities, so it is hard to say.
Today, the overall situation of the game industry has become more and more towards that complete monopoly, and the surging trend of the Qin Dynasty and the Six Kingdoms seems to be unstoppable. If there is an accident, this company seems to be a winner. At this time, other operating companies will either unite to overthrow it or have a higher national level force to intervene in antitrust. Otherwise, it is doomed that the whole game industry will be smashed with the intervention of the power of the Second World, and the whole network industry will face pre-changes. His dream of unifying the day and autumn will be shattered in a flash.
Since that day, the earth behind nv Guardian Church hoped to explain its spirit likeness. After arrival, except for a small sun in the sky, the stars outside the body seemed to have not moved much. After repeated consideration, the countries of the earth did not take any action. On that day, the power displayed by Li Zhi was too great, and even the current overlord of the earth was afraid of it. He did not take direct measures, so there was no obvious conflict. However, since that day, the expansion of Wen Guardian Church has become extremely rapid and more. People began to hold spells, which made Zhi Li, the incarnation of the main world, break through the sixth order at an extremely horrible speed. Now it has entered the seventh order, and the middle part of it is rapidly moving towards the order. The expansion speed of humanitarian forces has become extremely rapid when there is enough population and he has enough realm to control. Millions of people share 10% of their thinking power, and a field of speaking can be forged. Ten million people are enough to break the seventh order, 200 million people can break into the ninth order, and 6 billion people can enter into the ninth order. This is only 10% sharing and integration. If it is higher, it will be even What’s more, these people will naturally gather the power of faith all the time. One day, their faith is insignificant, but they are all the time in the main world. The stronger the power of this humanitarian incarnation is, the stronger he is in the field of natural development. The seventh-order field has expanded to the extent of Fiona Fang, and the composition of the world has just adapted to the laws of the universe. The physical form of the universe is not changed when it needs to be revised. But now the world is expanding, but Zhi Li has no more H 3U to take the sun’s glory, because he no longer needs such a big move to communicate directly. There is a virtual interface where there is an exhausted worldThe light of the kingdom of other gods is getting brighter and brighter in the earth orbit. This glory is not only a material glory, but also a soothing spirit. All believers can feel a sense of peace in this glory. Those who rely on parasitic human beings to live in low-level animals will never dare to get close to those who can receive this glory. This contribution is to make the belief of those who were able to get close to animals more stable. On this day, Zhi Li added a new spell name to the humanitarian network. This and the divination can give animals wisdom to transcend their beasts and make them. The source of the more spiritual spell is his natural incarnation, which belongs to the field of living things. The magical skill has been touched by this magical skill, and the real partner of human beings can develop real wisdom. At the same time, his online game plan has been launched. On April 15, 2012, the Guardian Church, after less than half a month of preparation, all game lovers are looking forward to the real virtual online game. At this time, the Guardian Church in all countries in the world has finally interviewed for a good camp. The marketing channel has already started to sell the game. The access equipment is not a virtual helmet, but a small one. With J Ο ng’s crystal bracelet, he can enter an unprecedented virtual online game called "The Second World" which was developed by God and claimed to be immortal before the kingdom."This is a perfect virtual online game. The virtual degree is 100% like the real world. What are you waiting for, online game fans? What are you waiting for? No gimmicks for life. The operating company collects nothing and does not interfere with the players’ realization of real fairness? What are you waiting for? Do you want to get eternal life before the gods live forever? Do you want to change your destiny? If you want, what are you waiting for?"In less than half a month, advertisements were bombed crazily, and earth orbit appeared again. The satellite Gavin Guardian Church registered more and more believers. The virtual online game named "The Second World" has not only become popular, but the whole world is shocked by this game, and this game is not just as simple as the game, because the game is a virtual world, but in this world everything is consistent with the realistic laws to obtain some special restrictions. Researchers can even mobilize the virtual world in the virtual world to give extraordinary power to carry out it. Research and à is just the supernatural power in the virtual world, not the reality, which is simply a piece of cake for Zhi Li. The reality of making the supernatural power in the virtual world is perfect and consistent. The real supernatural power in the virtual world can’t mobilize all the people who enter the virtual world, so that the supernatural power is created by his vision to perceive the illusion, that is to say, players will not play games in it, and the Guardian Church of Mana will start their plans as soon as they receive Zhi Li’s decree. First of all, he We invited many famous scientists from all over the world to give them a special opportunity to study a simulated earth-moving world, where they can make all the scientific research equipment that conforms to the laws of the universe, so that they can have the same level of gods in the virtual world, and of course they can also do scientific research in such a world for leisure. It can be said that scientific research has always been a dream of scientists, and a theory has been painstakingly developed. The theory that a certain achievement often cannot be transformed into economic achievements is that scientific research organizations and scientific research forces in various countries do not know to invest every year.With less money, it’s different to have this limited virtual world for research. If you want to know the theory and structure, you can build it here. What instruments do you need? The real investment is to treat and pay scientists, and at the same time, making bracelets with special research purposes is not only for the church itself, but also for scientists. All countries have distributed a large number of bracelets to the countries. The attitude of the church is exactly the attitude of the gods. In a word, I need to believe. I will give you unimaginable rewards if you don’t interfere with everything else. These bracelets are not only warriors and guardians of the church’s attitude, but also show the power of the gods to engage in scientific research. What is better than your low-level research methods? I will give you a piece of it. This research is convenient because I hope you can make better humanitarian contributions and raise the level of literature so that the gods can have more beliefs.
These bracelets have been sent out and tried by ethnologists from various countries. At this time, which country will move against the current? All countries know that a new round of changes in the society has arrived, and the power of the tip of the iceberg shown by the gods has shocked them. A new era has arrived. No one wants to be eliminated by the times, so they can move with the current. No one will try to hinder the action of the guardian of the text. Occasionally, two eyes are open and they are gladiators. Facts show that these bracelets are beneficial to the Guardian Church, and soon the experts in these countries will find that this is only a temporary convenience, because with the Second World becoming a wizard or the Church becoming a wizard, they will be able to acquire knowledge freely and directly, which scientists need to inherit for decades, so that every wizard can have less knowledge than top scientists and the number of low-level wizards is bound to be high. Go. At this time, although the action of the Guardian of Literature is the first in the Second World, there are also some other small plans at the same time. With the expansion of the Guardian of Literature, the structure of the teaching organization is becoming more and more rigorous. There are two main aspects to determine the members of the teaching department. First, the strength is high, and the strength of the teaching organization is strong. The higher the strength, the higher the status.The first batch of people who were eliminated were all online games companies, who claimed to have changed their destiny and gained extraordinary strength before the kingdom of God, and struggled for themselves. Since he appeared in the world of Zhang Yongsheng én votes, all online games have become popular even if he is beautiful and fun. The whole online market has become more than a million. Ten million games are deserted overnight as if ghosts haunt them. The decline of these games is a problem of the time. A company has a complete structure when it is prosperous, but when it is at a low ebb, if it doesn’t want to quit the industry completely, more often, it must maintain this structure until a hūn day arrives, and this maintenance will be endured even if it is a loss, otherwise, even if the structure is scattered and everyone runs away, it is impossible to form such a scale again, and if the times are progressing. If you can’t make progress together, then everything will pass by with time. In the game industry, a good game has vitality. In the early stage, players are willing to give a few yuan, but after the winning period, they will start to climb the slope. Even the best game has this process. Once it starts to climb the slope, winter seems to have arrived, maintaining the structure and reducing expenses. Wait for an hūn day, and when will hūn day come? Only another new game can attract enough players to give money. And he can grasp it. If there is no new game, if you don’t go to the past, even if it is open and has a glorious history, it is doomed to a bleak end. In just over ten years since the birth of this industry, several companies have proved this in their own life. Several online games were born every year, and several of them were able to operate successfully, but there were only a few in the past.Where is the successful miracle? With the development of the times, several companies are hiding in a corner to compete and fight in this industry and quietly accumulate strength. The winner seems to be coming. The premise is that if there is no Second World, showstopper or other factors will appear … When the Second World comes out, all the companies that operate online games are improper. When the power behind the operation of the Second World is unshakable, many companies are directly involved. I went to play football, play football, engage in other real economy, engage in other real economy. A few other companies are now looking forward to seeing the company that is about to win the final winner. Who is it?This company started as an instant messaging software, and after accumulating several times, it entered the game industry and expanded his business to all aspects of the network. At first, it was inconspicuous, but later, after the instant messaging software accumulated to a certain amount, the trend of surging has already formed. Even if there are no more games, no one will worry about playing them, and a good game can promote each other and attract more. The smoother he operates in the network industry, the more perfect it will be, and the more it will grow. The market gradually forms a monopoly power in the market, which is extremely huge. Once it is formed in the game industry, those who want to get ahead even if there is a good game, it will be the investment. If your game is good and you don’t give a little money, why don’t you give it to the boss of the game industry? Then I will give you some face. I have strong technical strength. Come and see who will watch the same game more, whether to play you or play me. It is very obvious that game developers will choose if they have the technology, capital and integrity. It goes without saying that there are many good games in the history of the game industry. At this time, even if the operators have the ability, they will be shut down. Who else can developers choose? In the end, many game companies will find that they can never wait for the arrival of hūn days once they enter the severe winter, because they have already chosen others. In this case, it is better to quit the industry honestly, saving time and money, but game developers are not fools. Personal monopoly is not good for them, and it is hard to develop games.There is a choice to cultivate monopoly opponents. Sometimes, even if you prefer to earn less, you have to find a way to give it to other operating companies. This is far-sighted. Those who have no vision will leave with a shot, so it’s ok.
However, with the accumulation of technology and monopoly, the company began to have independent ability, so it is hard to say.
At present, the overall situation of the game industry has become more and more towards that complete monopoly, and the surging trend of the Qin Dynasty and the Six Kingdoms seems to be unstoppable. If there is an accident, this company seems to be a winner. At this time, other operating companies will either unite to overthrow him or have a higher national level force to intervene in antitrust. Otherwise, the whole game industry is doomed to be smashed with the intervention of the power of the Second World, and the whole network industry will face pre-changes. His dream of unifying the sky and falling in autumn is rapidly shattered. Please log in and read it is a pleasure, and I suggest you collect it.
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At this time, the genius Meng couldn’t shine, but Wu Xianyun didn’t just get up, but was on his way back to the dormitory. He walked past a package point and bought a cup of soybean paste with two onion rolls and two pickled mustard tuber bags. This was his breakfast. At this time, Meng had opened several internet cafes next to the package point, and many students came out of the internet cafe in twos and threes.
Their eyes are sunken and their faces are decaying. When they look at it carefully, there is a layer of poorly ventilated Internet cafes. They have stayed in it for a long time. They have a unique smell of smoke and smoke. These are all students who fight all night in the Internet cafes. One by one, they stoop. It is typical that they are poor and short, but they are not short, so they are short every night. At this time, Wu Xianyun will come out of the Internet cafes like them, and then grab something to eat casually, and then sleep until four o’clock in the afternoon. Finally, they have lunch and dinner together. When it is late,
In the past three years, apart from being a little honest in freshman year, who will go to class as honestly as freshmen in sophomore year and junior year? Of course, failing classes has become a common practice. That’s because the internet is getting more and more expensive now, and there are so many lives every month. If you don’t want to go hungry and want to have a good night, you usually choose to spend the past few years in Wu Xianyun.
But today is different, although he stayed up all night, but he was not in the Internet cafe. If someone pays attention, he can find something in his hand. There, he has a smaller crystal than others, and J Ο ng gives the bracelet. This is the result of Wu Xianyun’s efforts for two days. The virtual J Ο ng God network access bracelet in the Second World. God knows how long the queue there is at the bracelet sale point. Compared with the hūn train, it is not inferior to the Se Zheng F incarnation. Many people are arranged to maintain order.
Fortunately, Wu Xianyun was ready to take two bottles of mineral water and a big bag of steamed bread when he went to the queue. With these two bottles of mineral water and a big bag of steamed bread, Wu Xianyun persisted for two days and finally got this bracelet. To tell the truth, when huā took this bracelet for one hundred yuan, he felt that the advertisement was overwhelming, not like the dog collar.
Wu Xianyun said that the dog collar is a kind of magnetic magic ring and physical therapy health care that can cure all diseases. Ku, a commodity that Se sells is expensive and extremely rubbish. Some people believe the advertisement. huā paid a lot of money to buy it. A classmate around Wu Xianyun actually bought a dormitory and didn’t dare to take it out. Because he got it, he was found by his roommates and joked that he bought a dog collar at a big price, and the wind soon went out and told him not to be embarrassed to meet people at school, but this was not his own.
An old man in his family saw this advertisement and saw that the magic ring had such a good effect. There were so many people who showed up after bringing it, saying that they could go to the fifth floor in one breath. It was handsome and beautiful nv and a big public star. Well, the old man asked his family to buy him one without thinking. He didn’t know how to look at shopping, otherwise he would just buy it himself.
That classmate’s parents have also seen the advertisement, and everyone treats it as a joke, but the old man believes it. It’s unfilial to buy it anyway. The old man feels that he is old. These nv are becoming more and more inappropriate. He is too burdensome and heartless. He has to buy his own money and buy this classmate’s parents. They don’t believe it, so they also shirk that they won’t be honored. When he got to the classmate, this happened.
Nowadays, people don’t believe that social advertisements can be real and ghosts, and those famous brands can play all kinds of fake problems. Those who watch shopping and advertising programs, not to mention the magnetic magic ring and physical therapy, come out every year. Even if they are good, they will treat all diseases. Only those old people will believe these other people. How can you believe these visual advertisements? If they don’t work, who will do it every day is to show them to those gullible old people. Family affairs are a microcosm of several families in the country. [Chapter reading by you is a kind of enjoyment.
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At the end of a game, your classmates killed a guy who stayed up all night and were tired. They were ready to take a shower and sleep for a day, but more than half of them couldn’t sleep. DOA, once put into the game, was often impossible to be delivered in an instant. Even if Wu Xianyun slept, they could be sure that they were playing DOA in their dreams. It is estimated that they were also turning into a hero to play the dream DOA. As soon as they entered the dormitory, Wu Xianyun smelled a foul smell, and he gently breathed a sigh of relief. This kind of college boys’ dormitory generally smelled foul and didn’t think about what he was starting.
I think these students who hold their brains every day usually have no nv friends, but what should I do if there is a need? Then you can solve it yourself. Although you know that it’s not good to come here, your mouth is still saying "It’s healthier". This business has long formed a habit. In fact, the key to "I don’t mind" is that you should also pay attention to hygiene. There is a saying that it’s better to wash and be healthier. After that, please go and have a good wash. After that, you are too lazy to get up and wash because of heavy games. Wipe a handful of birds at most.
Ku doesn’t change it for five or six days, and soon this kind of smell will come out. If you go into the quilt again, it will be even worse. For a long time, the whole dormitory will smell like this. This is called living in the dormitory. Other students like Wu Xianyun are so human that they want to move out, but they have no money to endure it. They have gradually become accustomed to it, but they are somewhat uncomfortable when they are not back in the dormitory these two days.
He fanned slightly and sighed. He said something more, but now he is too lazy to say it. Have you changed your dormitory? Many dormitories are indistinguishable from here. "Lao Wu, where have you been these two days? You won’t really queue up to get that dog necklace thing, will you? "Liu Zhanfeng, who spoke in the same dormitory, was the one who had previously played the axe king. This barrel is the latest to join the DOA army. One is the axe king, and the other is that the horses are rough and thick, and they are very resistant. Se, who is easy to die, is probably a novice and scolds people for being silly. He took the name of Zhanfeng on the 11th.
Liu Zhanfeng, a dog necklace, woke up at the same time. It’s no wonder that Wu Xianyun hasn’t seen it for a few days and didn’t go all night. It’s really queuing to buy a dog necklace. Think about it. It’s also a virtual online game equipment. It’s not too fall in price to buy such high-end things for 100 yuan. Moreover, according to Xuan, this equipment has all the functions of mobile phones and communication software, so it’s amazing to sell it for 100 years. If college students can believe it, even if they get it in the last two days, it’s still questionable to send trial
It is precisely because there are too many advertising scams in this country that those online games didn’t close down in one day. There are still many unbelievers or reluctant to go to huā, where tens of millions of people went to play without leaving. Although the people inside have become quotations compared with the previous grand occasion, some people finally played "Wu Xianyun, this is what you queued for two days. huā bracelet works well and is worth a few dollars."
Other students quipped that Wu Xianyun had raised the bracelet without paying any attention to them, saying "you will regret it" and then ignoring the fact that when more and more people own this bracelet, this group of students really regret it, but what can they do? I just want to buy the bracelet from Wu Xianyun at ten times the price, and Wu Xianyun won’t sell it, either, because the bracelet has been bound by the soul when I receive it. "This Wu Xianyun really put this bracelet as a treasure unless huā bought one hundred fakes and was stabbed j:"
If you don’t cooperate with adults, you won’t tease each other. Take a bath in a bucket, do something relaxing by the way, and then sleep until noon. Wu Xianyun went to her side of Hu, but she saw that Hu was surrounded by a single group to make accounts, which made people unable to see what was inside. Look at Hu, a man and a nv, and two pairs of shoes. At one time, there were hundreds of unpleasant things in my heart: advertisements, words, and more "rubbish."
This wonderful work such as Hu’s classmate turned out to be bringing nv friends to this dormitory, which smells worse than foul smell. Take Hu’s sheet and spread it around and roll around with nv friends for a night. Hu’s sheet confirmed that he was not in this shop these two days, but there are still four students in the dormitory. To tell the truth, Gao Shuai’s rich playing nv people outside will not be more hated than this kind of person. It is normal for people to be rich and beautiful to play, but this guy would have gone out to get a room or live together if he wanted money and money.
This time, even Wu Xianyun was scolded by the dog * This classmate nv friend, who had all seen a good appearance, didn’t buy a brain in the dormitory at the beginning. When this classmate wanted to do things but didn’t want to go to the dirty luàn small room outside to open a room, he mostly sent some money by himself to let them go to the internet all night. Later, this fellow became more and more reckless. Later, someone in the dormitory was able to keep nv friends for the night, but he lost his nv friends. He was able to bear the fact that it was love and even shame, whether it was love or eating marrow and knowing taste.
Before HUANG, Wu Xianyun kept silent. If he climbed to the shop, I’m afraid he would start up a pool of gulls. Wu Xianyun was slightly annoyed at this time. Although he was excited now, he was very tired after two days. He went to the dormitory and wanted to have a good sleep. What else to do? He grabbed HUANG directly and climbed him. Although it was not big, it surprised both of them at the same time. "Who?" The classmate asked weakly.
Wu Xianyun paid no attention to it, but fell directly to Hu’s belly and went to sleep. However, he entered a deep sleep and turned on the bracelet and entered the virtual hall. At this time, the virtual hall of J and jīng God’s world was much bigger than before, so I don’t know how many times. Therefore, this time, I sent 10 million bracelets and 1 million special bracelets at a time. How can so many people in the original virtual hall connect with the virtual hall through bracelets at this time? There are already many people holding bracelets in a huge square in front of the high hall, and it is difficult to count people who are familiar with the corresponding functions.
"So many people?" Wu Xianyun walks in the square. Although there are many people here, there is no noise, because the whole square naturally has a majesty, which can be seen by all people without thinking about it. It is the flow of divine power, which naturally brings out a solemn feeling. Who will make any special sound on this occasion? Here, everyone’s jiā stream is completed through the bracelet. Through the bracelet, they can have a direct spiritual conversation and can keep the chat record. The video is wonderful and there is no limit to the distance. If there is a limit on both sides of the conversation, they can communicate with each other.
"The real name is not suitable, so I have to get a screen name, so that other people’s hand ring display is not his name, but the screen name." Wu Xianyun thought a little about taking the last two words of the name directly, and then added a divination. His real name in the second world and the humanitarian network was thus determined. After the name was successful, the function of the hand ring was also turned on. At this time, many other functions were dark except entering the virtual temple, including entering the second world, and other functions just made Wu Xianyun yearn for it.
For example, the knowledge can be introduced freely, and the bracelet can also be a lot of knowledge, and at that time it will be upgraded to a personal assistant brain bracelet, which will be directly integrated into the body and have many other functions. However, it will only be opened if the gods establish a certain degree of connection, and it will become a first-order wizard. This assistant brain will also be stronger, and the ability of assistant brain at different levels will be different. The higher it is, the more powerful it will be.
Wu Xianyun, an adult believer, don’t even think about it. It’s very difficult for a believer like him to establish a belief, but it’s good to establish a connection and upgrade the bracelet if he wants to recite a spell. Wu Xianyun has already planned to recite a spell, and at the same time, the struggle in the second world is also to recite a spell together during the day and fight in the second world at night. He intends to be very clear about this, and he can grasp himself and carry it out firmly.
A little familiar with the bracelet function, his mind will be in the second world. At this time, although the second world is not open, the bracelet can be connected to the corresponding materials, which means that it will also have the power in the second world. In addition, the second world level can be converted to different levels of believers, and the bracelet function will naturally gradually open up. "It’s almost impossible to wait, as if it was the first time to play online games."
Although Wu Xianyun is moving, he still focuses all his attention on the introduction of the second world. The introduction is not much. It simply describes the situation of the second world. Please treat the second world as a real world, not just the game. Upgrading here is not necessarily about killing monsters. At the beginning, it depends on the player’s cultivation, but this cultivation theory can be carried out outside the game. Only when there is a certain level can there be a real upgrade, which can be accelerated and accumulated, but the realm is not simply accumulated and broken.