Leitian looked at the fairy and smiled. It was foolish of him to threaten this man face to face in Mulong Road, so stupid people would stay in the world, don’t you think?

Chapter four hundred and sixty-five Kill and rob again
Mu Longcheng was choked by Leitian’s words. Leitian asked him, but Leitian threatened him face to face. He didn’t know the answer. Although he initiated the negotiation, he didn’t expect it to cause such a big reaction.
A few immortals left in Penglai Sect are very angry. A pick Jin Xian shouted Leitian. Don’t you dare to attack me in Penglai?
I dare not smile in vain, but master Li dares.
Leitian voice did not fall a red knife light fly up that threat Leitian pick Jin Xian head fly up Li Bihu really like this.
People were dumbfounded and forgot to rescue the pick Jin Xian. Don’t say that even if the head was cut, it might not be able to die, but the leitian attack was followed by a ruler slamming on the flying head, which was directly reduced to dust and sucked in by that ruler.
Fell to the ground and tried to get up, but was sucked away by a gourd
Penglai sent your predecessors to understand what I mean now. Leitian looked at the remaining Penglai immortal coldly, and his body also showed a red light, but his body was murderous and condensed.
This red murderous look is hovering around Leitian’s body like a flying sword, but it has become a giant sword after several breaths.
The shape of the giant sword can also make the murderous look overflow.
Leitian didn’t know it yet, but the red murderous look continued to grow, and the shape of the giant sword collapsed and turned into a red pike. At this time, the red pike was flying in a circle above Leitian’s head.
Leitian realized at this time that he had killed himself and returned to his body. He was scared, but he didn’t come to that little gas refining man. Then Yuan Shen immediately sensed that this murderous look condensed to the red pike and the seven-star magic gun combined with his own command.
The robbery-killing force is no longer aimed at itself, but can hurt the enemy outside.
This murderous look condensation is quite difficult to reach the level of the seven-star magic gun, especially before the ancients leitian entered the underworld, but they didn’t know how many enemies they killed. After they arrived in the underworld, they destroyed a world and died with the collapse of the underworld. The number of ghosts has been countless, let alone four heavenly emperors who died in that disaster.
This murderous look is not condensed by Qing Di in those days.
Laileitian’s body is of the earth, surpassing most pick Jin Xian, but the most feared thing is to directly attack the Yuan God or the sorcery curse. But now the murderous look has condensed into a fairy soldier’s seven-star magic gun, and people who want to attack the Yuan God must first attack this murderous look and condense the red pike.
It is difficult to attack this red pike, let alone pick Jin Xian. Even the Emperor of Heaven has to join hands. The red pike is coiled around Leitian’s body, and even Li Bihu feels a kind of soul trembling.
This feeling is fleeting, but it still scares the fairy.
Penglai sent immortals to cry even more. It is only in Du Jie that Leitian will be so grumpy that he will kill people if he doesn’t agree. It is just part of the doom for Penglai immortals to besiege Leitian.
What makes Penglai immortal depressed is that everyone has the same knot, but it’s just that a pick Jin Xian of his own sect is unlucky to fight for nothing.
Leitian is something you can’t control. Leitian’s personality will definitely not be like this.
Now Penglai Fairy is already in a dilemma. If you fight in vain, it means that you will spend the robbery in vain. If you don’t fight, the robbery will be temporarily suppressed, but a pick Jin Xian will die in vain.
Kunlun and other sects of immortals are also eye-catching torch ran to see this question key, but who is willing to go for Penglai head? It is tantamount to helping Leitian Du Jie, although it is impossible to give up Penglai, but it is not good for Penglai to be strong.
The scene is embarrassing. Leitian knows that this is a robbery, but this robbery is different. This is a robbery. There is no way to avoid the second robbery in the underworld. Now it is the third robbery and six times.
This doom will never be advanced again until it is over.
Leitian pointed to a Penglai fairy and said to me, you fight, if you win, I will let Penglai people leave you, if you lose, this matter will stop.
Being pointed out by Bai Qi is a great pick. He feels that Bai Qi is absolutely pressured, but now he grasps it.
For the sake of white, he hesitated and sneered, I’m just a big pick. Can’t you kill me?
It’s not ironic that the dead pick Jinxian said that he was repeated in Leitian. This pick Jinxian also calmed down and said good things to the dialogue. If I win the White Gate, we will be separated from Penglai Qingmen. If I lose this time, Penglai will stop.
The other three sects of immortals are also challenging a pick Jin Xian. Although the strength of Penglai Immortal is crushed here, according to the usual practice, even if this pick Jin Xian has 10% strength left, it can kill him.
Taking advantage of the other party’s rank is not taking advantage of it.
Moreover, a Penglai immortal has died, which can’t be compared with a fight. It is absolutely impossible to let it go. This dead ordinary immortal is different from Penglai. Penglai is a very powerful immortal and a pillar in Penglai.