WeiXinYi hate iron not to produce index finger poking ChiHongYu forehead "you said you you are a unfilial what are you doing to talk back to your dad! Do you think your father is still young? " Successful people like Chi Zhong usually get married late, so they are old. When they are old, they will definitely be impatient.

"I know it’s wrong."
Chi Xinlin came breathless and sweaty, and saw Chi Hongyu’s passive Nuo Nuo look a little impatient and said, "Brother, why do you really want to talk back to Dad and let him scold him?"
ChiHongYu eyebrows a wrinkly suddenly raised his head to look at his sister sneer at a said, "oh what is it with you? Dad found out that you took the company’s 30 million things privately. I helped you say two words to make dad angry. Are you embarrassed to blame me? " Take the blame for others and be rejected. Chi Hongyu is not so generous. Why should he be scolded alone? It’s what Chi Xinlin did!
"What?" Wei Xinyi looked at Chi Xinlin strangely. "Chi Xinlin, why are you so stupid?"
Chi Xinlin didn’t expect that the figurine would be herself, and she couldn’t believe it either. Her eyes widened. "Really?"
"You don’t even remember what you did, do you?" Chi Hongyu glanced at her and then sat in the chair outside the hospital. "You are heartless and I took the blame for you." The result was a cynicism from her.
"You …" ChiXinLin face "shua" is white.
Wei Xinyi looks even uglier. "What 30 million?"
Anyway, the broken pot broke Chi Hongyu’s mouth and she was about to say something, but Chi Xinlin put a hand over his mouth. "Don’t say it!"
"Chi Xinlin!" Wei Xinyi’s majesty called her by name and surname, which shows that Wei Xinyi is angry at the moment.
"Mom, it’s not like that …"
ChiHongYu will ChiXinLin hand a jilt and then spill the beans to quickly say it again at the end of the things ChiXinLin this time all blocked "mom core Lin has gone too far and want me to carry this …"
Section 115
Chi Xinlin’s face turned red and she dumped Chi Hongyu in a slap in the face. "Stop it!"
Another slap is this time WeiXinYi hit ChiXinLin face WeiXinYi glared at her daughter "ChiXinLin are you a good daughter or a mother? Didn’t I promise you that you wouldn’t marry the Han family? What, are you going to hire a private investigator? What, you’re going to touch the money in the company? Do you know that Chi’s family has crossed now? "
This is the first time that Chi Xinlin has been slapped by her own mother since she was so big. She covered her face with tears in her eyes, and she slowly turned her head. "Mom … did you hit me?" She cried sadly. "What do you promise? Aren’t you going to listen to dad in the end? I don’t want to marry a fool. Is it wrong for me to do so? It’s not me who came to marry. You can’t see dad’s attitude. If you can’t find Chi Yao, it must be me marrying you. Do you think I’m stupid? " Chi Xinlin roared, "Chi Yao will never look for her again without our family. I also hoped that I would be with Chi’s family!"
"Core Lin ….." WeiXinYi some regret to beat her to see her cry so sad, her mother in the mind also feel bad … ChiXinLin said it was the truth, if you can’t find ChiYao finally ChiXinLin will be ChiZhong sent out and she will agree with ChiZhong practice!
Chi Hongyu was silent just after he finished. Chi Xinlin said that it is actually true that Chi Xinlin has always come from a little big, but it is not stupid. When Chi Yao was still here, the lowest status of Chi Yao was that of Chi Yao. She would be so reckless because Chi Yao had something to do, and that would definitely be Chi Yaoding.
But when it was known that Chi Yao was not a Chi family, Chi Xinlin’s shield was gone. It should have been Chi Yao’s job, so it all fell on her!
To be fair, after Chi Yao left, the lowest position in the family was that she was Chixinlin, and ChiHongyu didn’t leave. The male at home must have taken over Chishi’s office in the future, and he must not have an accident!
"Core Lin I ….." ChiHongYu see his sister so collapse sample is a little guilty of yourself or be a brother can’t protect my sister even push my sister into a pit of fire …
At ChiHongyu Chixinlin coldly, "Don’t talk."
"Sorry …"
"I know I’m leaving without me, okay?" Chixinlin wiped her tears and ran out.
WeiXinYi also wipe away tears "Hongyu what happened to our family? Why do you want to do this to my family? "
Chi Hongyu sighed heavily and then patted Wei Xinyi on the shoulder. "Mom, don’t worry. When Dad wakes up, I will work hard and I will bring Chi back to life!"
Weixinyi is already sobbing and nodding silently.
Chi Hongyu and Wei Xinyi waited outside the operating room for a long time and finally waited for a hand guard to come out. "Are you the patient’s family?" Asked the nurse.
"Yes, how is my husband now?" WeiXinYi listen to immediately to ask
"The patient is suffering from sudden cerebral hemorrhage and stroke, which should be caused by emotional excitement, so the overall situation is not very optimistic. Now that people are awake, we are going to transfer the patient to the general ward and ask the patient’s family members to sign it." The nurse reported the situation to both of them in a formulaic way.
Wei Xinyi listened to the whole face wrinkled up "cerebral hemorrhage … stroke …"
"It’s when the patient needs to be hospitalized for observation."
"Good hospitalization. Do you have a senior ward here?" Wei Xinyi couldn’t help but shed tears again. "I want to change my husband’s senior ward."
"Mom, do we still have so much money to live in a senior ward?" ChiHongyu frowned and asked
Wei Xinyi paused for a moment and then cried even more. Even the nurse couldn’t help but burst into disgust. "We have a senior ward, don’t you …"
Chi Hongyu walked quickly with the nurse and said, "No, we just live in a general ward. I’ll go with you to sign the hospitalization procedures."
Chi Zhong was transferred to the general ward, staring at the ceiling with double god’s eyes open. Wei Xinyi couldn’t help but want to cry when she saw it. "Husband, how are you?"
"It’s still … good" Because of the stroke, Chizhong’s cheeks are a little stiff and he can’t speak so neatly.
Wei Xinyi helped him tuck in the quilt corner "Tell me what you want to eat."
"Well," he said slowly with a sigh, "Did I … do something wrong?"
"No, you didn’t do anything wrong." Wei Xinyi was a little sad.
Chi Zhong looked at her. "Then what … will become like this?"
"This ….." Ordinary people say that karma is really karma? Wei Xinyi didn’t know what to say. She sobbed and poured him a glass of water.
Chi Zhong’s facial expression blinked. "Maybe I held the wrong Chi Yao. Bad karma …"
Think about it, too. Isn’t it because of ChiYao that so many things happen? Is Chi Yao a natural jinx? Wei Xinyi was about to speak when she heard Chi Zhong say, "I didn’t cheat … I got what I deserved … my wife is sorry."
Wei Xinyi covers her mouth. Chi Zhong never says’ I’m sorry’ to anyone … Wei Xinyi suddenly panicked and shook Chi Zhong’s body. "Husband, husband!" Chi Zhong didn’t respond. He looked at the ceiling with his eyes open. Wei Xinyi trembled and went to explore him. He had no breath. Wei Xinyi collapsed and cried in front of his bed.
After completing the formalities, Chi Hongyu saw Wei Xinyi crying like this, and he was also "hitched" in his heart. "Mom, dad, he … really?" He laughed easily. Didn’t the nurse just say that people were awake? Isn’t Chi Zhong’s eyes open now?
Chi Hongyu doesn’t believe that reaching out to explore Chizhong snorts "won’t … won’t …"
The pillars of the family have fallen, and Chi’s family is really finished!
The next day, the news broke out that the chairman of Chi, a big businessman in the city, died of illness yesterday!
"Chi Zhong died of illness …" Chi Yao looked at the big letters. "Why didn’t I hear that Chi Zhong was ill?"
Jing Muyun was just worried that Chi Yao would be sad when he saw the news, but now it seems that he is worrying too much. "It is normal for people to be blessed and ill when they are old."