A series of ideas kept popping up from their minds, which made their eyes full of fanaticism and reached the holy order. It is also extremely difficult for many people to go further. When they step into the holy order, they are already white-haired. It is impossible to look forward to the future. However, they pay more attention to their own family. After all, it is still a deterrent to help the family prosper in their lifetime. It is one of the main problems in the hearts of most elderly holy orders.

Without hesitation, he released his own strength, which was not easy to show up in the imperial city. The holy order strong people seemed to be taking stimulants. Qi Fei released his own skills to help the temple resist the falling meteorites that day.
I saw that I had attracted the Hellfire Legion because of such a foul. At the same time, I left the pie mouth discontentedly, the wings behind me suddenly flapped, and then my body suddenly burst into a rare red light, and my body became swollen. Without Luna, he was very happy that these powerful holy orders could fight for good luck and kill one or two holy order wizards. That was the best, but Luna became a talk in all this.
He can’t handle a single Pope with Luna, let alone a dozen holy orders.
Chapter two hundred and seventy Turtle sent qigong inflammation to kill the black dragon wave
If a person wants to fight, he can leave if he wants to leave others, but it is extremely inconvenient to fight with Luna, but this does not mean that he will not decide to leave Tang Yi directly.
Breathe a mouthful of polluted air. Tang Yi’s body suddenly blurred, and then this demon image disappeared instantly. Two mirror images were shot from his body. Now, three visions flew in three directions under his control. The giant sword of fire kept waving and releasing a series of shocking lux shock waves. Even Tang Yi couldn’t help but want to dodge if he didn’t know that the shock wave was sharp and powerful.
One side of the two mirror at the same time hold hands in the flame sword low drink solution.
Mahapadma Ice Ring Qian Ying Jing Yan
Two powerful spiritual pressures were released in the sky in an instant, and the cold and frosty breath was gorgeous. The pink light instantly occupied a day. Two mirror images were busy at the same time waving their arms. The frost wyrm pink ocean flood suddenly flew at the dozen holy orders so that they could no longer be distracted and slay Hellfire.
With a wave of his left hand, Tang Yao suddenly saw a few blue and white lights in his foot. After this light flashed, the temperature suddenly dropped in the next day. This is of course understood by the No.1 mirror, but at the same time it also caused other reasons
Tang Mi Fang actually showed a skull dragon.
This skull dragon is nearly 20 meters long, with a pair of pale white bones with tattered lavender films hanging on its wings, and some purple meat remains in other parts of the body. The back of the skull dragon is more or less sharp than a few demons standing on the tap face of bone spurs, and there is a deep blue light shining in its eyes. This light is full of the desire to tear the enemy’s cold and cruel body, and the bones are dotted with frost. The breath from the dragon mouth is also cold, and a large piece of finely crushed ice slag is sprayed in front of it every breath. These ice residues are leaked by it in the air.
Although this frost bone dragon doesn’t look good, it doesn’t smell pungent smell on its head. It’s just a ferocious terror. It’s light and easy. Luna Tang Yi glanced at her side and it seemed to be a building steel pipe.
This is the undead dragon looking at its feet. This head is flying gently with its wings. The frost bone dragon looked at Tang Mi Luna again. Only then did she nod her head and stop asking. Since she can become a demon, it seems that it is not particularly surprising to summon the undead cologne. She has always been unable to sugar.
Tang Yi behaved arrogantly and arrogantly in the face of more than a dozen holy orders. Instead of escaping, he summoned the Bone Dragon and transformed his body shape. Is he a demon or a demon believer? Did he just turn into a demon with the help of his own belief?
In my heart, even though I feel confused, these holy orders are stronger than others, but I haven’t slowed down. In just ten seconds, they have already arrived at Craya Holy Hall. The magicians are preparing enchantments to assist the bearing capacity of that layer of light curtain. blade master waved their weapons in their hands, and waved a gorgeous line to smash the hellfire. Although it looks strong, the facts are also very strong, but it is not enough in front of these holy orders. Therefore, it was a cliff, and it was beheaded by more than a dozen holy orders, leaving five or six.
A loose flame sword in his hand, Tang Yi’s legs crouched in a stance of "Zama bu" or horse stance just look, and his hands gently gathered in the palm of his waist, and a black light kept compressing towards the center.
Turtle school qigong wave
But when I saw the black light in the palm of Tang Yi’s hands pushing forward, I immediately shot a treaty with a black light beam more than one meter thick. In the gas, I also hissed a short scream and brazenly bombarded the screen surface, which was released by him personally to attack, but it was different from those summoned to Hellfire. The black light beam penetrated the past as soon as it touched the white screen, showing a powerful attack.
The black light beam penetrated the layer of light, and it continued to penetrate the three layers of holy order. The magicians hastily laid out magic enchantments and gradually lost their power and disappeared in the air.
Turtle school qigong wave skills Dragon Ball World skills can release powerful qigong waves, which can be greatly enhanced by pouring strength. When pouring strength, the color of qigong waves will change depending on strength.
Of course, it’s impossible for the extraordinary conspicuous thing that the light curtain of the God of Light is broken down, and it’s almost impossible to overflow these holy orders. At the same time, it’s now in front of the statue to prevent Tang Yi from breaking the defensive barrier outside the statue again and then breaking the mind of the statue.
They were more than a dozen holy order strong at the same time, and the idol was also broken by the other side. It was almost finished in the face and took a deep breath. Five weapons in the forefront of blade master broke out at the same time, and the weapons in their hands suddenly became a vast and powerful quarrelling, and the ice was formed into a long dragon. After smashing it, the surrounding body kept killing the protective quarrelling and finely cutting the blade towards Tang Yi to prepare for a strong counterattack so that the despicable scum of the demon alliance could know what kind of tragic scene it was in the God Alliance.
When a warrior is in front of a shield, the wizards need to prepare spells for aid. This is the most basic way. They are obviously better than the wizards who are holding their own magic sticks and singing their best magic spells. Of course, each magic power is not much to say.
Coldly grunted a floating on the left side of Frost Bone Dragon, No.1 busy left hand stretched forward with five fingers. At the same time, it was blue and white. Lei Guang, Lei Guang, constantly condensed color, gradually showed a little black mans finger. At once, Lei Guang saw the thickness of five fingers straight into blade master’s body. Lei Guang was extremely fast and these holy orders were strong, so he believed in his own strength. Therefore, he did not deliberately avoid it, but his quarrelling in the body was broken. In an instant, five people were still sharper than those who avoided it at the same time, which reduced their injuries.
Rao is this, but their hearts are all in a cold sweat. Five people have also become cautious. They have slowed down a little four times, and they can’t help but guess what moves just now can actually break through their protective quarrelling. They are not afraid to have a hole in their body when dodging, but even this, everyone has a blood column at the same time.
The left hand released the mirror image of Bai Lei No.1, but the right hand didn’t stop to wrap it in the ice. The arm gently waved two knife tips and immediately cut two ice dragons again, circling and flying to the five blade master ahead. He did all this to win.
The right hand pointed at the five blade master people, and the petals flying all over the sky immediately doubled in speed, constantly gathered from all directions and finally surrounded the five blade master. Now people are looking at a huge pink ball with a diameter of nearly 15 meters. This ball keeps flying and spinning, tearing and hissing.
There are thousands of cherry blossoms and strict scenery.
His right hand was held high, and the surface of Tang Yi’s arm kept emitting waves of black gas, which condensed and did not disperse and gradually concentrated into a black flame.
This black flame looks dim and unremarkable, but if you look at your eyes carefully, you will feel that your eyes are burning and aching. With the realization that the unremarkable eyes contain the despair of destroying everything, his right hand clenched his fist and suddenly punched the pink ball dozens of meters ahead.
His arm is not long enough, but it is impossible to hit the billions of blades. After this bombardment, the sleeves of his arm are immediately torn and shattered. In an instant, dozens of deep cracks appear on the skin surface of his arm, which seems to be cut by a razor blade as thin and sharp as a razor blade. The wound is greatly pulled bright red because of the contraction of the body, and the blood is quickly sprayed. In that blood color, you can see a touch of bone white.
The black flame of his arm immediately turned into a black flame dragon. The black dragon roared in its mouth and then hovered in the air. Its body seemed to stretch endlessly, and it directly crossed the distance of sixty or seventy meters and came to the ball made up of pink petals. A hole was specially exposed from the ball and drilled in.
After Tang Mi’s arm was sprayed with blood, the flame that disappeared in his arm seemed to have got some accelerant and burned again. The flame kept moving towards the black dragon in front of the palm of your hand, and then the blood was sprayed from the wound and burned again. It seems that his personal blood has become the energy source for the action of this black dragon.
He now this skill is to swim in the white evil Wang Yan to kill the black dragon wave.
The evil Wang Yan kills the black dragon wave skill. After the evil Wang Yan kills boxing, he will be able to temporarily summon the black dragon in the underworld to attack. The release function will make the caster’s arm bite back, and the blood in the arm will become the attack medium of the black dragon in the exorcism world, and at the same time increase the attack power of the black dragon in the underworld. It can be cancelled actively during the release process.
Booming to hear a huge roar, the pink ball exploded like petals, and the blade flew around like petal rain, which covered the sky. In this petal rain, five blood-covered figures fell awkwardly to the ground. When the petal rain was flying in the air, it was constantly broken into light pink spots and disappeared into the air. The scene looked more beautiful than almost forgetting that the petal was lethal.
Need blood to sacrifice skills, but not weaker than ordinary skills. After being wrapped by the hundreds of millions of blades, five blade master will never see anything again. Except for five people, there is a small pink petal in the eye, which keeps rotating and cutting their protective quarrels. As soon as the pink petal is surrounded, it immediately shows a big hole, followed by a black monster’s head before they are ready to fly.