A burst of panic sounded from outside the village and interrupted Yuan Ye’s thoughts. Yuan Ye couldn’t help but frown and her feet could clearly feel the subtle vibration on the ground.

There are six people in the big flame again. As soon as you listen to Yuan Ye, the young Wu Jun suddenly grabbed the black iron pike and put it aside. Yuan Ye has already left the door at the moment. Well, there are many people. It is estimated that about 100 people will protect themselves. Yuan Ye has already flown high.
Outside the village
The savage man looked easy to quit and was shrouded in a black robe. He went to the one-eyed man’s body and looked at it carefully.
Yo, it doesn’t seem that in a small place, Emperor Wudi is easy to quit, and the corners of his mouth are slightly tilted. Those villagers in front are full of fear, holding hoes and axe hands and trembling.
Easy to quit disdaining a smile and then scanning to suddenly easy to quit eyes gathered in just now Yuan Yeshen carefully looked at Yuan Yeshen’s clothes easy to quit laughing. This friend doesn’t seem to be from this village, does he?
Every place has its own dressing style. Yuan Ye wears mixed Luozhou ornaments, but here it is Guyang Prefecture. Yaoyan Mansion has a huge area comparable to that of China Guyang Prefecture. Mixed Luozhou is the farthest place from the boundary in the state. One is in the southernmost part and the other is in the northernmost part of Wan Li, China, Mongolia and Hainan. It is definitely different to wear ornaments here. It is also a former one-eyed man. When Yuan Ye saw it, he knew that Yuan Ye was not a master here, and he advised Yuan Ye not to save these ordinary people.
Asked Yuan Ye what are you, black wind mountain collar?
Cong, these people are the ones who killed Yi Ring. People don’t care about asking Yuan Ye very much. When Yuan Ye nodded slightly, he saw that Yi Jie’s face was smiling, but his eyes were cold.
Knowing that it’s us in black wind mountain, do you still dare to quit easily, or are you surging? Suddenly, you are flying in a black robe and showing your horrible muscles. Brothers, what do you say? Look at the people behind you.
Killing Wu was furious when he saw the bodies of fifty people. At this moment, he picked up combating Dao one by one.
Easy to quit and look at Brother Yuan Ye, let’s play with our hands. Whoever loses will die.
Yuan Ye’s body is scratching when he moves slightly. His hands and fingers are clenched slightly. Yuan Ye’s eyes are lit with filar silk light. You should be better than that one-eyed man. Don’t let me down.
It’s very arbitrary for the second child to kill the village to play Yijie.
It’s big brother
Black wind mountain’s second child’s eyes were full of excitement. Brothers slaughtered the village. Remember that young women are all left to the old. Haha, there is a soft sword in the hand of the mountain. He is watching Yi Jie Yuan Ye. He is not prepared to participate in his opinion. Those ordinary people in the village are not worthy of his master of the peak of Emperor Wudi.
Tu Yuan Ye, a villager, reveals a sneer at her mouth.
Haha, enjoy the pleasure of killing. A bald man stared at me with scary eyes and howled.
Suddenly hundreds of people rushed to the rooms.
Hum, Yuan Ye’s cold hum, weird binge drinking, everyone’s ears are cold hum here, and Yuan Ye himself has disappeared at the same time.
Seven feet of death
Seven feet of death
The first sword to seal the magic is shaoyang.
A shock of quarrelling camouflage generally shines in the village, and at the same time, a scream rings. Almost at the third breath, 14 Wu Jun, a junior Emperor Wu, has already died, and Yuan Ye stands proudly in the middle of that group of Wu villages.
Ah, how dare you rush to kill the villagers at this time? I can’t help but fall back
I advise you to deal with me and maybe kill me. Maybe Yuan Ye has a cold sound.
Hum, you don’t know how to write the word "dead", do you? I told you that whoever loses and dies is easy to quit, but it’s easy to quit and fast, and Yuan Yedu is faster.
Yuan Ye coldly looking at easy to quit flying suddenly a body still soft wind floating flocculant as a flash body according to the wonderful trajectory to easy to quit in front.
I was taken aback by the speed and exquisite posture, but my body suddenly stopped in the middle of it.
Seven feet of death
A flash-like ling swept away seven feet of death in a row. Yuan Ye’s strongest attack tactics came when Yuan Ye moved the strongest attack.
Continuous dull collision Yuan Ye kicked his right leg hard at Yi Jiejiao. What happened to Yuan Ye’s sudden face changed? A terrorist spirit came directly from Yi Jiejiao, which not only easily resisted Yuan Ye’s continuous attack, but also continued to attack Yuan Yi’s shopping.
It’s easier to die than to quit a high-pressure cheating Judas kopis. Yuan Ye immediately held a person with his hands and a bird soared into the sky. Then he rolled and fled.
Easy to quit a leg severely split on the ground, a huge roar sounded, smoke flew up, and so on. A huge pit was eliminated, and now there were earthquake-like cracks around the pit, which were as long as 100 meters. This power was achieved with one leg, and the strength of easy to quit was terrible.
Damn, it’s fast to trot, and it’s easy to avoid sudden anger
Since it’s so difficult to deal with, I’ll pick you up later. Yuan Ye suddenly flew up and rushed to each Wu Jun. He wanted to solve these weak problems first and kill the strong ones just now.
Reaching out into a claw directly cracked the spine of a martial arts. Yuan Ye’s figure flashed like catkins and soft wind. Yuan Ye’s body, which was extremely flexible, perfectly displayed his posture and shuttled through various martial arts.