Guan Li gently shakes the fragrant fan in her hand and quietly hangs her eyes. You can rest assured that if her heart really needs to be solved, it is not us.

Su Yan is dazed. You mean Lin Moying?
The official glass is no longer wordy, but elegant with fragrant teas.
Xiao Xiao’s first reaction to the news that Duan Yishen wants to accept a princess is that which woman is going to suffer. She wants to laugh, and it is immoral to gloat, but it is faint and sad, but it is difficult for her to ignore it.
Inexplicable loss made her even uninterested in eating the most snacks in the past. She really hated the feeling of being alone on the table to vent her anger as if she were dipping in tea and drawing messy things.
What are you doing? A sudden sound above your head startled her.
Looking up at Duan Yi’s sullen eyes, she suddenly reacted and quickly wiped off the water stains on the table and then confidently said nothing.
He drew a turtle and wrote a heavy word when he didn’t see it.
Duan Yishen squinted at her and sat down without disturbing her. The spotless white shirt made him more elegant and aggressive.
Xiaoxiao is wary of keeping a certain distance from him, and she is still bitter about being kissed by him before.
I heard that you were once abducted when you were in Siwangfu.
Xiaoxiao didn’t expect that he would ask this matter, saying that every day people calculated that I was either framed or sent to prison and taken away by people. What’s strange?
Who saved you Duan Yishen continue to ask.
Of course, it was sent by the Fourth Sovereign. She was conscious of hiding something. After all, the Lins were rescued by him. She must not expose him.
Duan Yishen stared at her quietly for a long time without asking questions.
The sudden embarrassment made Xiaoxiao cough a little, and his eyes drifted around. Finally, he couldn’t help but put it in Duan Yi’s body and asked if you were getting married.
Duan Yi sink an eyebrow corners of the mouth unexpectedly slowly raise is.
Marry that Qiang princess
Xiaoxiao bit her lips and deliberately ignored the constant sourness of her heart. Zhan Yan smiled. Oh, that’s good. It seems that after I pay tribute to you, you can stay with your princess at ease. Don’t bother me again.
Do you really want Wang Nafei, Duan Yishen, to keep an eye on her flashing eyes, and there is a trace of difficulty in revealing her words? Chapter 6 Find the root of the disease.
My heart suddenly stopped beating, but then I beat like a drum. More than his burning eyes suffocated Xiaoxiao. She was busy stabilizing her mind and holding on. Princess Nafei wanted you. Why did you ask me such a thing?
It’s good to be a king. Duan Yishen chewed this sentence slowly, and his unpredictable eyes swayed a few times. He raised his thin lips. Among thousands of people, the king never listened to people, even his father.
His article is full of temptation, and Xiao Xiao has also stretched his ears.
If you don’t want Wang Nafei, Wang Nafei will consider one.
Xiaoxiao half-opened his mouth and blinked his eyes. What do you mean?
Hehe, Duan Yishen chuckled and fingered her cheek with banter, and threw her a smile that was enough to dump all beings. Think about it yourself.
Xiaoxiao’s breathing became rapid. She didn’t understand it, but she didn’t dare to decide whether he understood what he said.
Duan Yishen stopped at the door, and the low Taoist king didn’t care about what happened to you.
What happened to me came to me in vain. He meant guarding the palace sand.
A string of strange warmth swept through her body and a gorgeous smile crept up on her pretty face. It seemed that she was getting white. What would be dragged by him inexplicably, what would be doubly hurt by him, and what would be lost when she heard that he was going to get married? What caused her distress?
So what is she going to do, run up to him and say, I don’t want you to take a princess?
No, no, no, Xiao Xiao shook her head desperately. That kind of failure is definitely not her style.
But if the princess really becomes his princess, she will never be happy with it.
She paced back and forth restlessly in the room alone. Duan Yishen didn’t say anything, but she seemed to have lost her soul. She really wanted to despise herself. She slapped her earlier and stuffed a date, and now she will seduce her heart. It’s really a disaster for the country and the people.
Just as she struggled, there was a heavy knock outside the door.
Mo Ying, are you there?
Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows and forgot her after some peaceful days.
When she walked over to the sliding door, her face immediately filled with laughter. Sister Guan Li came in quickly. She was enthusiastic and skillful in acting, and Xiao Xiao had to give herself full marks.