And now

The aftermath of the fierce battle between Eluz and Kaiduoyun fell in the waters around Fang, and the destructive power brought by the struggle between them was higher than that of Jack and Dylan. Many of them just caused storms and tsunamis.
Fortunately, the desert island has a natural harbor, and the fleet brought by Elus was moored in it without receiving a storm, which greatly affected that the tsunami was destroyed by Fran before it got close to the fleet. The fighting experience of the maid lady is a little less than that of Dylan and other attendants, but her strength is real.
It’s hard for Fran to fall into the tsunami.
Fran raised her delicate and lovely fist and punched out at the high-pressure tsunami expression.
The atmosphere was torn, wailed, turbulent and fierce, and the tsunami hit head-on
Look at Jiao Jiao’s little maid, Miss Wang, who crushed it with one punch. She came to the tsunami with Wan Jun’s strength and castrated endlessly. She cut a ravine in Haifen, although in a short moment it was filled by waves coming from all sides.
But the strength shown by this punch is enough to be recognized.
"Good punch!"
The island was deeply amazed at a big stone mammoth.
Jack thought to himself that if he wanted to catch such a blow on the front, he would need the strength of the sports department. If the output is less, even if he is not knocked down by a punch, he will fall and be seriously injured
He rolled his eyes and looked at his eyes. Not far away, there was a flash of fear and a layer of evil light in the eyes of a rhinoceros with a slightly shorter stone slab angle.
The kingdom of Ekmondo is stronger than expected.
After two days and two nights of fierce fighting, Jack clearly realized that Dylan was by no means the weak opponent he met before. This is what he needs to do to cope with the enemy, and Nidhogg is said to have four attendants around him, Dylan is one of them.
The maid who punches at the moment is not one of the four attendants.
That is to say, there are at least five black kings like Dylan. Besides, it is said that the recent "Hai Xia" Jinbe has also taken refuge in the black king flag ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….
"What do you see? Still looking for a fight? "
The rhinoceros, with the same strong and tall physique, squinted at him. Naturally, it was impossible to keep Dylan’s attention from his eyes full of malice, but he didn’t have much mood swings. It is normal for the enemy to be malicious to himself.
Two strands of heavy air gushed from the long trunk. Jack met Dylan’s eyes and said coldly, "Haven’t you had enough of so many knives just now? If it’s not enough, I can give you a few more knives. "
"ha! Jack, please heal your broken bone before you talk big. "Dylan’s sarcastic verbal rivalry is also intransigent.
"That little injury has long since healed, but your leg is still bleeding!"
"What do you know? I’m bleeding!"
"You don’t know a fart …"
A mammoth, a rhinoceros with a horn, and two angry words, you come and I have a lively bickering, but neither of them has made a move to limit the rivalry to the quarrel. This is not that both of them have no strength to continue fighting, but that they don’t want to fight for the time being.
The battle in the distant sky attracted most of their attention, and after two days and two nights, both of them fought for nothing, and it was difficult to solve their opponents for three days and three nights. If there was no captain/temple fighting nearby in another place, it was estimated that it would last until one or both sides had no strength.
And now Elus is at war with Kado.
There is no point for them to continue fighting here, in which the victory or defeat will determine the future changes. They both stop talking about what will maintain the animal form because this form can stimulate the resilience of the animal demon fruit to the greatest extent.
After reaching the awakening point of demon fruit, animal ability base can perceive that the power of different forms of demon fruit actually has subtle fluctuations, and the closer it is to animal posture, the stronger its abilities are.
[Drought] and [Executioner] thus maintained the posture of ancient beasts, squatting on the rocks and bickering while recuperating.
Dylan doesn’t like to talk nonsense with people in ordinary times, but now it’s not good to teach each other a lesson in words. Fortunately, Jack is also not very good at talking, and the bickering between them soon turned into a vulgar quarrel. Unfortunately, the level of bickering between them is not very high, and the lack of swearing words from each other is just a few words.
The dragon, entrenched in the dark clouds, manipulated the wind and thunder flames and launched a wave of fierce attacks to the extreme, especially the hot air attack from Kado, which was several kilometers away, and not only the attack distance was extremely long, but also the destructive power of the extreme terrorist. A huge hole appeared in the sea.
The backward flow of seawater caused a huge whirlpool, and one end of the sea was scared before, with a body length of 500 to 600 meters. The Neptune was twisted into the whirlpool and directly distorted such a behemoth.
The body is twisted into a twist, so it’s natural to die. You can’t die any more.
"Huoquan is also pitiful enough."
Eluz glanced at the whirlpool with a crimson shadow and recalled that the temperature of the hot breath just now was so high that it was much higher than the flame made by Ace in Shampoo Islands. Think again about BIG·MOM with the’ Sun Prometheus’ in hand.
Even Caesar, a loser who is not good at fighting, has a’ green sword’
The number of strong people who can transport this strength is really a bit too much to burn fruit …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
"Kid distracted in the battle? Are you underestimating me? "
Roaring in the helix
A huge shadow appeared on the top of the head, and the four-fingered talons chopped down toward the top of Aierwus’s head. This was enough to tear a large warship’s claw strike and didn’t achieve any results. Compared with the huge talons, they were as small as toothpicks, and the blue-white lightsaber blocked the claws.
indicating that something is obvious
Although for a moment Erus fell like a shell.
On the strength, Kaiduo is still in Big Mom. You should know that Elus is fighting for strength in the second stage of returning to the blade. Although he is not an opponent of Big Mom, he is not like a baseball.
Now, in the form of the second stage of returning to the blade with black wings, he is still beaten by Kado.
BIG·MOM was born to kill the giants with his bare hands. All the animals in Machamp are not only born with amazing strength, but also have the magic animal demon fruit to bring power bonus, especially the’ dragon’ magic animal with amazing power.
Don’t say don’t look at the huge body swimming in the sky. The impact force carried by that weight alone is enough to smash a mountain.
Elus twitched at the corner of his eye.
Before he fell into the sea, he had flapped his wings to resolve the impact of the fall, and his fast moving speed exceeded the flash, avoiding Kado’s continuous spitting out three thunders. He didn’t rush to fight back and his right arm was interrupted, and he hasn’t recovered yet!
Looking at the twisted posture, his right arm, Alves, endured the pain and broke his arm straight, and then quickly regenerated his strength to repair the broken bone, but the pain remained to cause the muscles of his right arm to twitch slightly.
"Click! ! !”
Another thunder followed.
Alves’ vibrating wings narrowly escaped. However, this is not enough. He knows the power and tide wait for no man. Kado is very fast, but his body is so huge, but his swimming speed is scary, and he is not only fast but also extremely flexible.
"virtual flash"
Elus left index finger fingertips with dark green light shining high-density pressure like a laser gun rushed to the huge Kado.