Bai Juan and his apprentice spoke highly of him, saying that he was the only one in the world who could never find another one.

Sometimes when Bai Lutiao is bored, he will talk back and say, "Didn’t I practice very well?" I can’t do it. I just practice. Why do you always talk about others! "
Bai Juan and he are not angry. His attitude is to reach out and pat him on the head, then sigh and turn away.
Bailutiao is not concerned about this.
When the number of times increased, Bai Lutiao was really unhappy, so he ran to find Niang to complain and ask her if she knew who his father’s apprentice was.
Then Bailu Tiao learned from Qiu Huiye that King Lin was here, but Qiu Huiye repeatedly stressed that you should not tell people about King Lin, even if what she said was a thing of the past, you should never say a word in front of outsiders.
White road is not white, but he always listens to his mother and nods deeply.
When he grows up, he can find out about the king himself. Ji can find out that he has found out all the things that are unknown. Bai Juan and he also told him all the things that have been kept in his heart for many years when he was fifteen years old.
Bai Juan and pulling strings, who always believed that Qin Xiuzan had been wronged, were probably the emperor now.
Bai Lutiao knows that Bai Juan and his heart are persistent, although he has doubts, but he believes that his father and his father also believe that people who praise him so much will not do outrageous things.
But time has passed for too long, and I couldn’t find any evidence at first, but now I’m afraid I can’t find anything.
It is extremely difficult to find out the truth in those days.
Bai Juan and Zeng Bailu said that in his lifetime, it was necessary for Qin Xiuzan to clear his guilt, and those who lost their lives would get justice.
No matter what you do, Bai Lutiao will choose to follow Bai Juanhe.
This is the first time that Bai Lutiao really met Qin Xiuzan.
Can let his father treat people so differently, let his mother value people so much. He once wanted to meet this king palace because he was guilty of killing his father, let alone his portrait. Even his name can’t be named in this Kyoto city.
The appearance of Qin Xiuzan is not quite the same as Bai Lutiao imagined.
He, he will be a strong and mighty man with a height of more than one foot, but now he is handsome and over forty years old. Although he is tall, he is thin and thin, which means that he seems normal but gives people a sense of fragility like a piece of paper.
I don’t know what he has experienced in these years when he was abandoned in martial arts and trapped in Qianzhou
White road all locked eyebrows lax to fundus dignified gradually turned into doubt.
Qin Xiuzan’s eyes moved away from Liang Yannian’s body and moved away from the white road. His eyes blinked and he looked at it with a smile. "You should be the White House, and the white road has grown so big."
Smell speech white road all the way from his own thoughts, hurriedly hand salute "seen the king’s palace"
"You’re welcome." Qin Xiujun lifted his hand before he left. "You are a teacher, so I need to be a stranger."
Bai Lutiao said, "You still can’t lose the rules."
Qin Xiuzan chuckled.
Liang Yannian quietly looked at them behind Bailu Tiao, wondering in their hearts. Both eyes were puzzled. What is this? They know each other?
Marshal Bai?
King Lin … I haven’t heard of it, but I think Bailu Tiao’s attitude towards him should be a distinguished person.
But it seems that she came here to retrieve her mother’s umbrella.
"Ahem …" Liang Yan cleared his throat and asked carefully, "I’m here to retrieve my mother’s umbrella at the Temple of the King. Can you give it back to me?"
Qin Xiuzan smiled and handed the umbrella to Liang Yannian.
Liang Yannian blinked and carefully stretched out his hands to pick up "Thank you"
After catching the umbrella, she looked up and saw Qin Xiuzan still staring at her eyes with a smile, and her eyes seemed to stick to her.
She could see her face clearly reflected in his eyes.
His eyes don’t look like those hooligans flirting with good women in the street, but like the kind that I haven’t seen my thoughts for years and I don’t want to look away easily because I haven’t seen them for a long time.
Liang Yannian blinked and frowned slightly. She didn’t know that he was going to look at himself or that he was interested, but her body consciousness leaned behind her to avoid his sight.
I’ve got the umbrella and it’s time to go back
Liang Yannian held an umbrella in one hand and reached out with the other hand to pull the white road sleeve trail "Duke, we should go back."
White road all nodded "good"
Then he saluted Qin Xiuzan. "It’s getting late in the palace, so we’ll leave first."
Liang Yannian also saluted in accordance with statecraft.
Qin Xiuzan laughed and said, "Go and pay attention to safety."
Bailu Tiao took Liang Yannian’s hand and led her away like when she came.
Qin Xiuzan followed them to the front of the door and looked at them at the door far away. His eyes flashed slightly and a little gratified smile emerged from his eyes.
Both children have grown up.
It’s a perfect match together
Green Guan waited at the exit of that road for Liang Yannian and Bailu Tiao to lead them out.
After they left for a moment, they brushed their clothes before she appeared. Her long hair was rolled up in a bun, and there was a fresh peony all over her head, which should be fancy, but so many ornaments were put on her head, but she was charming and not vulgar, and her beautiful face added a little charm.
She went to Qin Xiujun’s room.
Qin Xiuzan sat on the nanmu chair by the window, picked up the teacup, waved it gently, and took an elegant sip. The tea brewed in the cup was fresh and mellow.
Brush clothes salute in front of him "master miss Liang San Bai Ergong has left Biyun Building"
Qin Xiuzan slowly rubbed his thumb from the edge of the teacup. He squinted as if he was thinking.
Brush clothes carefully looked up and looked at his face and quickly bowed his head. "Is there any concern in the master’s heart?"
"How did she react when I asked you to tell her about the White House?"
Brush clothes one leng, but quickly react Qin Xiuzan said "she" refers to Liang Yannian she replied "she doesn’t believe in speaking".
"Do you say so?"
"Just tell the owner what you said."
Qin Xiu hae-chan cu cu light tut a hand back "know you go to busy"