However, in the end, this toss didn’t have much effect. When this sea area was in chaos, the red cauldron in the depths of the sea was still quietly waiting for the end of the commotion.

And this quiet lasted for half a month or so, and with the search for all parties’ forces and the retreat, it is obviously quite difficult to find someone in this chaotic magic sea, no matter how far away they are from this sea area.
As the uproar gradually ended, the deep seabed was hidden in the coral reef, and for nearly half a month, the latosolic red cauldron was shining again, and then a slight shock was swept in the reef
The latosolic red cauldron was swept away, but Lin did not appear immediately. Instead, they manipulated the cauldron carefully and quietly swept away in the sea. At this time, they obviously did not dare to travel on the sea. Although some searches would spread to the sea, it was extremely difficult for ordinary people to find the cauldron in the sea with the help of the burning tripod.
Two people so submarine stealth for a full day, when Lin noticed that the sea was getting less and less, he manipulated the burning tripod to break through the water.
It’s really suffocating
A sea Mulingshan is forced to rush from the burning tripod. When I think about it, I can really suppress her in the burning tripod.
Who let us rush into such a big basket? I’m afraid their titles are in some sea areas near Tianshang domain now. After all, the world really doesn’t have much courage to snatch things from a dead Xuan with a small strength.
Brother Lin, where are we going now? Mu Lingshan asked with big eyes looking at Lin.
Do you want to go to the thunder sea? Lin Dong grinned. Now that we have the key to the reincarnation, wouldn’t it be too bad if we didn’t go?
Reincarnation is a strong abode of fairies and immortals? Yes, yes, Mu Lingshan blinked her big eyes and nodded again and again. She just fled from the clan on this trip to experience her vision. Now she can move to Lin, which means reincarnation is a strong abode of fairies and immortals, which is quite to her liking.
Lin looked at him and nodded with a smile, and then looked in the distant direction. According to the chart, I’m afraid the distance between us and the lightning sea area is not short, even if we are afraid of speed, it will take January.
You have to take a ride. Mu Lingshan cocked his head, or else he will be attached to such a journey, especially when there are many disasters in the sea and storm, even if the dead world is strong, he will have to avoid the edge for a while, which will delay his journey.
Ride. We don’t have that
Lin is leng way
Hey, hey.
Mulingshan smiled at Lin Dong and immediately fell to the sea. His small hand stuck to the sea and a strange sound wave flew in his hand.
Lin can vaguely sense that the sound waves spread away at a terrible speed in the sea, which seems to be calling something.
Lin Dong looked at this scene with a little curiosity, and then waited quietly for about half an hour. After that, his heart suddenly moved, and it seemed that there was a huge shadow on the bottom of the sea. Then a whale roared and sang through a huge blue whale with hundreds of feet, which broke the sea and was now in Lin Dong’s sight.
this is
Lin moved in consternation and looked at the blue whale. The huge body of the whale was filled with light lines, which made it faintly feel that the body contained majestic energy.
This is Zhenhai Xuan whale. They are in the sea of chaos and magic, and they are fast enough to make it into the top five sea animals. The storm can stop them from moving forward. Hey, hey, we can also travel faster on its behalf. Although Brother Lin has a good speed, if he is in the sea, he must be better than it. Mu Lingshan landed on the blue whale, patted it with his little hand, and then looked up at Lin. Hee hee smiled.
Lin’s eyes are slightly strange. Staring at this behemoth, he immediately smiles, and his body moves and falls. Then, when the huge body of the Xuan whale is sitting, the light lines of the Xuan whale’s body flicker faintly, like a mask emerging to protect them.
I’m afraid that the strength of this mysterious whale in Zhenhai is comparable to that of the mysterious environment. The forest is dynamic and powerful, and the huge whale body is surging, so it’s unbearable to smash the tongue. Fortunately, Mu Lingshan is the immortal holy whale family, which has absolute authority over whales. Otherwise, it’s quite difficult for them to catch such a powerful sea animal as a driver.
Mu Lingshan smiled like a bell in his mouth with a wave of his hand, and Zhenhai Xuan whale also uttered a whisper, and immediately the sea shook it. Its huge body directly turned into a blue light, braving the wind and waves, and flashed like an arrow.
Lin looked at the wide screen and smiled with satisfaction. They should be able to reach the thunder sea area some time ago.
And in the forest, Mu Lingshan drove Zhenhai Xuan whale straight to the sea area of Tianlei, and I felt that none of them knew that there was a sudden light passing by in that extremely distant sea.
This Guanghua road is extremely fast, but strangely enough, the sea water that Guanghua passed through was not rippling at all, which is just like the Guanghua body, which is just like the sea water merging together.
Suddenly, at this moment, the passing light suddenly froze and vaguely seemed to be a figure. He stretched out his hand and grasped the sea water in front of him.
It’s the whale sound. This wave of Sun Ran is that little girl.
That figure mumbling immediately body movement directly is still ghostly disappeared in the sea.
Lin Dong sat quietly in the mysterious whale, and his eyes were closed, and the powerful force surged around him, constantly tempering the veins along his throughput.
At this time, the forest is full of ups and downs, and the force in the whole body is also strong and weak. This situation is not strange. Generally, the strength will only look like this when it is improving.
Obviously, after this period, many people practiced hard and the strength of forest movement was unconsciously improved again. Now his level should have reached the peak of a small achievement in the metaphysical environment, and it is also a step away from that great achievement.
This practice speed is quite rapid.
It is possible to take the opportunity to break through in this period of hurry to achieve great success in the Xuan realm, and suddenly open his eyes and feel the surging force of the body, and the palm of his hand is slightly clenched and murmured.
Now, although he has strong means to deal with the mysterious environment of death, it can be done again and again. After that, his fighting capacity will be greatly reduced because of huge consumption. The first two times, he was able to achieve that effect mainly because of the evil spirit, the old man, the scorpion and the Johnson’s fear of death, or if he really wants to entangle himself, it will be his move.
When throwing these means, Lin Dong still has to improve his strength. In any case, these borrowed materials are unreliable. Are you really reliable or yourself?