His first Western-style knife and fork looked very clumsy, and so did Yang Jiahui. She looked back and saw that four people simply tore the lamb chops into several pieces by hand, and one hand grabbed the lamb chops to eat. Zhang Jun looked funny and followed the hand grabbed the lamb chops. Gradually, the Western-style dishes became Mongolian hand-grabbed flavors. After a while, they both looked at each other and laughed.

Zhang Jun looked at the messy plate and said that the amount of food here was too small, just a few pieces of meat. Yang Jiahui wiped it with a paper towel and shouted, "Remove the plate and give us two cups of coffee. Thank you."
Drinking fragrant coffee and listening to wonderful music, the two are immersed in happiness.
Zhang Jun asked Jiahui, Do you know how much money I earn today?
How many Yang Jiahui pretended not to know? She asked curiously.
Zhang Jun is very proud to say 10 thousand
He immediately said that he could make this money every day, so he would do nothing and become interesting.
Yang Jiahui said he wanted to be beautiful
Zhang Jun’s thought is not beautiful. Every day, Buffett is also relying on year after year to make the world pay attention to his achievements today. It is also a good end, and there is still a long way to go in the future.
Yang Jiahui seemed to read his mind and said, Zhang Jun, what are you thinking? Are you thinking about something beautiful?
Zhang Jun is curious to ask how do you know?
Yang Jiahui giggled and said, I don’t know yet. Your happiness is written on your face.
Zhang Jun realized that he was coming, and his face was still smiling. He said happily, I just wanted to be a god one day, so I have to work hard, don’t you think?
Yang Jiahui said it could be, but the stock gods didn’t seal it for themselves. Besides, the real stock gods are low-key and can’t hold their heads high forever
Zhang Jun waved his fist and said, I will keep a low profile in the future.
Look outside, the sky has turned gray and the sun has disappeared. Two people just left the western restaurant. Hehe, now the temperature is just right. The daytime heat has become moderate. They turned a corner and came to the bank of Liaohe River. They are the best way here. They can see the wide river and the Haihe Bridge in the distance. Listening to the rolling waves, they feel cool in summer. This is the best place for Liaoying people to go in summer. In the evening, many people will gather here, such as mobsters, dancers, singers and so on. People will gather somewhere.
In a vast area, more than a dozen veterans were writing on the ground with a long brush dipped in water. Yang Jiahui took Zhang Jun and leaned over. Yang Jiahui quietly asked them how to write.
Zhang Jun smiled and wrote a novel about Lanting. There are really few decent skills when he works out.
Can’t you keep a low profile? Yang Jiahui said softly
Zhang Jun said, I told you, but no one else did.
They continued to wander around the bank of Liaohe River for a while and found the small pavilion. He asked, Do you remember that pavilion?
Of course, how can I? Yang Jiahui asked curiously
Zhang Jun suddenly smiled and said that he was committed. Then he turned and ran away.
He forgot that Yang Jiahui’s hand was clenched together and he didn’t run off his shoulder. Instead, two people laughed and came to the kiosk and sat in the front seat. He put his arm around her waist and she leaned gently in his arms. They looked out along the gap in the tree in the kiosk and saw people coming and going along the riverside path.
Zhang Jun said that you see so many people are coming for a walk after eating late.
Yang Jiahui said it would be nice to get some air and exercise at home.
Even my parents go for a walk after dinner and usually don’t come back until nine o’clock, Zhang Jun said
Yang Jiahui was lying in his arms. Jiao said, what do you mean by saying this? I’m not going to tell you that there’s no one at home.
Zhang Jun said, what if I force it?
Hum Yang Jiahui gently hummed. She was half lying in his arms, her hands clasped around his neck and her face clung to his chest. They were fully enjoying the cool summer, and waves of cool breeze blew in from the cracks in the trees. The moist and fresh feeling wrapped around their hearts and lungs, and he gently stroked her face. She closed her eyes and felt silently.
It’s getting dark and there are fewer passers-by. Yang Jiahui looked around and said to Zhang Jun, Go home so late.
all right
They walked hand in hand along the riverside road, and Yang Jiahui sang again. I hope to be a mandarin duck and not envy a fairyland. I hope that your heart will never leave the water and beauty. It’s the hardest day for you. Wildflowers on the roadside won’t look forward to the bridge meeting.