She said that he seems to be particularly interested, and I suspect that he is a pervert and most pursues other people’s girlfriends.

I’m just saying it’s going well.
She gritted her teeth and asked me, don’t you want to ask me what he took advantage of me? I told you nothing happened.
I said it didn’t seem to be my age.
She blushed. Do you think I’m cheap?
I said that many people are like this, but you are not the only one. You have to answer me in person, but I can tell you yes.
She said, Fish, don’t push me. Don’t push me.
I said it’s nothing. I’m leaving
I got up and nodded to her and turned to walk away.
Wait a minute
I turn around.
She stared at me, and the little fish didn’t have a chance to be with me, and anything could change, and everything would change.
I looked at her in silence
She said, I emphasize once that nothing happened to him.
I said I don’t think so.
She said you should go.
She picked it up and blocked my view.
When I walked upstairs, I found that the sun was very bright. I don’t know what, but I remembered Chan.
He should be ploughing hard in the field in this weather.
In the hot sun, when the leaves of crops stand on their bodies with thorns, they are cut a lot of blood.
I walked slowly along the road to make a call.
One of Cancun’s words was donated by a retired officer to the village department.
I got through. The other party said to call someone.
I waited for more than twenty minutes before I heard the panting sound. Who asked for me?
I said can, it’s me. Are you okay?
At this time, I found that I walked to the door of an antique shop in front of the fork on the left side of Tianhe North Road and piled up a lot of porcelain calligraphy and painting.
I walked in from the goods.
Can walked over and said that fish music is you. I’m fine. How about you?
I went to the store and saw a scroll, which was a picture of a lotus flower in summer.
I looked at the painting and said, Can you still paint?
Can silence
Do I say read?
He said read.
I consciously asked him repeatedly, "How is Canri?"
He said it was not good.
There are more than 20 square meters of calligraphy and painting in the shop, and I have a brief look. Most of them are imitations and a few unknown painters.
I said, Can, how about I run a calligraphy and painting shop in Guangzhou?
He said I couldn’t do business.
I say you just sit in the shop and watch the paintings, and send some money home every month.
He doesn’t talk, his breathing becomes thick, and he can hear his Adam’s apple twitch.
I saw an imitation of Wang Mian’s painting and looked at it carefully. I casually said that a lotus painter is really clumsy and freehand. At this point, he doesn’t even pay attention to basic skills. Can you paint better than him?
Chan said intermittently that I would come, and I would make money for my parents.
I told him my mobile phone number and finally said that I would let you know when I arranged it.