I have to say that reporters’ ability to capture hexagrams news is absolutely second to none, as if it were their job. The next day, many Roman media put pictures of Zhang Tiehan and Camille joking and walking forward in the news.

"Zhang girlfriend?"
"A couple is surprised on the streets of Rome!"
"Monsters also have spring?" Seeing this title, Zhang Tiehan has an impulse to hit people. Don’t say Camille is his assistant. The problem is that he has a girlfriend when he comes, but Lola works in Manchester, which is a little far away from herself. It’s even worse that she rarely comes to Rome … Nima! You’re the monster! Your family is a monster! I am a handsome boy! Handsome guy!
Zhang Tiehan burst into tears.
The title of "Courier" is even more nonsense "Two monsters!" That’s how they reported Zhang Tiehan’s hexagrams. The photo is the scene of Zhang Tiehan’s brothers blocking their shoulders by the river. In that photo, Zhang Tiehan and Zhang Zhenren are talking, and Zhang Zhenren is still laughing at his big mouth and amazing face. It is really like a monster.
Many readers shouted,’ Where is Altman?’
Zhang Tiehan has the same idea, but he likes this photo very much. With his cousin on one side, Zhang Tiehan suddenly has confidence. Compared with him, he looks much more gentle and handsome.
"After that, you should be closer to your cousin," he thought.
On this day, he has come to the club for training, but his teammates are also very interested in Zhang man of iron’s divination news. They don’t know that Zhang Tiehan has a girlfriend, and they believe that the media said that the woman and Zhang Tiehan are unusual.
"Is that really your girlfriend?" Cassano asked directly.
Zhang Tiehan stared his one eye and clarified that "that’s my assistant"
"Assistant?" Cassano exaggerated, "Oh, my God, I should find someone who is not good. I believe you, but she is not very beautiful. I mean, compared with those models and actresses, I think you can find someone more beautiful after solving your personal problems."
"Actress? They can’t look at me. "
"Zhang! !” Cassano said, "You are not how many women in Italy want to know you now. If you are willing, many actresses will take the initiative to post them. I believe you understand!"
"No way?" Zhang Tiehan has never been confident in this respect. Compared with Kaka … Well, not to mention Kaka, even compared with Cassano, he looks different.
Cassano solemnly said, "I don’t believe it. Ask others that you are so strong … I think those women will be very interested."
Said also feel Zhang man of iron muscle.
Zhang Tiehan is also very interested … He hasn’t eaten meat in Rome yet, and sometimes he recalls feeling that a woman is really a wonderful thing with Beth, but is it true?
He suddenly felt that he should not discuss this issue with Cassano, even if it is true, he should do it silently, otherwise Cassano will let the team know that the world will know it later.
"I’m not interested," Zhang Tiehan said with a straight face. "If you train Antonio, you will definitely score two goals if you meet A Milan in training."
Cassano shrugged his shoulders and looked very naive. "Zhang, I suspect that you are an ascetic, just like an Indian. Otherwise, how can you not be interested in women? What’s wrong with you?"
"get out!"
Rome’s training is not urgent or slow, but some tactical training is carried out under the guidance of the assistant coach, but the actual team has already started preparing for a Champions League match.
It was the fourth leg of the UEFA Champions League group match. Rome played Bayer Leverkusen at home.
However, before that, they still have to play the second leg of the Coppa Italia against Triestina. In the first round, Rome won 51 victories and scored four goals. In the second round, there was no pressure. Deryl sent a substitute team to face it. In the end, it defeated Triestina and advanced to the Coppa Italia.
The next step is to prepare for the game with Leverkusen.
A few days ago, Germany played against Bayer Leverkusen in Rome and won the game. The team performed very strongly, which means that Zhang Tiehan and Totti performed well. The team looked a little weak in the face of Bayer Leverkusen’s offensive. After this game against Milan A, Deryl asked everyone to do some physical recovery training and then carry out other tactical training.
Whether it is small cooperation or overall tactics, Roman players can find that Zhang Tiehan is becoming more and more important in tactics.
When Derrill first came to Rome, Zhang Tiehan was a striker, and that’s all. Derrill didn’t arrange a center for him. He didn’t help his teammates attract defensive positions, and he wasn’t at the forefront. In tactics, he was less demanding than the second striker. He was a little free to move, Cassano.
But now Zhang Tiehan is an important part of the team’s attack and defense.
In the attack, he needs to take the initiative to run in the front, and sometimes he needs to retreat to cooperate with his teammates in the promotion cooperation, rather than in the temporary defense, he needs to retreat quickly to participate in the midfield defense
These requirements stipulate what Zhang Tiehan should do in almost all situations.
If all the tactics that Deryl has done against Zhang Tiehan are put together, the Roman players have no doubt that there can be such a thick corner kick division, Italian ball division, left and right push and center cut, and so on. De Lille has given guidance to Zhang Tiehan on what to do.
What Zhang Tiehan wants to do is to do it according to Deryl’s request.
He felt like a puppet.
But at the same time, Zhang Tiehan also feels relaxed because he doesn’t need to think about what to do by himself. In various situations, Deryl has given him the answer. He just has to do what the coach asks.
It’s easy and depressing.
At the same time, he is also very upset. There is a standard for everything, which really makes people feel uncomfortable. He doesn’t understand something, so after training, he directly asked the old man, "What is this? Antonio is very casual. "
The same striker Cassano is much more casual in the frontcourt. He can move forward or retreat according to the situation and cooperate with his teammates to run freely on the left and right. Zhang Tiehan can do what Deryl asks. Two people are two different concepts.
Deryl smiled at Zhang Tiehan. "Zhang, what do you think is the gap between you and Antonio?"
Zhang Tiehan, think about it … Is there a gap between yourself and Cassano?
There should be
"Is it tactical?" Zhang Tiehan is hesitant. He knows that he can’t compete with Cassano in tactics, movement and consciousness. Well, I should say that he can’t compete with most Roman players.
Drier nodded. "Yes, you should know that you are nineteen years old. Many players have fixed their styles and styles at this age, so it is difficult to make any big changes. But you are different. You can say that your tactics are very poor. Many times you will find that you don’t know what to do in the game. I dare say that even if you are given a year, you will not be able to really integrate into the Rome team and cooperate with the team."
Zhang Tiehan is not too white.
"If you really want to integrate into a team, you need to reach the average level of the team in tactical awareness, but you need this ability more as a striker, but you are very poor in this respect. I believe you also know that it is very difficult to integrate you into the team quickly and quickly, so I have prescribed a lot of things for you and instilled a lot of questions about what to do in the game."
"When you get used to it and remember these things, you can analyze yourself’ what to do’ without thinking, and you will know where to run and how to find opportunities by taking a look at the defensive players around you. This is a success."
"This will help you improve your tactical execution ability, and it will also make you fully adapt to the Roma team. Of course, the first thing you have to do is to remember everything the coaches tell you and then follow it and make it your nervous reaction."
Deryl carefully explained.
As the old man explained that Zhang Tiehan was a little ignorant that his tactical ability was not strong, Drill set himself a lot of things, and if he followed the rules, he would be able to adapt to the current cooperation between Rome and his teammates, and there would be no problem until one day he could get rid of these rules and regulations, then he would be able to catch up with other players in tactical ability.
What a wonderful future …
Deryl’s statement made Zhang Tiehan moved. Zhang Tiehan knew how to train strength, shooting and personal ability, but he was vague about training tactical ability. He didn’t know what to do. Deryl showed him a way, so he just had to do it according to the coach’s requirements.
Although the process is a bit depressing, it should be good, right
In this state of mind, Zhang Tiehan worked hard every day to make progress in training, and soon the second meeting with Leverkusen began to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-six Plan
Against Leverkusen, Rome has a psychological advantage, because Rome beat Leverkusen in the away game in one round. Even so, Delhi attached great importance to the game, and trained for the game one day in the hope of being more sure.
If you win this game in Rome, you can accumulate 6 points, and you may also strive for a qualifying match.
Rome also attaches great importance to the game, but the team has done a lot of work before the game, but on the whole, everyone’s mentality is still relaxed. This is Rome, and they have home court advantage. However, when it comes to the game against Leverkusen, everyone knows that it is really difficult to win a victory or it is really difficult for them to win by Zhang Tiehan.